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  1. scumbags stole my transit van from sheffield lane top it was found at woodhouse with the locks all raged out cowards thieves arseholes its my job its how I earn my living you scumbags
  2. Can anyone recommend a good clock repairer I have a wall clock that my Dad left me it has not worked for many years its about 40 years old any help would be appreciated
  3. I'm not surprised we spent a a few weeks over there in the summer their cost of living is a lost higher than ours the fuel is a lot more their shopping is a lot more costly than ours their wages are less they are in a pretty bad way financially the only things that are cheaper there is fags and booze
  4. Not an easy job fitting clutches Ive been doing one for the last few days on one of my connect vans,average price for fitting a clutch would be about £450 thats supplying the parts,a lot more if the clutch is a dual mass,,a good quality clutch about £120 to £150 cheaper for a non descript make,labour maybe £300, depending on make of car most clutches can be done in about 4-5 hours.
  5. First off I won't eat mcdonalds its just crap disgusting slop providing no nutritional value what so ever just fat salt and junk,I'm paranoid about hygiene I hate public toilets I've got to be absolutely desperate and some to use them definitely not for a number two:gag:, I usually kick the doors open do what Ive got to do not touching anything and go I dont even like touching the taps,there are some real scruffy people about,I know my bits are clean and a lot cleaner than anything in a motorway toilet I wash them every day.
  6. Naa he's a right technophobe he's no idea next time I see him I'll get him on
  7. I can remember two drivers there around the early seventies time, there was an old boy who smoked a pipe and brought a little brown dog along with him just can not remember his name, the other guy was called Phil he had long hair aged about 30 and always wore some shaded dark glasses both of them were on the vans fetching in washing machines and hoovers back to the walker street depot.
  8. Good anything is better than an empty building not a coffee fan or KFC either just glad someone is doing something with the building before it would have been wrecked or burnt out.
  9. Mays super bung to stay in power at any costs to a bunch of gay hating religious maniacs,what a way to run a country...
  10. Never been a book reader I prefer Motor mechanical magazines or imformation books,never seem to have time for book reading stories, I've got some nice classic car books.
  11. Its not law or anything that you have to bow to the queen theses Tory idiots are scared stiff of corbyn,first decent leader Labour have had for a long time the scummy Tory press have swamped the press and media trying hard to discredit him bringing things up from years ago photo shoting old pictures and making things up..
  12. Ive got loads of things I need to sell don't like ebay that much I know this subject has been broached before I just need a more up to date bit of information ,any this week end:)
  13. Facebook has been hijacked by Tories sympathisers ,there are some real nasty things being said about Mr corbyn....quite counterproductive by the looks of the recent polls.
  14. The wife left a note on the fridge it said its just not working so Im going to my mums for a while..funny as I opened the fridge the light came and my tinny was proper nice and cold...
  15. Not again,innocent people killed in the name of some twisted religious belief,I was in London on friday and drove over that bridge,police response dealt with it within 8 minutes saved a lot more lifes.
  16. The same peaceful muslims that said to my 10 year old daughter she was going to burn in hell because we dont believe in their religion.
  17. I listen to radio sheffield most days great sports coverage good presenters no annoying adverts,,my gripe with it is those constant annoying traffic reports
  18. Should have hung them both years ago
  19. Rafos on Abbeydale road....Lambs on Staniforth road were nice chips as well
  20. The shops mirror the people that are moving into and out of the area
  21. I use to advertise regularly in the star a few years ago but the prices for lineage adverts just got to much to make any money from it,I thought I would give them a ring to see if they had changed a bit,I was pleasantly surprised to be offered some advertising at a very reasonable price the advert also has a link to their online site..
  22. I've been a motorbike fanatic all my life,I've had loads of them in the past to the point of obsession,I still own two now but after a few recent close spills and and a couple of near death experiences I've all but given up riding them now,I must admit you can not beat the thrill and excitement though,I would say the bigger the better when it comes to cc,but you have to start from the smaller bikes before you can get on the big ones,the driving tests are quite hard and exspesive to pass now,a few tips I can give you are buy the best helmet boots and riding gear you can afford and never risk going out on the road without them even for the shortest journeys,I would say that a motorbike is a pleasure and joy to ride on a lovely sunny day out in the country but not a nice thing for your daily commute especially on cold rainy morning,I think the roads are just to busy now there are to many car drivers who just don't see us when we on the road,you spend your time thinking for other drivers trying to predict what they are going to do,a twenty mile an hour spill onto the road can hurt not like in a car just a fender bender, I would get one though if I was you just be careful or you will end up like most of us bikers with old broken and screwed together bones...
  23. Any fault with the cam belt can be the end of the engine if it fails, the noise will probably be the cam belt tensioner rattling if that fails the cam belt will slack and slip and the timing will be lost that will again be an end to the engine, it is always best to change the belt the pulley and the tensioner and the water pump as a course,£400 is about the going price for that job give or take fifty quid,you can not cut corners when it comes to the cam belt failure of the cam belt will ruin the engine,some basic imformation on how a cam belt works,,,the belt is driven from the crank it turns the camshaft that engages the valves in the cylinder head if the belt fails the vales stop in the open position the pistons move up the cylinders and hit the valves smashing the pistons and bending the valves usually totaling the engine,,on retrospect £400 is a small price to to pay.
  24. Courier exchange are a similar on line site to uber for courier work,you have to pay subscriptions to be on the site they provide you with leeds for work they do checks on your insurance and licence and vehicle you have to be self employed,you have to meet certain standards of work and they are very strict,this is a very similar set up to uber I'm on courier exchange myself so we will watching what happens next.
  25. The mistake I made was after the judgment went against I should have either paid it at the cost of £195 or as they said looked into this further action but I let it slip they then sent it to the Bailiffs after that stage,I could have paid the £195 at the time but I admit to being a bit peeved and stubborn.
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