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  1. Hi Bought a late 2009 Mac- desktop. Works great but fan is near constantly hot- gets very hot at the back. Is this normal?
  2. .....could anyone recommend somewhere for a possible puncture repair? In town/ S10/S11?
  3. I found a good one at eurocarparts but not sure how to fit it... Are any of the fast fits places decent?
  4. Thanks tzi- the 'issue' however is that my C30 has 136,000 miles on the clock! And although totally reliable most see that mileage as a scrap car- it's only a 2010 car and is amazing in every way- I'm just worried about the load lugging aspect!
  5. You need to pass a test for that- again too pricey!
  6. I've got a new business that I'm setting up and it involves hot food. I only have a 3 door Hatchback (Volvo C30) but I need to fit a griddle, gazebo, a gas bottle or 2, a big cool box and all my ingredients. I'm kinda hoping I have enough space in the car and although it will be a pain unloading I'd rather keep the car as I know it's been reliable so far. I've looked for an estate and that but at the price range I can afford most estates/vans are tired and somehow the estate I was looking at (octavia Skoda) didn't look that big in the back. Any opinions on whether I'm likely to manage? I haven't got all my materials to try yet!
  7. You would live very well with £60k in your back pocket. Most of the population are on less than £40k combined...
  8. My uncle has given up driving at the grand old age of 87. He was one of those people who changed his cars every 2 years on the dot. He bought a Fiesta 1.25 Zetec in metallic blue in June 2014 and has driven just under 20,000 miles. All is good so far except the bodywork! It's terrible. He's deaf and had poor mobility and every panel is either scuffed or scratched. It's even missing the casing for a wing mirror! I have no idea on how to sell such a young car with such a lot of damage- can anyone help with suggestions!
  9. I am bought some wires to charge smartphones and will sell them in a shop but they are unsure if they need to be tested?
  10. Because he is family and the social worker needs a point of contact- we are the only family he has. He's 87 for crying out loud- that in itself is the reason why I would get involved anyway- he's a proud man and is probably the reason why he won't accept any help.
  11. They've not sorted anything out. Just chucked them in a bag. The house had not be cleaned in 30 years- and it still looks like it hasn't beeen cleaned for 20. There is only so much you can convey on a forum- believe me when I say, it wasn't a good job. And I'm not fussy. ---------- Post added 29-03-2016 at 21:32 ---------- It's his house and he doesn't want to leave. He is in care while the work is being done. A bit of help I have no objection to- I did what I could for years but he refused help. Please do not judge.
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