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  1. bendix

    Climate Change thread

    The ability of global leaders (with notable exceptions) to sign up to Paris demonstrates political will. It all falls short when it comes to substantive changes that will make a more telling difference than spouting platitudes.
  2. If there is a local derby for Leeds, it's with Huddersfield. Man Utd would be considered real rivals largely because of the Yorkshire / Lancashire rivalry, and a historical rivalry that goes back to the days of Revie / Busby. The distance between Leeds and Manchester is around the same as Leeds and Sheffield, but the Rose thing and history trumps any Y orkshire rivalry. It's not that Leeds don't care about Wednesday; it's just that we don't consider you particularly close rivals. It is always good to beat you of course.
  3. bendix

    Climate Change thread

    One of the sad features of modern life is that not only are people in the west getting progressively dumber, but they are proudly embracing that dumbness as a badge of honour. There is plenty of political will to change. However, no action aside from tinkering at the edges will happen because real substantive moves mean a major lifestyle change for populations, and no government wants to push that as it is political suicide.
  4. bendix

    Is football fixed?

    Given the popularity of the world's game, there have been remarkably few real match fixing scandals, particularly in the top leagues. The most famous one involved Sheffield Wednesday of course - when a couple of players were jailed for betting on their team to lose. There was the one in Italy a few years back which led to the demise of Juventus, and I think Marseille got done in the 1990s. But the truth is that it's notoriously difficult to fix football matches in a meaningful way unlike, say, cricket or golf. Pep left out those players because candidly I think he values winning the Premier League more than he does the Champions League.
  5. bendix

    Blades vs Millwall

    We were very poor in that 6-0 drubbing. We have been very poor for nearly two decades. I'm not sure what a five year old game has to do with anything, though. Leeds were in a dark dark place back and the transformation this season has been fantastic to see. I get that you hate Leeds. Fair enough. Most Leeds fans don't care enough about Wednesday to have a strong view either way to be honest.
  6. Why would mods ban me for calling Sheffield Wednesday 'Wendies'? It's a relatively common nickname for the club, outside of Sheffield. Stop being so touchy.
  7. bendix

    Blades vs Millwall

    I'm not sure who this 'you lot' is. I'm a Leeds fan. It just find it weird that you can't bring yourself to even type the letters out. Come on - you have to admit that's a bit weird. Actually, not weird. Just faux childish, like some child petulanty misbehaving for attention. I suspect the real reason Wednesday failed to show up is because they aren't used to playing in a full stadium with noisy fans . It must have been a strange experience for them.
  8. bendix

    The "I am currently reading" thread

    Collected Letters of Philip Larkin Also re-reading Brave New World by Huxley
  9. Most processed pork meat is imported from China.
  10. bendix


    Utter nonsense. Contracting out is when you have literally contracted out. Paying into a company or private pension scheme is NOT contracting out.
  11. I suggest you try watching games before analysing them. You didn't play because you weren't allowed to play. With the exception of the first fifteen minutes, the Leeds team out ran, out-passed and out-muscled you all over the park. On the rare occasions you were in possession, Leeds closed down every avenue and you invariably passed your way into trouble. It might have been only 1-0; that was down to Westwood who was the only Wendy to turn up. Different class mate. Totally different class.
  12. bendix

    Blades vs Millwall

    When you hate a club so much you can't bring yourself to even write it out, you have to wonder what obsessive grip that club has over the hater. It really is very weird. And a bit creepy. It must be even weirder knowing that most Leeds fans genuinely have no feelings either way about Wednesday. You were totally outplayed on Saturday night. It was men v boys, and you had your keeper to thank for it not being a rout.
  13. bendix

    Blades vs Millwall

    Not the whole city. Plenty of Leeds fans here. MOT
  14. bendix


    The standard single pension is £168.50 a week.
  15. bendix

    Mr Trump - All discussion here

    Weak mate. Very weak. The thing about the far right (and i say this as a conservative) is that time and time again they come over as a little dim. They try for subtlety and giggle amongst themselves that they're so smart. They aren't. Trump is the classic example of that. As are the key protagonists on this forum.

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