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  1. Police? What on earth are the police going to get involved for? It's none of their business and they won't thank you for wasting their time on a civil consumer issue. Some more information is required? How long was the plumber there? If two hours, then it's not unreasonable. There could be a reason why it took longer than you might expect.
  2. Perhaps they weren't born here, but i suspect their command of English is better than yours. Right. So they do it in gangs. White men, however, do it more regularly and alone. Are you a white man? How does it feel belonging to a grouping that statistically is more likely to be a paedophile than, say, muslims for example?
  3. Also, is it racist or bigoted to say that 90% of those convicted of child sex abuse are white men and that white people comprise 87% of the population, meaning white people are disproportionately more likely to child sex offenders, than any other minority group?
  4. Wouldnt it be better to say 'some Pakistani Muslim men' becasuse it's just accurate and its time to stop this abuse and to stop the smearing of an entire nationality and religion?
  5. this is just a rambling world salad of half thought through propositions. if you’re going to make a claim that robotics will cause power to be centralised, hoe about explaining why that will happen. What forces will shape the development? Then at least we can assess your thinking and agree or disagree. as it is you’ve simply made random statements with no backing evidence or argument. The problem these days is that when people use the term ‘elites’ you have a sense of what sort of person they are, but you can no longer tell if they are far right or far left nutjobs.
  6. No offence, but this is utter tosh. What happened when the original luddites were worried about the onset of industrialisation and mechanisation? Simple. The economy not only expanded, but it also grew more complex and varied. The population exploded and - big surprise - jobs were aplenty, incomes increased, lifestyles and living conditions got immeasurably better as EVERYONE benefited from the economic boom. What makes you think the impact of the fourth industrial revolution will be any different to the impact of the first?
  7. I'm still struggling to understand how his £7000 a week pension equates to £3m a year, as you claimed. How did you calculate that? If the number of weeks in a year hasn't changed while I've noticed, perhaps you've discovered some new rules reshaping mathematics. If so, that's pure genius and we ought to know more about it.
  8. DId the calendar change and we suddenly have 428 weeks in every year?
  9. No it isn't. Christmas is a pagan celebration.
  10. I've only ever used the NHS once in my life, last year when I snapped a tendon connecting my bicep to my forearm. It's an operation that needs to happen within two weeks, or it is irrepairable. I went to my private provider first, who arsed around for a week or so. In the end i went to Northern General. They had me in two days later (with the same surgeon who would have done it privately as it turns out), and I was in and out in hours. Brilliant service.
  11. I genuinely have no idea what this tired cliche 'privatising the NHS' means. It's trotted out by the usual suspects, but noone ever goes into any detail. Every single drug or pill that you receive comes from the private sector, or do you think the government has moved into the pharma sector in recent years. Successive governments have successfully negotiated prices with (predominantly) US manufacturers to keep prices down, so much so that US drug prices are much higher as a result.
  12. Confirmed, and they are taking close to 50,000 ft https://www.law.com/legal-week/2019/12/05/cms-takes-on-more-space-in-sheffield-targets-regional-growth/
  13. Yup . The word in real estate circles around town is that it's likely to converted into apartments.
  14. I'm not so convinced. This is the ONE election over all others where tactical voting will be widespread. I don't get where the Tories are going to win all these extra seats from. They will lose a dozen in Scotland to start with - where the do the rest come from? the traditioanl labour seats in the North - seats like those in Brexity South Yorkshire and the Workington Man seats? Not a chance - Farage has made sure of that. Here's an interesting side theory. Farage is fighting those seats because deep down he wants to keep the breaks on Brexit happening. Forget his protestations. He knows that when Brexit happens he will cease to be relevant. It will be the end of him. He has a vested interest in splitting the Brexit vote in the north, and he's going to make it happen.
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