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  1. I'm curious. How many relocations of global businesses with significant operations (be they factories or regional HQs) in the UK being moved to Europe will it take before Brexiteers stop asking - "what specifically about this closure is to do with Brexit?" When does one or two or three become a trend that can no longer be ignored or explained away? Is it when someone close to them or even themselves starts to lose jobs?
  2. Two things: 1) If that was your post after you edited it, I'd hate to have read it before. 2) I have a small rule. Every time I see a post that references Rothschilds or Soros, I immediately stop reading because what follows is the usual bunch of conspiratorial, New World Order, anti-semitic nonsense. Was I right?
  3. People in Switzerland are sensible and educated. The Brits, sadly, are not.
  4. That's precisely my point. There are tens or hundreds of thousands of people over 75 who live in expensive houses and have good pensions and a decent lifestyle. Similarly there are hundreds of thousands who dont. That is why freebies should be means-tested and not given willy nilly to everyone simply because they have passed a certain age. It is ridiculous that someone as rich as the queen should qualify for a free license.
  5. To be honest, I have some sympathy for I1L2T3's psition on this. I dont understand why a TV licence should be free, without being means-tested. If the over 75s are genuinely on the breadline, fine. Give it to them for free. But I'm surrounded by retired people living in £750,000 homes with volvos parked outside. I'm struggling to see the moral justification for making it free for them.
  6. I have to say, I'm inclined to take seriously any news website that has an entire section dedicated to 'Tommy'. Good god. Is this was 200 years of industrial development has led us to? Bugger this; I'm off to live in the third world again. Better people and more intelligence there.
  7. I find lots of fantastic book bargains in charity shops. My regular haunts are Oxfam in Nether Edge, Broomhill and Eccie Road. St Luke’s is good too and have bought some great crystal decanters and even Le creuset cookware in them over the last couple of years.
  8. Yeah, I get that. I'm just not convinced he won't be thrown under the bus. To date, only 50 MPs have come out in support of Johnson, out of the 177 who have expressed support for any of the candidates. There are another 134 who have yet to express a preference. While he leads other candidates (Gove has 27 and Hunt 26), it's surprising other MPs havent flocked to him as quickly yet. You either love the guy or you don't. It's perfectly likely that as lesser candidates lose, the likes of Gove and Hunt will pick up many more of those votes, whereas I would imagine Johnson would only get votes from the likes of McVeigh. It's not over yet. The other point to remember is that if Johnson does become PM and a No Deal brexit looms ever larger, i suspect the opposition will join forces with the sensible part of the Conservative party and pass a motion of no confidence, forcing a general election. Hammond has already said he would do that.
  9. Busienss would disagree that it's not complicated. Have you forgotten the famous jaffa cake case, which happened because there is different VAT treatment on cakes and biscuits? Or the Pringles case, because while potato snacks have VAT, corn-based snacks or snacks like Pringles which have less than 50% potato are not. If you get a fitted wardrobe installed in your house, you pay VAT if it has a backlining, and no VAT if there is no back panel. Either way, a sales tax is proposed, which is a long way away from the original point of my post, which is that the VAT money would not be replaced.
  10. Actually, it's not undeliverable at all. As has been pointed out, you only mentioned half the story. In fact, his plan is to replace VAT with a simpler sales tax, something I suspect most businesses would wholeheartedly support as VAT is unncessarily complicated and a huge burden.
  11. Reported quite widely that he plans to replace it with a simpler, US-style sales tax. Back to Boris, I just don't get how everyone automatically assumes he is the favourite. Boris may have had a handful of high profile name MPs backing him, but he has so many enemies in the parliamentary conservative party, that it's not guaranteed he will survive the cut. he is a marmite politician. It's quite likely he will win the first round or two with most votes, but as those who vote for losing candidates then get to revote, it seems to me Boris may become a victim of a 'anyone-but Boris' backlash.
  12. I did one at Rotherham’s football ground a year or so back. Like you, I went angrily and left a different driver. It gave me lots of moments of reflection, and I consciously keep within limits now as a result, thinking back to some of the things I heard that day. Like most courses it’s not about teaching you things you didn’t know: it’s about forcing you to remember things you knew but didn’t care much about.
  13. Today is the first day in decades that I’ve woken up, seen a ‘Labour wins bye-election’ and fist pumped. This is a massive blow for Farage. All the trends pointed his way. It was a huge Leave seat and voted 60 percent Brexit party just two weeks ago.
  14. Do you not see the irony of your comment? What's the point of having a conscience to vote with, if you get expelled for doing exactly that?
  15. It's great that Labour MPs are allowed to vote with the conscience, but ordinary Labour Party members aren't.
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