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  1. Confirmed, and they are taking close to 50,000 ft https://www.law.com/legal-week/2019/12/05/cms-takes-on-more-space-in-sheffield-targets-regional-growth/
  2. Yup . The word in real estate circles around town is that it's likely to converted into apartments.
  3. I'm not so convinced. This is the ONE election over all others where tactical voting will be widespread. I don't get where the Tories are going to win all these extra seats from. They will lose a dozen in Scotland to start with - where the do the rest come from? the traditioanl labour seats in the North - seats like those in Brexity South Yorkshire and the Workington Man seats? Not a chance - Farage has made sure of that. Here's an interesting side theory. Farage is fighting those seats because deep down he wants to keep the breaks on Brexit happening. Forget his protestations. He knows that when Brexit happens he will cease to be relevant. It will be the end of him. He has a vested interest in splitting the Brexit vote in the north, and he's going to make it happen.
  4. True story: I had reason to have a chat with Robert Peston a week or two ago and he believes that one scenario that could easily play out - and he thinks its increasingly likely - is a hung Parliament which sees Corbyn as PM, supported in an unlikely alliance with the SNP (who will sweep through Scotland) and the Lib Dems who will pick up seats as part of their pact with the Greens and PC. This is predicated on the fact that the Brexit vote will be split in targeted northern seats, allowing Labour to defend the north and come out of it relatively unscathed. Now - and here is the rub - he says that while many might shudder at the idea, they shouldn't because none of his more left-wing policies will be allowed out and his key economic policies will be hamstrung. However, it does guarantee a second referendum, and that is why Swinson and Sturgeon will hold their nose and sit alongside Abbot and Corbyn in a national coalition cabinet. Bizarrely, the markets might be relatively more happy with this scenario (it increases the chances of remaining in the EU) than they would if there was a Tory majority. It's a theory with a lot of merit.
  5. I don't need to. You're doing a sterling job yourself. When everyone except the most loyal Labourite diehard can see the surge in anti-semitism in the Party, when Corbyn would rather look foolish on prime time tv than deign to apologise for some of the actions of his Party members, when jewish support of the party is at an alltime low, when jewish MPs are leaving the party and explaining clearly why - well, you guys are totally in denial. Hell's bells, even the EHRC have deemed it worth investigating. Can y ou name the only other party they have ever investigated? The BNP. And when challenged, it's all dismissed as a right wing media conspiracy, or 'Boris's pals', or it's blamed on online trolls who are masquerading as Corbynites. It's quite extraordinary.
  6. You got it melthebell. It's all a massive jewish conspiracy . (Do you see where we are going here?)
  7. Dunno. At a guess it will be because jews love austerity. I'm struggling to think of any other reason why they might be deterred from voting Labour . . .
  8. And yet a recent survey of around 750 jews - both religious and secular - conducted by YouGov found that only 7% identify as Labour supporters, whereas in 2010 (I think), nearly two thirds voted Labour. What's the real motive? Some kind of jewish plot? Damn those pesky jews, huh?
  9. It’s one of three news places opening up there. The Vault is being turned into a restaurant too and the old Steel City Cakes is opening as a new beer venue in a couple of weeks. With Broadfield Arms, the Gin Bar and Barrow Boy that little intersection is going to be one of the hottest areas in town soon.
  10. I saw the title of this thread and thought to myself it’s going to have been started and dominated by the usual Alt right nutjobs who get their worldview from David Icke and InfoWars. im glad to see I wasn’t wrong. The inky thing missing is references to reptilians.
  11. This is a silly question. He was a religious scholar, and spent years studying the Quran and Sharia Law in Baghdad before radicalising. There is nothing to suggest he didn't continue studying religion closely during the last decade. it's possible to be and do more than one thing at any one time. The real question is whether WP chose to focus on one label over others, and on that i think you have a fair point.
  12. This made me laugh and feel sad at the same time. Firstly, do you not see how sad it is that our tourist appeal is that the fact the city is . . umm . . close to other cities? Secondly, I agree Sheffield is a post industrial city with little or no tourist attractions, but how is that different from, say, Leeds or Manchester? Neither have any natural attractions - in fact, i'd say sheffield is better located than them, yet they have made so much more of their history than us. A great example is football. Sheffield is the birthplace of the most popular sport in the world, but who would know it? How can it be that we haven't leveraged that? Instead, where is the National Museum of Football? yup - you guessed it - post industrial city with no natural attractions, Manchester.
  13. There are no 5 star hotels at all. Hilton is at best a rather tired version of 4 star, and St Pauls is 4 star at best. All the others are three star, plus the usual line up of Premier Inns, Travelodges etc.
  14. You better tell that to the law firm management people who are sitting down with SCC representatives to sign the deal in the next few days then. Perhaps they forgot to take their tape measure around.
  15. What hotels have been opened in the City recently? Genuine question. CMS is taking 40-50,000 sq ft in the HSBC building. It's been widely known in the local property scene for months.
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