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  1. Yes, but the most important point in there is that this current season will be finished come what may, and it will be extended indefinitely to make sure that happens. In other words, no voiding of the season, and next season is not allowed to start until this one ends. Common sense prevails. Good news for some Yorkshire clubs like the Blades, Rotherham and Leeds who might have worried their efforts this season would count for nothing; less good news for the likes of Wednesday and Barnsley who would have been hoping for a null and void outcome to reset things.
  2. You can plumb them into warm water . . . 🙂
  3. Having lived in Asia for most of the last two decades, toilet rolls are a disgusting invention and Asians - even from the third world - can't believe we use them instead of the wonderful 'bum gun'. Let's be candid. Toilet rolls . . . . ummmm . . .well . . . . smear and spread . . . . Well, you get the picture.
  4. THis is precisely why what's happening is happening. The countries that are getting it under control - Korea, Germany, China, Singapore etc - have strong cultural traits of discipline, either imposed on them (in the case of China) or ingrained in the national psyche (like Singapore and Germany). My GF lives in HK. After a bad January, she says things have calmed down massively and people are starting to go about their normal life. Offices are open, public transport is fine and shops are all open.
  5. Indeed. Noone is immune from being a dick. I was in Tesco Eccie Road this morning and there was a lot of toilet paper on the shelves. As it happens I checked my supplies last night. I last bought an 18 pack at Xmas, and I still have a dozen left so I walked on and left it to the seething mass of zombies climbing over each other to get them.
  6. Just seen that the odious Tim Martin is refusing to close down his vomit and bleach smelling Wetherspoons pubs. Could this be social engineering at its finest? I guess he has based his decision on the fact that the pee-stained, yellow-toothed zombies who populate places like Bankers Draft are already close to the grave, so it doesn't much matter and he might as well grab their last few quid while he can.
  7. In fairness, I've seen a lot of old people doing exactly the same. My neighbour boasted to me yesterday that he had bought the last three 18-pack toilet rolls from the shop down the road and he now has enough to last him a year.
  8. The virus - or more importantly the impact of the virus on the US economy - will see the end of Trump. For the last few years he has been able to cite a booming economy and soaring stock market as due to him, even though they weren't. Big business and those who benefited despised him, but looked away given the boom. That no longer plays. His entire reelection strategy this year would have been to claim credit for the economy. He quite literally has nothing left. Dead man walking. And once he is out of office, him and his family and the hangers on will start to face legal proceedings related to issues like the inauguration funds misuse, tax issues, abuse of the Trump Foundation etc.
  9. Simply not true. They are obliged to issue their ruling by the fourth Tuesday (or it might be Thursday - one of the two) in March. This is precisely what happened last season with Birmingham, and their 12 point deduction was applied immediately. Wednesday are being treated no different to anyone else.
  10. Why is it that some posters only come out of the woodwork when this tired old topic resurfaces? It's almost as if it gives them a vicarious thrill.
  11. Quite right too. There is now other part of Sheffield worth paying attention to. I'll get my coat . . . .
  12. Police? What on earth are the police going to get involved for? It's none of their business and they won't thank you for wasting their time on a civil consumer issue. Some more information is required? How long was the plumber there? If two hours, then it's not unreasonable. There could be a reason why it took longer than you might expect.
  13. Perhaps they weren't born here, but i suspect their command of English is better than yours. Right. So they do it in gangs. White men, however, do it more regularly and alone. Are you a white man? How does it feel belonging to a grouping that statistically is more likely to be a paedophile than, say, muslims for example?
  14. Also, is it racist or bigoted to say that 90% of those convicted of child sex abuse are white men and that white people comprise 87% of the population, meaning white people are disproportionately more likely to child sex offenders, than any other minority group?
  15. Wouldnt it be better to say 'some Pakistani Muslim men' becasuse it's just accurate and its time to stop this abuse and to stop the smearing of an entire nationality and religion?
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