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  1. Fulwood Lane just before Andwell Lane is a nice view and it has a viewing point map: https://goo.gl/maps/DfzJax8Bf4258Mm29 You can probably park on the verge for 5 mins before people start getting annoyed!
  2. Royal Mail still aren't allowing 2 posties to share a van. There's a lack of spare vans for those posties who can drive, and those who can't drive are restricted to walks close to the delivery office. If you live a distance from the delivery office then this may be your answer. RM aren't allowing offices to splash out on overtime either. That combined with a high sick absence means that lots aren't getting their post. Don't blame the posties, blame the fat cat share holders who are more interested in their dividends than standards.
  3. Both chicks fully visible and being fed as we speak!
  4. They're filming a new "Teen Drama" (can't remember what it's called) inside one of the houses on Victoria Road.
  5. They probably had a postie come from Chesterfield to cover sick absence and they brought their own red cards with them, forgetting to swap them for Woodseats ones.
  6. Thanks for all of your replies. I know there's probably not much that can be done. The council will tell me to keep a log, but by the time that action can be taken they'll have moved on! I've found out who the lettings agent are so have dropped them an email. I'll contact Hallam as well. I have heard about the student code of conduct but I'm not holding my breath. Absolutely! But these guys are clearly pushing it. Why should anyone tolerate being kept awake until 6:30am every weekend? Doesn't matter where you live!
  7. Hi all A new group of students moved into the house directly behind me in the summer (Eccy Rd area). This year they are the party types, regularly having outdoor mass gatherings at the weekend and loud music going on until sometimes 6:30am. I've been round asking them to be more considerate but to no avail. I know the house number, and they're all students of Sheffield Hallam. Does anyone know the best way to approach this? I couldn't find a specific phone number or email to contact the Hallam, and I have no idea who their landlord is. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  8. The posties in S10 got sent home. One of the lorries from the mail centre couldn't reach the office. The houses walkable from the delivery office got a delivery with the few letters that made it up there.
  9. There's still a few around. I've only been into Record Collector and Bear Tree Records (above Waterstones in Orchard Square) recently though. I buy most of my vinyl through Discogs as local shops rarely have the rare/deleted stuff I'm after.
  10. It's been a long time coming but they've finally started to demolish this place.
  11. If your friend supplied all the parts then yes, £400 is expensive. My garage charge £40 per hour for labour. Changing a clutch is a big job but it shouldn't have taken him 11+ hours if he was charging £35 an hour. I had my clutch changed and it didn't come to anywhere near that, and I didn't supply the parts!
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