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20 world war 2 spitfires fund buried brand new in Burma

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The 20 found will double our current stock of wartime spitfires. The mk14 spitfires found in Burma have been saved by Cameron with a deal with the Burma government.




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.....er, doesn't it say they have yet to be found and that their location is unknown?


Their precise location is unknown; that could mean anythng from "we've got it pinned down to half a square mile" up to "it's somewhere in Burma ... maybe." :hihi:


The news part of the story is that the Burmese have agreed to let us have them back.

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I understand that there are more Spitfires flying today than there were 20 years ago.


I'd guess that the sheet stuff in boxes is probably scrap, but the engines and castings will be valuable. There are rumours of buried aeroplanes in boxes all over the UK but they never quite seem to come to light.

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