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  1. on the myhermes app, you can track your parcel, and the delivery guy takes a pic if parcel is left somewhere where no contact has been made, they then upload it to the app, i sent them our pictures to prove they dropped the parcel at the wrong address, but still no response
  2. Shower of <removed> Myhermes, could not get it worse if they tried, I had an email stating my delivery would be here between 12 and 2 on Sunday afternoon, we thought it unusual when nothing showed by 4pm as the local driver is normally on the ball. at 18.41hrs i get a message parcel delivered into letterbox, i knew then this was going to be fun, the parcel would not fit a letterbox, however we checked our external box, (nothing), i checked the ring doorbell video recorder, (nothing) i checked our cctv (nothing). tried the helpline, useless. Eventually on Monday i was able to access the pic they had as proof of delivery, it was clearly the wrong house, i got in touch with the actual company who i purchased the items from, they were great so apologetic and they said they have asked the courier to go back get the parcel and redeliver, latest possible time for delivery today Wednesday, guess what i got nowt. Now me being me, i thought i know i will try the same house number on the next road along, (it has happened before although it was 3 roads along that time), low and behold the letter box matches the pic that my hermes sent me, so i knocked on the door. Well, where do i start, this scruffy smelly vile creature answered and he must have known straight away, as he was straight into wtf do you effin want, i went on to explain the delivery confusion, he was laughing his head off saying if i want it i have to pay him, i told him that was obviously not going to happen, which seemed to disappoint him, so he turned to threats, and that he has all my details of the parcel and the advice note and he will do this that and the other to me my family or our home. I walked away, those that know me know that i would not normally back down to creatures of this ilk, however in the back of my mind i recalled the block of flats is now a refuge/halfway house for paedophiles and sex offenders. i had no choice but to walk away, who knows how it would have finished, although i am worried as he has our details from the parcel and advice note, MyHerpes don't use them, they are truly awful, they lie steal cheat, and leave it's customers in a very dangerous situation
  3. interesting, do the names Darby, Dyson, Richardson, ring any bells regarding older relations
  4. we put these on, using our own design, https://www.radwraps.co.uk/
  5. there was a big thing at the time when everyone found out it was sourced and manufactored outside of sheffield,
  6. Ashley Rodgers, City road, Manor Top S2
  7. try the Arundel Club on City road, just up from the KFC, they hold wakes in the best lounge to the rear of the club
  8. Social services are already looking into her, as she was evicted from her last home for the same vile behaviour, she does get regular visits which we can clearly hear the conversations, what the Social services do though is give her plenty of notice so that she spends a day or so puting the house and garden in order so all appears well, She has already accused us of informing on her, and she shouts it to all who can hear, however little does she know that we know fact that Social services were involved long before she moved here, and she only fell lucky with this private rent as it's a family friend of her mother that owns the house who is already aware of her behaviour and they all keep their distance and ain't bothered as long as the benefits pays the rent. She will slip up big time they all do in the end, we think her ultimate aim is to get the kids off her hands so she can have her fun back, then blame everyone else for it
  9. I wish we were so lucky that our neighbours played a little music now and again, Instead we have to endure one delightful young lady who screams constantly all day from 07.30 till the early hours at her 2 kids, the screams are a combination of vile threats and foul language, interspersed with threats of phoning their fathers to get them picked up and taken away, she actually drowns out any neighbouring music, THEM POOR KIDS
  10. star report here. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/man-arrested-over-targeted-shooting-in-sheffield-street-1-9115932
  11. On the Moor Markets Faceache page. Did you know if you park in the Eyre Street car park and shop in the Moor market you can get discounted parking rates? Stay up to 3 hours, do some shopping, have some lunch and pay just £3.50 rather than £6. Don't forget to validate your token at the customer service desk inside The Moor Market Sheffield before you leave. See you soon!
  12. Have you looked into the possiblity of sharing a building, there has been reports recently about Da Hood boxing club that are currently using the old school at the Manor Top rent free at the moment , however a change of building may be on the cards due to development. Could this be an idea to think about a long multi use community asset that could serve many local community based projects, sharing the building between many groups could make any rental costs far cheaper to all involved
  13. Not 100% sure but i am sure that the Moor Market and a few of the bigger stores (Debenhams, Atkinsons) etc offer a discount against the carparking if you can prove a purchase in the store/market. I am almost positive the help desk in the market has a form of scanner on the counter for this purpose
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