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  1. If you want to get council to see you quicker just get the council to park a van on a grass verge and they write you a letter demanding you pay for them whole streets damage. Then contact Sheffield star with the photo said photo and the council vans on said drive with council skip in for good measure, they pretty much phone you same day. that’s what happened to me when the whole street was having new roof repairs.
  2. Any News on stock levels of milk and bread at AsDa S5 please , will 10L and 8 loafs last till Monday ?????
  3. M1 between Jk34 MeadowHell and Jk35 north bound and those morons who thinks it's acceptable to drive at 30mph. The amount of times I filter down from viaduct from 70mph to come off at jk35 and some prat is there doing 30 and you have to do a near emergency stop. It's the old dears or Meadowhall shoppers who are scared to death of going over 30 as they have never been on the motorway as its too dangerous , its driving at 30 on a 70 that makes the motorway dangerous.
  4. You'll find its usually one person/family causing the majority for example. This time last year my war was wrote off while parked up by family X I'll call them for arguments sake. Family X 4x over drink drive limit , ran off and claimed car stolen so that's 3 incidents one incident ( drink driving , hit and run, stolen vehicle). Then 3 months later family X running around the streets with knives while trying to stab rival gang who brought guns, this resulted in all of family X being taken away by about 20 armed officers in a 2hr stand off. Then couple of months after that family X car then got smashed up by people unknown and the car that hit it set on fire a little down the road. Thats one family causing maybe 10 police logs in one year and all pretty high crime offences.
  5. Nope , Microtainer contact-activated lancet boxes we have to pack for NHS for after-hours homework.
  6. Don't forget apple now kill non apple fingerprint scanners with software.
  7. I think most men today have boycotted razors for a very long time.
  8. I think its a size of the family thing , I know if you have 4 adults in one address you are allowed one of the large bins . It could be they have 2 because of that ?
  9. 100% , we tried 3 collections in a row and was left at the side of the empty bin even when the box was placed on the bin lid..
  10. I can add to this as this issue has happened to me. The blue boxes were good and you could fill with cardboard and ask for another and they would give you one , you could even stack cardboard neatly and they would take it. Now since we got a blue bin that is far smaller in size than the old blue boxes we can't get as much in. You put the extra cardboard out as before all stacked nice and neat and they now won't take it.. What options are you then left with ??? I now have to burn the excess card that won't be collected by the council. I did leave it for ages in the old blue boxes and put bits in as and when I could but this started to attract vermin living in the boxes. I have no other choice than to burn what they won't take and I can't store because of the rats. Its burnt in a steel bin and controlled which happens 2 times a week , when we had the blue boxes we didn't burn not a once.
  11. Magic never been the same since we lost Paul Daniels , Argos hasn't stocked any of his trick boxes since.
  12. It's sold to people who can't really afford it on tick so they pay over x-weeks till it's paid off. You see it on a lot of the benefits programmes as usually a passing comment about kids presents ..
  13. Next time any of you venture into cash converters do check out the tool. You’ll notice most if not all are the 110v stuff with the industrial 3 phase plugs on that are no good for your average DIY users own. The only people who who own them are trades people who won’t buy from cash converters as the tools are their livelyhood and buy new not second hand. The people who who take them in look like they’ve never worked a day in their life , gaunt looking crackheads types.
  14. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8180436/murdered-teenager-jaden-moodie-poses-gold-handgun-gang-claim/?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1547333377 latest photo of the innocent school boy sporting a golden hand gun , probably for a GCSE science project.
  15. Afghanistan – illegal (death penalty, though the U.S. and other coalition members have put pressure that has prevented recent executions)[25] Brunei – per recently enacted Sharia law, Section 112(1) of the Brunei Penal Code states that a Muslim who declares himself non-Muslim commits a crime that is punishable with death, or with up to 30 year imprisonment, depending on the type of evidence. However, if the accused has recanted his conversion, he may be acquitted of the crime of apostasy.[26] Comoros[27] Iran – not in the Penal Code.[28] Jordan – possibly illegal (fine, child custody loss, marriage annulment) although officials claim otherwise, convictions are recorded for apostasy[29][30][31] Kuwait – Apostasy is not illegal in Kuwait,[32][33][34] although apostasy is penalized in family courts for Muslims.[32][33] For Muslims, apostasy in family court can result in loss of child custody, inheritance rights, annulment if married to a Muslim[32][33] and possibly death penalty.[35] Malaysia – illegal in five of thirteen states (fines) if they do not get conversion permission from Sharia court.[36] Maldives[27]- illegal for Muslim nationals (loss of citizenship).[37][38] Illegal to proselytise for religions other than Islam. Mauritania – illegal (death penalty if still apostate after 3 days)[39] Morocco – not illegal, but official Islamic council decreed apostates should be put to death.[40] Illegal to proselytise for religions other than Islam (six months to three years imprisonment)[41] Oman – illegal (prison) according to Article 209 of Oman penal code, and denies child custody rights under Article 32 of Personal Status Law[40] Qatar – illegal (death penalty)[40] Saudi Arabia – illegal (flogging, imprisonment and death penalty, although there have been no recently reported executions)[31][42] Somalia – illegal (death penalty)[43][2] Sudan – illegal (death penalty)[44] Syria[27] United Arab Emirates – illegal (3 years' imprisonment, death penalty)[40][45] Yemen – illegal (death penalty)[40][2]
  16. However that's what they are fleeing from which I do get then which I don't get is they want to implement that very law here ????
  17. It's nowhere near as bad as it once was, you can say sausage roll and won't get an instant ban anymore.
  18. Cash Converters is only good for one thing ..... getting your tools back after your vans been broken into.
  19. You play stupid games and you win stupid prizes. You drive a car fast your going to crash or get felt by the police , you deal in drugs your going to get either reprisals or jailed. Its just one of those things that go hand in hand with crime. If your dumb enough to think non of that is going to happen then you either become a prolific replier on SF, dead or have a long stay in a 6x12' at tax payers finest hotels. If we had no laws we would have no crime , that goes one better !!!
  20. But yet the 'media' showing him in a school uniform with a halo hovering over him. The media is so manipulative and scared of offending its unreal. They dare not show him as a drug dealer as that would be stereotyping black teens in London , not all are gansta only ones who get stabbed and do the stabbing.
  21. Yes lesson learned the hard way with these. I'll be having my mail now directed to work rather than having it go to relatives , at least at work I'm there and if things don't get delivered its my actions LoL.
  22. Then what’s with all this MY BOLD nonccence ?
  23. The thing I was referring to was the clashes between the Pakistani community and Romanian community with friction in Pagehall. Now what other term can describe them as without causing offence , or is this a fishing trip to trap people into saying the wrong thing ? I have Pakistani family in my imidiate family born in here in sheffield and identify themselves as Pakistani and their children are half Pakistani and half English but follow Islam and celebrate Christmas too.
  24. I wouldn't know about Rotherham or Sheffield as the price to venture to shop is too much. We got to Barnsley as its free to park in council parking on Saturdays.
  25. Put a bus on for the Sheffield Forum warriors , I'm sure they will be like little puppies after a torrent of question with a question questioning and seeing more into texts that hasn't been wrote. Give'em Hell SF !!
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