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Teaching dog to cope with being alone


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We have just got ourselves a dog from the council pound. Its around 12-18 mnths old. Last night after we went to bed it started banging against the kitchen door and barking and howling. When I was growing up the general advice was to ignore a dog and it would soon settle in. Is this advice still the current one? Any suggestions as to how to sort this would be welcome

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The dog spends its evenings in the main room with the family, usually napping


Sorry should have been more specific. When he sleeps where is he? It's been said that room size can contribute to a dog barking or whining overnight if they have become accustomed to a smaller space.


You could try separating the dog earlier through the evening if possible, another room but still within earshot. If everyone disapperas upstairs at the same time then it can be daunting.


It takes time for a dog to settle in properly, sometimes months so you'll need to be patient and considerate, it's a massive ask to expect it all to slot into place as i'm sure you know.

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Have you tried crate training? i have never done it myself as I have great danes but I hear it is very useful and successful normally.


If you leave the crate door open in the day and put treats and toys in there etc so they associate it with positive things. and it may make them feel more secure at night as its there little place. theres been loads of talk on here about crate training so if you do choose to try it, do a quick search for some good advice on it.


the radio is a good idea too. when i had my litter of danes and took them in the car, they absolutely howled. the only thing that would help them settle was classic fm.


your dog has been through a lot so it will take time. for puppies i would always recommend ignoring their cries but im not sure with a resuce dog, hopefully one of the rescue guys will answer that one.


good luck and i hope they settle in soon. im sure they will :)

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Alternatively they have spent a lot of time surrounded by noise at the kennels. I favour leaving the radio on, not Hallam though it'll drive them insane, something easy, classical.

A bit of the old Johann sebastian will do the job

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