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  1. My dog is settled on Csj adult champ unfortunately out usual stockists is away for a fortnight which I have overlooked, the website says allow 5 full working days for delivery and I dont have enough to last me and the other stockists I can find are s6 and penistone which are a fair trek for me from s13 but wI'll make the drive if I really have to. Just thought I would check 1st no one has a bag they would kindly want to sell me or knows someone or somewhere else selling it :-)
  2. We are still using the dogmatic it took some time to adjust from a canny collat/k9 bridle which Work differently but it has been a really good choice would recommend it
  3. Is anyone watching this? What are people's opinions/thoughts about it?
  4. Thanks 4 that info :-) did thy recently do vodka rev up?
  5. Can anyone recommend anywhere? I'm sure revolution De cuba did a happy hour on a Friday is it still on? Open to suggestions I think a few places in west one used to do deals too?
  6. Hi thanks for replies? Is there somewhere park? Is it well signed? ---------- Post added 25-09-2013 at 22:03 ---------- where abouts is it on London road is it on the same side as zeugma and the dentist? Before or after wasabi sabi if I'm coming from town please?
  7. Has anyone been? Any recent comments? We did like aspalas but the decor isnt great and last time we went the quality of food had gone down hill. We like Turkish food so we're thinking of trying here or efes on west street for my birthday so wondered what the atmosphere is Like for a meal for 2 and if the food is good. Turkuaz seems really good value?
  8. Any more suggestions please or opinions of little Italy four seasons?
  9. I have searched similar threads but they are very old. I have had recommendations for little Italy in dronfield and four seasons Cantonese in dinington any opinions? I have never been to either Recentley went to marranellos on eccleshall rd for our anniversary was a bit disappointed food was good but atmosphere not great. Don't mind what sort of food as long as its good not a chain but not ridiculously expensive Would appreciate any recommendations??
  10. I'm not a Costco member and an online order wouldn't arrive. I've asked my friend and sister to lend some but neither has any in. May just have to suck it up and get it from the pet shop its about double price of online tho
  11. I usually buy diamonds from vet UK online but have come to flea her today and have run out she is going to stay with family in a couple of days and I want to flea her before she goes but an online order wouldn't arrive in time. Any recommendations where I can buy some for a reasonable price please
  12. We got her a dogmatic from Rachael at bradway pet shop who was great We are both learning with it but diamonds a dream to walk on it so hopefully it will be a good investment
  13. Thank you for all your help and advice. She doesnt ever back off from anything only ever goes forward. I think im going to try the dogmatic there is just so many options and i like the fact it is padded as this is the main problem with the current head collar and it wont ride up or go anywhere? Hopefully its right choice
  14. I have tried a no pull harness before but it makes her sore under her front legs and doesnt stop lunging? I have emailed the dogmatic people and they dont see a problem with me using it alongside a flexi. Where did other dogmatic users buy theirs from? I know bradway pet shop do them but i have no idea where that is? Is it on your way out to dronfield coming from norton?
  15. That sounds easy lol but i usually walk her on a flexi with the head collar she pootles about not pulling at all thn when i see that we need to walk past something i say close and shorten the lead and lock it. With the k9 bridle on it is impossible for her to lunge and she knows this she just sort of strains a bit but its no struggle for me to keep walking then i let her lead go long again and we carry on. If i didnt have the head collar on her at those points i have to sit her down and feed her while the object goes past or turn back and walk the other way because i physically cannot hold her. Another example of how i use it is when we go t rother valley the watet drives her mad she pulls likea train until shes in the water and i am ski ing along behind her with no control she has nearly dragged me in with her on numerouse occasions. Again i would have the head collar on her lock off her flexi and walk her down to the waters edge with no effort thn let her lead go long and she would stop pulling. Its probably not best practice to use a head collar with a flexi but when you have a dog who you have to be selective about letting off it makes walks a much nicer experience for you both. She will heal on theflexi and normal collar if we are jus walking with no stimulus around ie along the pavement so its nit generally an anti pulling device i want its control when she flips out lol
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