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  1. I'm not on Facebook but I have a question. Why don't her friends do more to include her?
  2. Apparently so but her mum has written a strongly worded letter to the vehicle manufacturers in the hope of tracking it to a dealership and so throw some light on who bought the van.
  3. That is workable and when the chavs wander out of their homes completely disorientated, shoot them.
  4. Yeah it was pushed aside once I started reading all the spec and reviews.
  5. Expensive. Just been weighing up the pros and cons of an iphone against Sony Xperia and i'm going with Sony although the HTC Wildfire came close. I just don't need all the guff that comes with an iphone. Like you its pics and music.
  6. ....and the difference is what? You slag them and they slag you which pretty much echoes politics through and through.
  7. Peeing in the pan is a cinch, it's when we attempt helical patterns to do it that it goes all over.
  8. Natural development possibly. Religion might be responible for instilling fear though.
  9. They carry a bit more than that though. http://www.theaa.com/breakdown-cover/whats-in-the-van.html I don't know, maybe there's a valid reason why they do not carry diagnostic equipment for Japanese cars.
  10. You must cringe a lot on the pet section :hihi:
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