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  1. I have to admit that poor and inconsiderate drivers do appear to be over represented on SF, thankfully they are the minority on our roads and the police are targeting them for their inconsiderate driving.
  2. Instructing someone on the correct and safe way to drive is never a waste of time, whilst I agree that cyclone will never accept that he is wrong, there is a chance that someone else will read this and learn something they didn't know, just 1 extra safe driver on the roads is worth the effort.
  3. I remember there being people that were anti EU but also anti Tory, they voted remain despite wanting to leave the EU because they didn't trust the Tory. If Labour had been in power they would have voted leave.
  4. It does slow down the overall rate because the queue stops so that you can push in. It takes longer for the queue to stop whilst you push in and for the queue start moving again, than if you didn't push in and the queue just kept moving. No I wouldn't I would be legally using the lane I was already in when I came across the traffic jam, the law says I should only move over when it's safe to do so and its not safe to move over if there is a car to my left. You won't find a rule that says I must continue doing 70 mph in the right lane if the left lane is only doing 10 mph. My actions would also create the very conditions that you aspire to create. Getting annoyed is the cause of accidents and road rage and you appear to get annoyed if someone overtakes you and if you are unable to overtake others.
  5. Xenophobia is the irrational fear of foreigners, not liking them isn't xenophobic. Do you think an Iraqi would be xenophobic if they didn't like the British or feared the British?
  6. There were two queue in the supermarket after I made one but you din't like the idea of everyone joining my queue jumping in front of you, seams to me you have some double standards. You make up excuses to justify queue jumping when you benefit from it or aren't adversely affected by it, but when you are adversely affected by queue jumping you think up excuses to justify saying it is wrong. How would you feel if you was driving behind me in the right lane when we come across a 1 mile queue in the left lane and a sign telling us the right lane was closed 1 mile ahead, despite the right lane being clear I slow down to match the speed of the drivers in the left lane but stay in the right lane right up to the cones. ---------- Post added 25-11-2016 at 13:15 ---------- If you believe that pushing in doesn't adversely affect the people you push in front of why are you opposed to people pushing in front of you?
  7. Its very unlikely unless you already have you car full of very heavy people. Bare in mind that you can carry four other adults in your car, it isn't going to weigh more than they weigh.
  8. If someone says they don't want immigration because they don't like foreigners would that lead you to believe that they believe themselves and their race to be superior to other races.
  9. When one lane is closed there is very often only one queue and it would move much faster past the obstruction if late comers joined the back of it instead of pushing in. You wanted to form two queue to get through the door despite there being no lanes markings. I love the way you know that queue jumping is immoral but still manage to justify doing it in the misguided belief that you are doing everyone in the queue a favour.
  10. That find if there are already two queues, but if there is only one queue pushing in holds it up. You are number 10 in a queue at a checkout, I come in behind you but realise that I am blocking the isle, so instead of standing behind you I start a new queue next to number 1 in the queue, 8 more people come in behind me, so we have successfully avoided blocking the isle. The polite thing for me to do is wait until your queue as moved and you are served then I and my queue take our turn to be served. Or do you suggest we zip merge now we have 2 queues, I move in after number 1 and become number 2 and so on until everyone in my queue as been served before you.
  11. Do you know that current infrastructure spending will pay back?
  12. A singe file queue of people walking through a door, they walk through at a constant speed, someone runs to the front and pushes in, everyone now in the queue as to stop whilst the queue jumper walks through the door, if the queue jumper had joined the back of the queue the queue would have continued to move and they would have got though when it was their turn.
  13. Hopefully you are still around on the forum, I started to smell cigarette smoke 2 days ago, its been doing my head in because I hate cigarette smoke with a passion, I've looked all over for the source of the smell but after a google discovered that it is a common symptoms for some medical conditions, just wondered how you got on, did you seek medical help? did it go away on its own?
  14. What would someone have to say or do to give you the assumption they believe their race to be superior to another?
  15. Not minding or challenging could result in the growth of something undesirable like Nazism. Sorry from bringing Nazism in so early in the topic.
  16. But how do you identify a racist, do they tell you that they believe their race is superior to anther race, or do you assume that that is their belief based on what they say or do? How do we overcome the problem of someone being called a xenophobe, racist or Islamophobe when they challenge racism or deviant behavior?
  17. You would need fences to guide sheep through a door but most humans are capable of forming a singe file queue, they even manage to get infants as your as 2 and 3 to form single file queue without the need for fences. Three 1 mile queues takes up the same space as one 3 mile queue.
  18. The point is that no one would have to stop if every driver had the sense to move left and leave the outside lanes clear. Its would be better for traffic flow, better for the emergency services and better for the casualties.
  19. http://newsthump.com/2016/06/10/racist-voting-to-remain-in-eu/ Its a spoof but probably as a grain of truth to it.
  20. But why do you think that three 1 miles queues is more efficient than one 3 mile queue. Once everyone is in single file the queue will move more efficiently and everyone will get through in turn. Do you form multiple queues in any other situation? Two rooms of equal size and a door only big enough for one person at a time, in room one 100 people have formed an orderly queue, in room two the 100 people are just flocking round the door. When the doors opens everyone as to escape from the rooms, which room will empty first, room one with the orderly queue or room two with everyone flocked round the door vying for a place and not knowing who will move first? ---------- Post added 24-11-2016 at 16:40 ---------- Because the accident is in the outside lanes.
  21. Assuming you are which is very unlikely based on your posts, you would rather negotiate a three lane traffic jam than travel down an empty lane. ---------- Post added 24-11-2016 at 15:42 ---------- I am aware that sometimes when a road is congested there is a need to take a longer route, I have yet to meet an emergency response driver that thinks it is preferable to take the longest route, they would prefer the shortest route to be clear.
  22. So you want emergency vehicle to drive down the hard shoulder and stop all the traffic in the left lane so they can get to the casualties, your idea involves no one moving. You can't see how inefficient that would be, much better for left lane traffic to carry on moving whilst emergency vehicle use the lanes that are closed, at some point the police would also direct drivers to use the hard shoulder.
  23. Three queues isn't the most efficient use of the road, its significantly more efficient for one lane of traffic to move at a constant speed past the accident, whilst the emergency services use the other two lanes. But you did hit the nail on the head, you want a three lane traffic jam because you fear other drivers taking the mick by over taking you and pushing in. If only everyone had good manners you wouldn't have to worry about someone pushing in and emergency services would get to the accident in record time.
  24. There is a multi car pile up in the second and third lane leaving only the left lane open, not that it would ever happen but everyone knows about it instantly and they all move to the left lane to form a 15 mile queue leaving the other 2 lanes open for emergency services. Please explain why you think three 5 miles queues of traffic all trying to get into one lane 10 meters from the accident is better than one 15 mile queue.
  25. So you equate your self to a sheep then, probably why you are struggling to understand.
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