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  1. The very un pc Blazing Saddles we went to the pictures thinking it was a western, the wife loves cowboy films.
  2. think the sandwich is £2.50 the tea is only £1,hot sausage roll that's better than gregs 85p.
  3. started taking a few shots in Barnsley but phone battery failed here is what I got ,I know they are not great pictures but it gives an idea about what's going on 2nd shot work in progress
  4. Found a manual at last, I can now set it up for dmx operation.
  5. looking forward to Wednesdays visit to my favourite shopping centre pasted url from flickr but nothing has happened-trying to paste url here
  6. how do i post pictures on here ,I'm hoping to take some shots of the major improvements in Barnsley town centre on Wednesday .
  7. Never seen that myself in Barnsley but it must happen in every city at sometime or other ,I have seen it in barkers pool Sheffield last Halloween .
  8. The shopping area around the market and up to the alambre is almost complete and it looks fantastic , puts Sheffield city centre to shame.
  9. just down the road from were I live ,never heard of it before very interesting.
  10. Try selling on eBay ,start with a high secret reserve, pull the sale once you have an idea of their value.
  11. Don't know how I've managed not to hear them before now, but heard Rare Earth yesterday for the first time ,one of the few rock bands to sign for the Motown label ,well worth checking out.
  12. I can remember them playing the peggy tub at Stocksbridge possibly in the early eighties ,a drunk idiot who was part of a large mob jumped on stage and took the mic of the lead singer .The police were called and eventually booted them out one at a time,cant remember if the show went on after but before the incident they were really rocking,never saw them again.
  13. Got to agree with you I never found him in the slightest bit funny just like most of todays so called comics.
  14. I was born at number three Derbyshire lane in 1950 and cant remember seeing any such thing.
  15. I saw him die on stage at the embassy club Mansfield road at a Sheffield Eagles night out, the audience showed their disapproval at racist jibes directed at a young waiter.
  16. why is it crazy, the government is now proposing to do exactly that, and about time too. most of them carry no papers so avoiding deportation in Russia they would be considered to be spies .
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