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    Num union badges appraised

    Try selling on eBay ,start with a high secret reserve, pull the sale once you have an idea of their value.
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    1970s bands worth a revisit

    Don't know how I've managed not to hear them before now, but heard Rare Earth yesterday for the first time ,one of the few rock bands to sign for the Motown label ,well worth checking out.
  3. Chicago's first album "Chicago transit authority" "Long before their days as a huge power ballad band, Chicago managed to fuse pop, rock and jazz together perfectly. Led by the powerful pipes of Peter Cetera, the masterful guitar work of Terry Kath, the fantastic keyboard work and vocals of Robert Lamm and one hell of a brass section, the band managed to hit huge success. While they weren't doing anything that new - Blood, Sweat & Tears and The Ides of March were doing the same thing around that time as well - they were, in my opinion, the best of the bunch. However, as the '80s rolled around, the band found themselves moving towards a much lighter and much more commercial and less jazz-oriented sound and saw Bill Champlin's entrance into the band. Not too long after that, Cetera departed for a solo career and was replaced by his clone, Jason Scheff. The band had their moments here and there but, for the most part, became your typical '80s pop/rock outfit, losing touch with their original sound and having one of the biggest downfalls in music history. That being said, their '70s material is still worth seeking out, especially if you want to know if they are more than "You're the Inspiration" and "Hard to Say I'm Sorry"." still got and play my copy ,younger rock fans may be surprised how fresh it still sounds today.
  4. I can remember them playing the peggy tub at Stocksbridge possibly in the early eighties ,a drunk idiot who was part of a large mob jumped on stage and took the mic of the lead singer .The police were called and eventually booted them out one at a time,cant remember if the show went on after but before the incident they were really rocking,never saw them again.
  5. Strange no officers have been charged.
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    RIP Freddie Starr

    Got to agree with you I never found him in the slightest bit funny just like most of todays so called comics.
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    Danny Baker? Racist or Misguided Fool?

    never heard that used in Sheffield.
  8. I was born at number three Derbyshire lane in 1950 and cant remember seeing any such thing.
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    Ukraine elect a comedian.

    I saw him die on stage at the embassy club Mansfield road at a Sheffield Eagles night out, the audience showed their disapproval at racist jibes directed at a young waiter.
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    Whats your favourite charity?

  11. this post is a perfect example of why this group sucks.
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    A new influx of boat people from france.

    why is it crazy, the government is now proposing to do exactly that, and about time too. most of them carry no papers so avoiding deportation in Russia they would be considered to be spies .
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    A new influx of boat people from france.

    At the moment we are free to travel throughout Europe so the rescuers of these illegal immigrants or potential terrorists should be free to transport them safely to dry land in France.
  14. what are action man toys but dolls with a macho image
  15. Was that where millhouses engineering started out years ago might have been called millhouses garage
  16. try looking up "girls toys" on the internet for a whole new meaning.
  17. Stumbled across this master set of what must be the ultimate In audio recordings ,many from the original sound desk all is explained in this text file. Welcome to the 2012 edition of Woodstock Project Complete, the fourth version of the project to be issued by the Woodstock Project group. Earlier versions were labeled under the moniker "Woodstock Complete" and has since been rebranded as "Woodstock Project Complete" to distinguish it from other imitations and derivatives. It seems amazing that, twelve years after this project was kicked off full-bore, we’re still at it. The project then began in 2000, after two people (Kenny--the webmaster of an essential site devoted to Woodstock recordings, and myself) with a desire to see the various recordings made at Woodstock collated and assembled in chronological order began tracking down tapes. Soon after, we were joined by a number of good people (Aaron (Brotherman), Chris, Stonefeather, Martin, Thomas, Art—the list goes on and on) who contributed tapes and ideas. A Woodstock Project group was created at Yahoo. After much debate about how events went down, the first version of Woodstock Complete was issued in 2004. Every time a significant number of new tapes were found, a revision was made. The first of these revisions came in 2006. A third version of Woodstock Complete came about following the release of Rhino Records’ 40 Years On box set in 2009. New audience tapes made at the Festival surfaced in time for the third version, and this new version features even more material taken from newly-surfaced audience tapes. I for one never fail to be amazed every time a new tape surfaces, especially nearly 45 years on. This new edition introduces three significant new tapes to the Woodstock Complete collection—the A27 audience tape which, although rather poor quality, gives us some seriously rare material from Ten Years After’s set as well as some cool Woodstock ambience pieces, and the IS stage tape, which completes Bert Sommer’s set. For the first time, we also incorporate material from the Dave Miller Tape, an audience recording that gives us some mega-rare Keef Hartley Band material in addition to other great bits and pieces. This brings our collection to 26 CDs, a mere four CDs short of the 30-CD set that could one day be issued by Rhino. There are bits of the Woodstock performances that are still missing, but not many—especially when you consider what we started with back in 1994. For those of you interested in reading about exactly what material is out there, may I suggest picking up a copy of Scott Parker’s book Woodstock Documented, available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other fine retailers (now there’s a plug for ya!). TECHNICAL NOTES: This collection was initially compiled and edited by yours truly in 2011, based on the edits I have employed since 2004. The material was then painstakingly re-edited by Aaron Stengel (Brotherman), who did what I’ve always dreamed of doing—correcting edits and levels, and making the material uniform in sound and feel. Doc Tinker, Kees De Lange, Martin and Mick all did a great job in helping a hand in re-working some of the tracks as well. Martin actually began his Woodstock archiving before anyone else in the group, and has two decades worth of in-depth knowledge to draw from. Martin scoured the entire current set in its rough draft form and gave us notes on all of the differences between ours and his collection to analyze and merge with where it made sense. The result is the ultimate Woodstock Complete collection in every way imaginable. Our humble thanks go out to many people…notably to Kenny (who was and continues to be a main mover and shaker), to Chris, Martin, Thomas, Art (for key audience tapes), Stonefeather and the various brothers and sisters who make up the Woodstock Project discussion group. As always, my personal deepest thank yous go to Kees De Lange, who created (out of thin air seemingly) the first Woodstock setlist in the 1990s that was visible on the web, which planted the seed from which this project sprang. SOURCES: Soundtrack LP: The original Soundtrack album to the Woodstock film, produced by Eric Blackstead. Still great after all these years. Reissued on CD in remastered form in 2009. Director’s Cut/Theatrical Cut: The 1994 expanded edition of Michael Wadleigh’s Oscar-winning 1970 film Woodstock. Audio for the Director’s Cut was reportedly engineered by Eddie Kramer. In any case, there are gobs of horrid reverb applied to the audio on the Director’s Cut. For this edition, most of the worst offenders have been replaced by cleaner audio from the original Theatrical Cut of the Film. RBS: The Rhino Records box set 40 Years On: Return To Yasgur’s Farm, issued in 2009. The ultimate official Woodstock release. Woodstock Two LP: The sequel to the Film Soundtrack, focusing on musical performances. Reissued on CD in remastered form in 2009. Untold Stories DVD: A companion DVD to the 2009 reissue of the Director’s Cut, which gave us not only some brilliant new footage but also some brilliant new audio. The “Friday Radio News Report” may not be an authentic news report (in fact it likely isn’t) but it’s here because it sounded good. Box Set: The 1994 Atlantic box set Three Days Of Peace & Music, produced by THAT Alan Douglas, who drowned the material in audio ‘enhancements’. Thankfully, no longer of much use to this project. B&W Video: Sony Portapak #1 footage, filmed by Carl Simring. For a copy of this vibrant video, go to www.woodstocktapes.com. Diary Video: Woodstock Diary (a.k.a. The Lost Performances) is a brilliant 3-hour compilation of outtake festival footage, available on DVD. As essential as the Director's Cut in many ways (despite the fact that Alan Douglas had his hand in the production). QVC Bonus: Bonus CD issued with copies of the RBS sold by American shopping channel QVC. Essential for a few pieces, notably Sweetwater’s “Why Oh Why”. Film Outtakes: About four hours of outtakes edited and converted to video in 1989, around the time of the editing of the Warner official Lost Performances video. I've never seen them in great quality, but essential nonetheless. Audience Tape: The original Woodstock audience tape, recorded by Derek Redmond and Paul Campbell. The source of a number of great performances, and invaluable due to its containing a performance by the Woodstock "Lost Artist", Keef Hartley. The Ken Bielen Tape: Amazing audience tape made by Ken Bielen and lovingly transferred from the original reel-to-reel tapes and restored by Aaron Stengel (Brotherman). Filled up a lot of holes in the Woodstock set, including Arlo Guthrie’s set. His recording of Joan Baez singing “I Shall Be Released” while walking up the hill to his tent is a truly magical thing. The Dave Miller Tape: Making its collection debut is this great audience tape, recorded by Dave Miller. Provides some incredibly rare material, including parts of the Keef Hartley Band’s set we did not dream of having before. A27: Mysterious, recently-surfaced audience tape. Seems to focus mostly on non-musical events such as Festival ambience and stage announcements (it even gives us an audience source for the “Crowd Rain Chant”). Also features mega-rare pieces of Ten Years After’s set we did not have before. Ira Stone Stage Tape: Audience tape of Bert Sommer’s set, made from the stage by his guitarist Ira Stone. Cycles CD: A CD compilation of the best of Sweetwater, and a great CD to have in your collection of this underrated Woodstock act. Contains an edited version of "What's Wrong" from the Festival. Mountain Live: The Road Goes Ever On CD: Good live Mountain album, containing a couple of Woodstock tracks. At Woodstock Festival CD: Deceptive official Ravi Shankar release, purporting to feature his entire Woodstock set. It later emerged that the CD consists of STUDIO RE-CREATIONS of these performances. An actual mono mix of the first piece was later issued on the RBS. We have included these performances here because the between-song announcements are genuine, and also because parts of the performance itself appear to be genuine (notably the end of the last piece, and quite possibly the table solo as well). Lost Performances Video: An official Warner compilation of outtakes. Good for the time it came out (1989). Still good for the only known source of Joan Baez’s “We Shall Overcome”. Woodstock Experience CD: Series of CDs issued by Sony in 2009, containing nearly-complete sets by Santana, Janis Joplin, Sly & The Family Stone and Johnny Winter. Mixed by Eddie Kramer. Unfortunately all of the performances are edited to some degree. We have fixed these edits where possible. Santana 35th Anniversary CD: Pretty much a flat transfer of most of Santana’s Woodstock set, issued in 2004. You would think this would be superseded by the Santana Woodstock Experience CD, but that disc is edited. Faithful Virtue Box: Great John Sebastian compilation from Rhino Handmade, containing his entire Woodstock set, complete and unedited. Wow!! Joe Cocker Live At Woodstock CD: Brilliant official CD containing most all of Cocker’s Woodstock set. An extension of the RBS project. The Kids Are Alright CD: Soundtrack to The Who’s film, featuring “Pinball Wizard” from Woodstock. The Life And Times Of CD: Country Joe and the Fish Best-of, containing a couple of rare Woodstock cuts. Jimi Hendrix At Woodstock DVD: Experience Hendrix' attempt to present the complete Hendrix set in video form, using all the available color footage and material from a B&W Sony Portapak (#2) reel. Brilliant, and a must-have. Soundboard Tape: A number of sets have surfaced from raw, unbalanced soundboard tapes, particularly of the Saturday night acts. Most are unedited. The sources are still unknown, but the tapes seem to be connected with the film crew in some way. Bob & Betty Multitrack Mix: A very clean version of the Grateful Dead's set surfaced recently, sourced from the Multitrack Master tapes and mixed by Dead engineers Bob Matthews and Betty Cantor. In any case, it's amazing!! An alternate Soundboard also exists, and is used to fill the odd gap in the multitrack. Blackstead Tapes MP3: From a website containing MP3 samples of Multitrack Tapes being sold by the estate of the Late Woodstock Soundtrack LP Producer Eric Blackstead. Just a few bits, but it helps to fill a few gaps!! The website no longer exists, and the tapes are believed to have been sold. The current owners of the tapes have made the tapes available for purchase if one can afford the large price tag. 2009 Aircheck: A 2009 aircheck was available for a while on the website of New York’s WNEW, giving us two actual radio spots for the Festival, read by Scott Muni and Rosko. Once again, on behalf of the team, thank you for listening. As always, this collection is dedicated to the people who invaded a farm in White Lake, NY for several days in August 1969, to the performers who entertained them, and to the communal spirit that allowed peace, love and music to reign for a short time. Long may they rave. SP August 2012 DISC ONE: 01. Original WNEW-FM NYC Woodstock Radio Spot with Scott Muni Source: 2009 Aircheck 02. Original WNEW-FM NYC Woodstock Radio Spot with Rosko Source: 2009 Aircheck 03. Re-created WNEW-FM NYC Woodstock Radio Spot Source: Untold Stories DVD 04. Friday Radio News Report Source: Untold Stories DVD 05. Friday Afternoon Stage Announcements (John Morris, Chip Monck and others) Sources: Soundtrack LP, Box Set, Director's Cut, B&W Video, Diary Video, Untold Stories DVD, A27 Richie Havens: 06. John Morris/Richie Havens Intro Source: Film Outtake 07. From The Prison (incl. Get Together) Source: Bielen Tapes 08. I’m A Stranger Here Source: B&W Video 09. High Flyin' Bird Source: Film Outtake 10. I Can't Make It Anymore Source: Film Outtake 11. With A Little Help From My Friends Source: Film Outtake 12. Handsome Johnny Source: RBS 13. Strawberry Fields Forever/Hey Jude Source: Film Outtake 14. John Morris Intro/Freedom (incl. Motherless Child)/John Morris Outro Source: RBS 15. Stage Announcements: “Choppity Choppity”, “We Don’t Need It Anymore” Source: RBS, Director’s Cut 16. Stage Announcements: “It’s A Free Concert From Now On” Speech Sources: Director's Cut, Soundtrack LP, B&W Video, Untold Stories DVD 17. Swami Satchidananda Speech Source: Director's Cut, B&W Video 18. Swami Satchidananda Chants Source: Director's Cut, B&W Video DISC TWO: Sweetwater: 01. Motherless Child Source: Audience Tape 02. Look Out Source: RBS 03. For Pete's Sake Source: B&W Video 04. Day Song Source: B&W Video 05. What's Wrong Source: Cycles CD, B&W Video, A27 06. My Crystal Spider Source: Film Outtake 07. Two Worlds Source: RBS 08. Why Oh Why/John Morris Outro Source:QVC Bonus, Film Outtake 09. Oh Happy Day/Let The Sunshine In Source: Film Outtake DISC THREE: Bert Sommer: 01. John Morris Intro/Jennifer Source: RBS 02. The Road To Travel Source: IS Stage Tape 03. I Wondered Where You’d Be Source: IS Stage Tape 04. She’s Gone Source: IS Stage Tape 05. Things Are Going My Way Source: IS Audience Tape 06. And When It’s Over Source: RBS 07. Jeanette Source: IS Stage Tape 08. America Source: IS Stage Tape 09. A Note That Read Source: IS Stage Tape 10. Smile/John Morris Outro Source: RBS DISC FOUR: 01. Stage Announcements: “There Goes Marilyn!” Source: RBS Tim Hardin: 02. John Morris Intro/How Can We Hang Onto A Dream Source: RBS 03. If I Were A Carpenter Source: Box Set, Diary Video 04. Blue On My Ceiling Source: Bielen Tapes 05. Simple Song Of Freedom Source: RBS 06. Stage Announcements: “Flat Blue Acid” Source: RBS 07. Misty Roses Source: Target Soundtrack Bonus, Bielen Tapes 08. Stage Announcements: Hugh Romney - “Hobo Voyages” Source: Director’s Cut Ravi Shankar: 09. Ravi Shankar Intro/Raga Puriya-Dhanashri/Gat In Sawarital Source: RBS, At Woodstock Festival CD 10. Tabla Solo In Jhaptal Source: At Woodstock Festival CD 11. Raga Manj Kmahaj: Source: At Woodstock Festival CD, RBS Alap Jor Dhun In Kaharwa Tal Medium & Fast Gat In Teental John Morris Outro Melanie: 12. Momma Momma Source: RBS 13. Beautiful People/John Morris Outro Source: RBS 14. Birthday Of The Sun Source: Film Outtake, RBS DISC FIVE: Arlo Guthrie: 01. Coming Into Los Angeles/”Lotta Freaks” Rap Source: RBS 02. Wheel Of Fortune Source: RBS 03. Walking Down The Line Source: Box Set, Lost Prformances VHS, Bielen Tapes 04. “Exodus” Rap Source: Bielen Tapes 05. Oh Mary, Don’t You Weep/“Throw It In The Road” Rap Source: Bielen Tapes 06. Every Hand In The Land Source: RBS 07. Amazing Grace Source: QVC Bonus 08. Stage Announcements: “All You Funny People” Source: RBS Joan Baez: 09. John Morris/Joan Baez Intro Source: Woodstock Diary, Untold Stories DVD 10. The Last Thing On My Mind Source: Bielen Tapes 11. I Shall Be Released Source: Bielen Tapes 12. “One Of David’s Favorite Songs” Rap Source: Woodstock Diary, Director’s Cut 13. Joe Hill Source: RBS 14. Sweet Sir Galahad Source: Box Set, RBS 15. Hickory Wind Source: RBS 16. Drug Store Truck Driving Man Source: Box Set, RBS 17. One Day At A Time Source: Untold Stories DVD 18. Warm And Tender Love Source: Blessed Are Remastered CD 19. Swing Low Sweet Chariot Source: Theatrical Cut 20. We Shall Overcome Source: Lost Performances Video 21. Stage Announcements: “Bring Scully His Asthma Pills” Source: RBS DISC SIX: 01. Saturday Morning Stage Announcements: “Where All The Food Is Being Served”, Hugh Romney Rap “The First Free City In The World!”, “Let's Make It Work!” (Tom Law Yoga Classes), Woodstock Ambience Source: Director's Cut, Audience Tape, A27 02. Saturday Afternoon Stage Announcements: “They Are With Us!” (John Morris US Army Rap), Thank You Abbie, John Morris “The Light Show”, “Insulin” Source: Director’s Cut, Diary Video Untold Stories DVD, RBS Quill: 03. John Morris Intro/They Live The Life Source: RBS 04. That’s How I Eat Source: RBS 05. Stage Announcements: “Kiss ‘Em And Lick ‘Em!” Source: RBS 06. Waitin' For You/Chip Monck Outro Source: QVC Bonus 07. Stage Announcements: Chip Monck “Elliot From Harvard” Source: Soundtrack 08. Stage Announcements: “I Understand Your Wife Is Having A Baby” And Chip Monck Intro Source: RBS Country Joe McDonald: 09. Chip Monck Intro Source: Film Outtake 10. Janis Source: Film Outtake 11. Donovan’s Reef Source: RBS 12. Rockin' Round The World Source: Film Outtake 13. Flyin' High Source: Film Outtake 14. Seen A Rocket Source: Film Outtake 15. The ‘Fish’ Cheer 16. I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixing-To-Die-Rag (incl. Reprise) Source: RBS, Soundtrack DISC SEVEN: Santana: 01. Waiting Source: Santana 35th Anniversary CD 02. Evil Ways Source: Santana 35th Anniversary CD 03. You Just Don't Care Source: Santana 35th Anniversary CD 04. Savor Source: Santana 35th Anniversary CD 05. Jingo Source: Santana 35th Anniversary CD 06. Persuasion Source: Santana 35th Anniversary CD 07. Soul Sacrifice Source: Santana 35th Anniversary CD 08. Chip Monck Intro/Fried Neckbones And Some Home Fries/Chip Monck Outro Source: Santana 35th Anniversary CD DISC EIGHT: 01. Intermission: Stage announcements buried under dialogue Source: B&W video John B. Sebastian: 02. Chip Monck-John Sebastian Intro 03. How Have You Been Source: Faithful Virtue Box 03. Rainbows All Over Your Blues Source: Faithful Virtue Box 04. I Had A Dream Source: Faithful Virtue Box 05. Darlin' Be Home Soon- Chip Monck/John B. Sebastian Intro Source: Faithful Virtue Box 06. Younger Generation Source: Faithful Virtue Box 07. Cousin Al Is Sick Source: Audience Tape Keef Hartley Band: 08. Chip Monck Intro/Spanish Fly Source: Audience Tape 09. She’s Gone Source: Dave Miller Tape 10. Too Much Thinking Source: Dave Miller Tape 11. The Halfbreed Source: Dave Miller Tape 12. Intermission: Faint Stage announcements under ISB tuning Source: B&W Video Incredible String Band: 13. Invocation Source: B&W Video 14. The Letter Source: RBS (first note only), Film Outtake, B&W Video (NOTE: RBS version is edited by nearly two minutes) 15. Gather ‘Round Source: Multitrack Outtake 16. This Moment Source: Film Outtake 17. When You Find Out Who You Are/Chip Monck Outro Source: RBS 18. Stage Announcements: “She Is Lost” Source: RBS DISC NINE: 01. Stage Announcements: “We’re In Pretty Good Shape” Source: RBS Canned Heat: 02. Chip Monck Intro/I'm Her Man Source: Untold Stories DVD, Audience Tape 03. Going Up The Country Source: RBS, Soundtrack LP 04. A Change Is Gonna Come/Leaving This Town Source: Box Set, Film Outtake 05. I Know My Baby Source: Audience Tape, Bielen Tape 06. Woodstock Boogie Source: RBS, Audience Tape 07. On The Road Again Source: Untold Stories DVD, Audience Tape, Ken Bielen Tape 08. Stage Announcements – Chip Monck – “The Brown Acid Is Not Specifically Too Good” Source: RBS DISC TEN: Mountain: 01. Blood Of The Sun Source: RBS 02. Stormy Monday Source: Soundboard Tape 03. Theme From An Imaginary Western Source: RBS, Soundboard Tape 04. Long Red Source: Mountain Live: The Road Goes Ever On 05. Who Am I But You And The Sun (For Yasgur's Farm) Source: RBS 06. Beside The Sea Source: Untold Stories DVD 07. Waiting To Take You Away Source: Mountain Live: The Road Goes Ever On CD 08. Dreams Of Milk And Honey Source: B&W Video 09. Southbound Train Source: Untold Stories DVD 10. Stage Announcements: “For Those Of You Who Have Partaken Of The Green Acid” Source: RBS 11. Stage Announcements: Joshus White “Open Your Eyes Wide” Source: B&W Video DISC ELEVEN: 01. Ken Babbs/Chip Monck Intro And Stage Announcements Source: Bob And Betty Multitrack Mix, Soundboard Tape Grateful Dead: Source: Bob And Betty Multitrack Mix 02. Saint Stephen 03. Mama Tried 04. High Time (Tease) 05. Equipment Failure And Stage Announcements 06. Dark Star 07. High Time DISC TWELVE: Grateful Dead: Source: Bob And Betty Multitrack Mix 01. Turn On Your Lovelight 02. Ken Babbs/Chip Monck Outro And Stage Announcements Source: Bob And Betty Multitrack Mix, Dave Miller Tape DISC THIRTEEN: Creedence Clearwater Revival: Source: Soundboard Tape EXCEPT as noted 01. Chip Monck Intro/Born On The Bayou Source: Soundboard Tape, Blackstead Tapes MP3 File 02. Green River 03. Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do) 04. Bootleg 05. Commotion 06. Bad Moon Rising 07. Proud Mary 08. I Put A Spell On You 09. Night Time Is The Right Time 10. Keep On Chooglin'/Chip Monck Intro 11. Suzie Q DISC FOURTEEN: Janis Joplin Source: Woodstock Experience CD except where noted 01. Chip Monck Intro/Raise Your Hand 02. As Good As You've Been To This World 03. To Love Somebody 04. Summertime 05. Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) 06. Kosmic Blues 07. Can't Turn You Loose Source: Woodstock Experience CD with fill from Soundboard Tape 08. Work Me Lord/Chip Monck Intro 09. Piece Of My Heart 10. Ball and Chain/Chip Monck Outro DISC FIFTEEN: Sly & The Family Stone Source: Woodstock Experience CD except where noted 01. Pre-set check/Chip Monck Intro/ Source: Dave Miller Tape, Woodstock Experience CD 02. M’Lady 03. Sing A Simple Song 04. You Can Make It If You Try 05. Everyday People 06. Dance To The Music 07. Music Lover 08. I Want To Take You Higher 09. Love City 10. Stand DISC SIXTEEN: 01. Stage Announcements: Abbie Hoffman – “The Politics Of The Situation” Source: RBS The Who: Source: Soundboard Tape EXCEPT where noted 02. Chip Monck Intro/Heaven And Hell 03. I Can’t Explain 04. It's A Boy 05. 1921 06. Amazing Journey Source: Untold Stories DVD 07. Sparks Source: Untold Stories DVD 08. Eyesight To The Blind 09. Christmas 10. The Acid Queen 11. Pinball Wizard Source: The Kids Are Alright DVD 12. Abbie Hoffman Incident Source: RBS 13. Do You Think It’s Alright? 14. Fiddle About 15. There's A Doctor 16. Go To The Mirror 17. Smash The Mirror 18. I'm Free 19. Tommy's Holiday Camp 20. We're Not Gonna Take It Source: RBS 21. Summertime Blues Source: Director’s Cut 22. Shakin' All Over/Chip Monck Intro/Pete Townshend Intro 23. My Generation 24. Naked Eye/Chip Monck Outro Source: Untold Stories DVD 25. Stage Announcement: Chip Monck Doctor Request Source: Diary Video DISC SEVENTEEN: Jefferson Airplane: 01. The Other Side Of This Life Source: Woodstock Experience CD 02. Somebody To Love Source: Woodstock Experience CD 03. 3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds Source: Woodstock Experience CD 04. Saturday Afternoon/Won't You Try Source: Woodstock Experience CD 05. Eskimo Blue Day Source: Woodstock Experience CD 06. Plastic Fantastic Lover Source: Woodstock Experience CD 07. Wooden Ships Source: Woodstock Experience CD 08. Uncle Sam's Blues Source: Box Set DISC EIGHTEEN: Jefferson Airplane: Source: Woodstock Experience CD 01. Volunteers 02. The Ballad Of You And Me And Pooneil 03. Come Back Baby 04. White Rabbit 05. The House At Pooneil Corners 06. Sunday Morning Stage Announcements: “Breakfast In Bed For 400,000”, “It Just Keeps Goin’”, “Come To The Information Booth” Source: Director’s Cut, Soundtrack, RBS, A27 07. Sunday Afternoon Stage Announcements: Muskrat Reads The Times, Stage Announcements Buried Under The Port-O-San Interview Source: Soundtrack LP, Director’s Cut 08. Stage Announcements: Max Yasgur Speaks Source: RBS DISC NINETEEN: The Grease Band: 01. John Morris Intro/Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring? Source: Joe Cocker Live At Woodstock CD, Bielen Tapes Joe Cocker And The Grease Band: Source: Joe Cocker Live At Woodstock CD except where noted 02. Dear Landlord 03. Something's Coming On 04. Do I Still Figure In Your life? 05. Feelin’ Alright 06. Just Like A Woman 07. Let's Go Get Stoned Source: Joe Cocker Live At Woodstock CD, Film outtake 08. I Don’t Need No Doctor 09. I Shall Be Released 10. Hitchcock Railway 11 Something To Say 12. With A Little Help From My Friends DISC TWENTY: 01. Stage Announcements: The Rainstorm Source: RBS, Director’s Cut, Woodstock Diary, Woodstock Two 02. Crowd Rain Chant Source: Director’s Cut,A27 03. Miichael Land and Artie Kornfeld Talk to NBC Source: Director’s Cut 04. Stage Announcements: Chip Monck “The Forecast For This Afternoon” Source: Director’s Cut, A27, Woodstock Diary, RBS 05. Woodstock Crowd: “Let The Sunshine In” Source: Woodstock Two, A27 Country Joe & The Fish: 03. Chip Monck Intro/Rock And Soul Music Source: RBS 04. Love Source: RBS 05. Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine Source: RBS 06. Summer Dresses Source: RBS 07. Silver And Gold Source: RBS 08. The Love Machine Source: The Life And Times Of CD 09. Rock And Soul Music (Reprise) Source: RBS 10. Chip Monck Intro/ The ‘Fish’ Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixing-To-Die-Rag Source: The Life And Times Of CD Ten Years After: 11. I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes Source: A27 12. Help Me Source: A27 13. I'm Going Home Source: Directors Cut, Box Set DISC TWENTY-ONE: 01. Stage Announcements: Chip Monck “That’s Not Really For Sitting” Source: Soundboard Tape The Band Source: Soundboard Tape 02. Chip Monck Intro/Chest Fever 03. Baby Don't You Do It 04. Tears Of Rage 05. We Can Talk 06. Long Black Veil 07. Don't Ya Tell Henry 08. Ain't No More Cane On The Brazos 09. This Wheel's On Fire 10. I Shall Be Released 12. The Weight 13. Loving You (Is Sweeter Than Ever) DISC TWENTY-TWO: Johnny Winter: Source: Woodstock Experience CD 1. Mama, Talk To Your Daughter 2. Leland Mississippi Blues 3. Mean Town Blues 4. You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now 5. I Can’t Stand It (with Edgar Winter) 6. Tobacco Road (with Edgar Winter) 7. Tell The Truth (with Edgar Winter) 8. Johnny B. Goode (with Edgar Winter) DISC TWENTY-THREE: Blood Sweat And Tears: 01. Chip Monck Intro/More And More Source: Film Outtake 02. Something's Coming On/More Than You'll Ever Know Source: Film Outtake 03. Spinning Wheel Source: Film Outtake 04. You’ve Made Me So Very Happy Source: RBS Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: 05. Suite Judy Blue Eyes Source: RBS 06. Blackbird Source: Film Outtake 07. Helplessly Hoping Source: Film Outtake 08. Guinnevere Source: RBS 09. Marrakesh Express Source: RBS 10. 4 + 20 Source: RBS 11. Mr Soul Source: Film Outtake 12. Long Time Gone Source: Film Outtake 13. Sea Of Madness (Intro only--music not recorded at Woodstock) Source: Soundtrack LP, RBS 14. Wooden Ships Source: Soundtrack LP, RBS 15. Find The Cost Of Freedom Source: Box Set DISC TWENTY-FOUR: 01. Stage Announcements - Chip Monck “Good Morning” Source: Untold Stories DVD Butterfield Blues Band: 02. Chip Monck Intro/No Amount Of Loving Source: RBS, Untold Stories DVD, Jimi Hendrix Live At Woodstock DVD 03. Drifting Blues Source: Film Outtake 04. Morning Sunrise Source: QVC Bonus Disc 05. All In A Day Source: Blackstead Tapes MP3 06. Love March Source: RBS 07. Everything's Gonna Be Alright Source: RBS Sha-Na-Na: 08. Get A Job Source: RBS 09. Teen Angel Source: Untold Stories DVD 10. Wipeout Source: Film Outtake 11. Who Wrote The Book Of Love Source: Film Outtake 12. At The Hop Source: RBS, Soundtrack LP 13. Duke Of Earl Source: Film Outtake 14. Get A Job (Reprise)/Stage Announcements: “A Short Intermission” Source: Jimi Hendrix At Woodstock DVD, Soundtrack LP, RBS DISC TWENTY-FIVE: Jimi Hendrix: Source: Soundboard Tape from ATM Bootleg CD 01. Chip Monck Intro/Introduction 02. Message To The Universe (Message To Love) 03. Getting My Heart Back Together Again 04. Spanish Castle Magic 05. Red House 06. Master Mind 07. Lover Man 08. Foxy Lady 09. Jam Back At The House DISC TWENTY-SIX: Jimi Hendrix: Source: Soundboard Tape from ATM Bootleg CD 01. Izabella 02. Gypsy Woman 03. Fire 04. Voodoo Child (slight return)/Stepping Stone 05. Star Spangled Banner 06. Purple Haze 07. Woodstock Improvisation/Villanova Junction 08. Hey Joe 09. Stage Announcements: Woodstock Farewell By Chip Monck Source: RBS I have been working through the audio which varies quite a lot from one extreme to the other and keep getting stuck on the out standing Janis Joplin set. Love and peace man from an old hippy.
  18. Talking about spin driers, reminded me of a tip a got from a mate ,in the recent cold weather he runs the hot air hose into his bed for a few minutes says it warms the bed up in no time ,any one else got a tip for using appliances for other than the design purpose.
  19. choogling

    Where can i get 35mm films developed

    or boits in barnsley
  20. choogling

    Pierrepoint shop that time forgot.

    jennel up at meersbrook during the 1950s
  21. choogling

    Winter weather thread 2018/2019

    if you are thinking about coming to Stocksbridge tonight beware the roads and pavements are like glass due to freezing rain.
  22. choogling

    New forum feedback and questions

    light blue would be easyer on the eyes
  23. choogling

    New forum feedback and questions

    I very rarely use the forum now preferring Facebook, just popped it now for a look round.
  24. choogling

    Sheffield shed/garage group - ssgg

    I love my shed, man cave, for me its a construction and repair centre ,store room ,joinery shop ,electronics test area the list goes on and on ,nearly forgot and some ware to park the car.
  25. choogling

    Where can i get 35mm films developed

    I had some done at the chemist in Penistone two years ago printed and dvd back up.

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