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  1. It was typical of the day to buy a hits album that was literally that ,an album full of hits not fillers. I think i have the full set of that series great listening .
  2. A stop near to the park n ride at Middlewood would make a good compromise or even extending the tramline a bit to meet it.
  3. Against my better judgement I played a request by the Bar Staff of a local club at New Years Eve for a Gxxx Gxxxxx tune, no one seems to care anymore although I only introduced the title ,forgot to say who was singing it, just in case it kicked off.
  4. Try and see Glamned on at a club near you soon, covid permitting
  5. We bought an oak table and a unit for the stereo both sold as oak, by a company called Priory ,years later when chopping the stereo unit up for the fire I found it was oak veneer , very well made though.
  6. Larry Miller * Mad Dog* from the unfinished business album ,its the first song at all my discos ,it gets the feet tapping ready for a good night.
  7. Wishful thinking or not at least there is a chance of it re-opening ,stop being so negative.
  8. The worst recent one is two South African dudes eating some crappy snack that looks like a bag of crisps, I have to mute the sound its so bad.
  9. His wild camping over looking the old Woodbank brick works on Chesterfield Rd. brings back childhood memories of doing the same ,we must have been mad.
  10. We are going shopping there right now ,as usual we are really looking forward to it. Its head and shoulders a more pleasant experience than dreary Sheffield. A recent change in the parking charges means free parking for shoppers on a Saturday and three hours for £2 in the old station car park ,Sheffield should take note and encourage visitors from out of town to come and spend some money in the city centre.
  11. Barnsley has just opened its brand new town centre with loads of leisure as well of shopping attractions but was ignored by LN if it had been Sheffield or Little Weeds the banners would have been well and truly out and flying high. Look North is head and shoulders better than BBC Breakfast with the dreadful Nagger Machete .
  12. Don't know what the advert is advertising because i always switch over its so annoying ,various groups of people laughing in a very false and irritating way.
  13. I would be nice if some of the ex-Meersbrook Bank pupils from that time period made contact through this forum MG
  14. A simple remedy at known illegal dumping sites is to install a good quality cctv system or just a well lit sign saying so, plus heavy fines would pay for it in a short time, double win situation.
  15. They resurfaced Yew Trees Lane at Bolsterstone just before the bike races ,a few months later they re-resurfaced it claiming faulty materials , pot holes are appearing again in the same section.
  16. Just to let you know Kevin passed away just after we last talked.
  17. G.N is leaving his Saturday radio two show ,praise the lord, he does answer prayers after all.
  18. Recent study indicated electric cars produce 58% more carbon just to make them and the pay back time is about four years before they are carbon neutral.
  19. Just got hold of *The Great Milenko* by Insane Clown Posse a remastered expanded reissue of the 1989-classic ,not played the original for years but enjoying this new to me version.
  20. The modern electric powered cars were never intended to be a direct replacement for fossil fuel burners, they were intended for city use hence the low millage problems did not matter.
  21. New one to me John Lennon Gimme some truth never that much of a solo fan but as a big Beatles fan decided to give it a go, stand out track is a cover of Ben E Kings stand by me .Had it on loop while I was boarding the loft out .
  22. never really a fan but alan freeman played Blazing Apostles' on the last saturday rock show and i really enjoyed it.
  23. I would have said Pete Stringfellow as king of Sheffield biggest ego ever.
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