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Coin Counting machines

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Evening all,


I was just wondering if there is a machine that counts your lose change in the city centre at all?


I don't mind paying to use the machine if it takes so much from the pound etc, just needs to be accessible via public transport as I don't drive and the coin jar is pretty full and heavy.


I've googled a few previous posts on this topic but they all seem a couple of years old. One mentioned that there was on in the Natwest in the city centre? Can anyone confirm this?


Many Thanks

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bag it up and take it to your own bank


machines charge 7.5 %


so if you have 100.00 you lose 7.50

banks charge nothing



Local shops are always seeking change, as long as it is counted and bagged for weighing, you'll generally get face value for your coinage.


Check with them and save £££££s

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theres one in tesco near shalesmoor tram stop.there is one in natwest but you have to have a bank account with natwest :-))


There's also one in the HSBC at the top end of Fargate, but, again, you have to be an HSBC customer to benefit from it.

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