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  1. And this my slant . I’ve got a car . Even if buses were free I would not use them . I don’t see why I should subsidise buses when I don’t use them .
  2. I’ve been a few times , it’s always been busy , so it’s proving to be a great addition to Sheffield social scene . Admittedly, it a little bit out on a limb in the location it’s in , but I keep seeing plans to redevelop that area so hopefully in a few years it might be complementing some nice new trendy bars .
  3. I stand by my statement . Taxpayers should not be paying for a prosecution. It should be the company itself . Pretty much like most fraudlant insurance claims are brought to court . Its not the police pressing the charges but a private investigation company .
  4. Not read all the pages on this , but this is my take . It’s clearly a con , yet this guy is getting plenty of media attention out of it , at the expense of a lot of bad publicity for Camelot . Yes it’s fraud , but I don’t think it’s the police or CPS should be wasting tax payers money on this taking him to court . For me , it’s Camelot that should be bringing a private prosecution to put an end to this saga and deter similar minded fraudsters in the future.
  5. I buy a lot online at metals 4u https://www.metals4u.co.uk/quick-shop/c1755/sheet/c1765?promo_name=quick_shop
  6. If you’re not a real ale person and just want to go round some decent busy bars . Try starting in All Bar about 6.30ish . Cross the road try any of the Leopold square bars imidiatley to the left . Cross the square and go in Cuckoo . From there Maida Vale . Bit of a walk then onto Division St . Go in Frog and Parrot , Old House (although I think it might have changed it’s name again ) Forum bar , and Green Room If you manage that lot , trust me you’ll have had a blummin good night
  7. Let’s hope it can attract shops to pull shoppers away from Meadowhall , Leeds and Manchester . In my opinion it’s vital we do, we don’t need any more Home Bargains, Poundland’s, and Pound Stretchers . We need to attract shoppers that will spend , stop in our hotels , use the restaurants and bars . Tell their friends and come back again.
  8. My reply is too late for today’s match . However for future reference try the new Sports bar in the Genting club. It’s got a massive main screen with incredible picture quality , plus numerous other screens .
  9. I’ve always used Select Scales . https://selectscales.co.uk/
  10. As the post above . I once went to a charity do in town that was a wine tasting evening . The guy who owns Mitchell’s was the guest speaker ( I think they also supplied the wine )he was fantastic , proper expert in the field , and a witty host
  11. If it's a funeral cortège you are allowed to ride motorcycle / scooters without a helmet on . It's meant to be showing respect for the deceased
  12. What a pathetic post . Talk about moaning for moanings sake. Sheffield council should be applauded for fighting its corner to get the station where we have . There was a great danger we could have missed out altogether which really would have made our great city a backwater village in generations to come.
  13. I've been several times and love the place .. The cocktails are fantastic , and the girls serving them friendly and very knowledgable about what's in them . The music is great , and set to just about the right volume , loud enough to enjoy it , but not too loud that you can't talk . To many bars are much of a muchness , this one certainly is different and I hope it becomes a success. It's certainly been busy every time I've been in so far.
  14. This is a long , long thread now. My take on this is that now Royal accent as been given the project is going to happen . Winge about the cost and benefits as much as you want , but it's a fact it will be built. The in fighting , the objections to various locations puts Sheffield in great danger of missing out altogether . If we don't get the station in the city centre it will be scandalous. The 4 th biggest city in England , with no airport and no HS2 seriously puts businesses off investing in the town centre and surrounding areas. In years to come we will see Leeds and Manchester prosper yet further at our expense.
  15. Totally agree with you pal . On a slightly different note I'm personally fed up with the aggressive begging for money that goes on in the city centre. It's a life style choice for most
  16. Can anyone recommend a shop in the Sheffield area that can transfer old VHS video recordings onto DVDs. I need it done this week so don't want to post them off to some of the sites advertised on Google. ( yes I know I should have aloud myself more time ! )
  17. The lad who got sent down was Lee Belamy. It was about 1994 from memory .
  18. Yes the city desperately needs better quality hotels . im always suprised to hear of the difficulty our company as booking in our American visitors into hotels of the standard they expect . Use the money from the sale to build an iconic modern building on the vast building site that will soon be in the area where the Grovenor once stood.
  19. Anybody got any decent suggestions for watching the England game in town this Friday night. Common Room will be to busy , Walkabouts ok , but where else as got decent screens that will have it on ?
  20. If you like football , sport etc , Saturday afternoon in the Common Room on Division St is a good place to spend a few hours.
  21. I'm surprised nobody as mentioned the Soulfaces. I've seen them countless times performing in town. Excellent band http://www.soulfaces.co.uk/
  22. If you join Mosborough History group on Facebook there as been a number of threads about all the old pubs in the village , plus some fantastic pictures .
  23. I've managed to get oil on a brand new pair of £130 Timberland boots . Can anyone recommend a shoe shop / cleaners I can take them along to , to get them cleaned . Gutted when I did it !
  24. Have you tried looking on the Westfield School (Sheffield) Facebook page .
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