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  1. hi, it has its good and bad points , i live on jordanthorpe and have for 34yrs i own my home on jordanthorpe and have never had any problems , the shops at night attracts young people which some people find intimidating , i have found the houses are mainly bought .
  2. hi i think it was illegal but why , sky doesnt own the box
  3. they don't come with rf 2 out which i need thankyou
  4. hi wanting a sky box recordable which you can still record when no subscription you used to be able to buy a sky box which you could still record after cancelling sky but can not find one . can anyone help please , i did look at freesat but none of the boxes have rf 2 out and i need that so we can watch in other rooms
  5. hi headsheaf I am martin , I work full time for whitecliffe builders which I can highly recommend , kindest regards martin
  6. Crikey £9.00 for a full English , it's a bit steep but will try to see if the quality lives up to the price
  7. K's mobile valeting services Fantastic valeting on both my vehicles this morning , top blokes , would highly recommend , will be using weekly to do both vehicles , very very reasonable prices Kyle 07858713084
  8. try thickets on sharrow vale rd , there sausages are great , but love there sausage meat better, regards martin
  9. Why after all these years , nothing has been built on this site ?
  10. hi can anyone help where can i buy piccalilli sauce, only the sauce, co-op used to sell it not anymore, i have tried to seperate just the sauce from the jars, just doesnt taste the same .,. thanks
  11. first class , even the mixed doner kebabs , a portion of fish and chips serves two
  12. whys that then ---------- Post added 07-11-2015 at 15:48 ---------- trouble on abbeydale rd loads , read the news
  13. Nothing will ever change , they are allowed to get away with it , as if we challenge them we are racist
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