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  1. I would be up for this is anyone is interested in getting a game together...
  2. I agree great food but poor service and its one of my favourite places in Sheffield
  3. Hi guys, 24 year old looking for a game on either Tuesday or Wednesday nights, just for a bit of fitness really - decent ability nothing special but just want to play anywhere really as I love football, drop me a message on here or a text on 07581783447 if you have space for me, thanks!
  4. We are open at the Waggon and Horses from 12pm until 4pm Xmas Day! Serving drinks
  5. Hi everyone - thank you for all your comments on this thread, I genuinely have sat and read each and everyone to use as knowledge in making this place how it used to be maybe 5-10 years ago. I know there used to be a great quiz night here on Sundays and Tuesdays, I'm going to start and re-introduce the format that the people of Millhouses used to play some years ago - So starting from 30th November at 9pm, I will be re-introducing the Bingo style quiz format with great prizes to be won with it, if you fancy a bit more fast paced fun you can come in at 8pm and play our warm up Buzzer game, no pens, no cheating, no tie-breaks, its fast fun and addictive. Also in true Waggon and Horses fashion, were going for the New Years eve fancy dress party, £5 a ticket including a buffet and DJ until late. Cask Club, every 8th pint is free, this is launching very soon, you get a card which is stamped, every 7 you buy your next one is free. This beats all discounts around on Cask Ales, this can also be used with your CAMRA card which entitles you to 10% off all Cask Ale. I really am trying to make this place the vibrant go to place it used to be before it was destroyed by Pestos lack of having a bar area - all I ask is that to make this the place it once was is that, give us a try. As a community we can make this place a busy pub again. Thank you all for your feedback once more and any questions feel free to ask me, via comment or private message. Stefan - General Manager ---------- Post added 17-11-2014 at 21:45 ---------- You can now bring dogs into our bar area and dine! Walk in via the main road entrance and turn right, this is our bar area which is dog friendly, we will soon be starting dog meals too, but watch this space for that one! Thank you! ---------- Post added 17-11-2014 at 21:47 ---------- Hi Dan, really sorry to here we didn't meet your expectations, could you possibly drop me your telephone number via PM and we can discuss? Hopefully get you back down to rectify the problems? Thanks, Stefan ---------- Post added 17-11-2014 at 21:48 ---------- Thank you, glad you had a good time!
  6. Brand new quiz starting at the Waggon and Horses on the 30th November @ 8pm! No Paper No Tie-breaks No Cheating Sandwiches provided £1 entry fee Excellent prizes to be won, food vouchers, wine, beer all kinds of prizes. Limited to only 20 teams for the first few weeks, and heres the best part for our launch night - turn up to enter the quiz and get a free pint of Carlsberg, John Smiths or a Large Pepsi or Lemonade! Simply quote 'SHEFFIELD FORUM BUZZER' when grabbing your keypad to bag yourself a free round for the team!!! Any question please feel free to ask! Stefan - General Manager ---------- Post added 21-11-2014 at 18:32 ---------- This will then be followed at about 9.15pm by bringing back the old style quiz that so many loved some 5-10 year ago - Bingo style quiz where anyone can win! Hope to see you there!
  7. Hi everyone! Stefan the General Manager here just wanting to let you guys know whats been happening here at the Waggon since we opened up back in February, its been a while since I posted so wanted to just bring everyone up to speed with what we have going on at the minute! As most of you may know we launched on a rather reserved menu, but have recently moved onto a brilliant new menu with lots and lots of new dishes, most of our kitchen problems have been ironed out now apart from not having enough space to keep up that is! So heres our main news! > We now have Sky Sports and BT Sports and show all the sports on 3 different TV's in our bar area, so we can have 3 different events on at once (Golf, Rugby and Football) > A brand new menu including dishes such as, trashcan challenge, donut burger, kebabs, fajitas and greats desserts such as Apple Crookie and our Mountain of Sweet. If you visited in the first few months, I would strongly recommend coming back and having a try of the new menu - a huge improvement! > Sunday Night Quiz is in full flow, free nibbles, beer vouchers, £20 and £10 vouchers starts, play your cards right, the fun kicks off at 9pm! > We have a full line up of great entertainment coming up over the Xmas period. 29th November is our Elton John Tribute night 6th December Meatloaf 13th Freddie Mercury (who rocked the place last time her came!) 20th Cher tribute All are free to book but are filling up very very fast - just call 01142361451 to reserve your table. > Christmas menus are here - £9.99 for 2 courses or 3 for £12.99 for our Xmas Party menu, or if you really want to treat yourself this Xmas we have our 4 Course Xmas Day at £37.99, coupled with some of the cheapest bar pices around you can't go wrong! > LAST BUT NOT LEAST DUE TO OUR SUCCESS SINCE OPENING WE WILL BE CLOSING SHORTLY FOR A FEW DAYS AS WE HAVE ANOTHER REFURBISHMENT! New seats, decorating, lights, our new Cask Club were every 7th pint is FREE, and lots lots more going on too! We do have a facebook page where all the latest is posted regularly just look out for waggonmillhouses to stay up to date with our events and news, and chances to win prizes too! Really hope everyone is having a great day and thanks for reading, any questions please feel free to ask or message me directly and I will be willing to answer your queries! Thanks, Stefan!
  8. Thank you! ---------- Post added 07-06-2014 at 13:37 ---------- On Abbeydale Road South, on Millhouses Park.
  9. Hi everyone! Hope you are all well. Just to let you guys know whats been happening here at the Waggon and Horses over the last few months. Trade has been great as more and more people have popped in to give us a try since they realise that Pesto is no more, and the fact we now are a Pub that does good beer and ales aswell as great quality food at great value is really been a hit since we opened. We have now got a seperated BAR and DINING area, this going forward into the World Cup which we will be showing all the games and have a license to serve alcohol until 1am in the morning during the England games. After that the big one which I would like to announce is that from the new season we will be having Sky Sports on our 3 50inch LED TV's, showing all the sport from boxing, football to golf and cricket, anything worth showing we will have on. We have our first Waggon 'Tribute Night' so on the 14th June at 8pm Millhouses will be rocked by one of the UK's leading Freddie Mercury tribute acts until 10.30pm in our dining area followed by at 11pm the England vs Italy game down in the bar area - spaces are limited so book quickly if you would like a seat for either event. The cost for the Tribute is ZERO! Just deposit £3 to secure your seat and this is then reedemable on the night against drink and food whichever you rather. Hope you like how things are going here at the Waggon and hope to see you all soon! All suggestions are welcomed. Many Thanks, Stefan
  10. Hi everyone just a quick update! We now have a Facebook page where you can keep up to date with all the latest deals and goings on here at the Waggon! It is http://www.facebook.com/waggonmillhouses if you would like to be in the know! I am also happy to announce our first event of Flaming Grill Waggon will be a Freddie Mercury tribute night to celebrate Fathers Day on Saturday 14th June and its £5 deposit to secure your seat which will be redeemable on the night against purchases. This will be the lead singer from the famous Queen UK tribute group QEII for one night only! Hope to see you all soon!
  11. Hi Rich, Sorry to hear you had a bad experience - would love to hear more about it if possible? Please call me on 0114 2361451 As to everyone else who has been kind enough to comment and give me your feedback I appreciate it all wether it be good or bad. We have now only been open for 6 weeks with a team of with some of whom have never worked in the hospitality business before and so far on the whole the feedback has been superb - the place I have been told by many who live close by 'has not been this busy in years' and the majority are loving the food and the price. I can't please everyone but I can guarantee there is no other pub or manager in the area that will try his utmost to make your experience enjoyable and if it isn't to your liking I myself will be walking around smiling and trying to give everyone a great experience and will come speak to you to make things right. And my assistant has the exact same attitude as myself and will always be walking around the restaurant and bar when I am having a day off, and will be happy to assist you. Once again thanks to everyone who has taken the time to comment and give feedback - the guys are trying there best and I as the manager am over the moon with the first few weeks and like every new business problems and teething problems happen but these will be ironed out in time. Have a great day everyone! Stefan
  12. Would be happy to host your get together at Waggon and Horses on Abbeydale Road. We only been open a few week are a chain but only of around 90 Flaming Grills in the UK and certainly good if your wanting a good drink aswell! Get in touch on 01142361451 if you want to discuss! Stefan.
  13. Hi Verona, Tried to private message you but your inbox is full, could you give me a call for quick chat? 01142361451 Thanks, Stefan. ---------- Post added 06-03-2014 at 22:16 ---------- Thanks for the feedback, the beer that had just gone off was a cask ale so can't switch it over in an instant. The steak that was out is simply because we have no space to store the current amount of food we are selling! We have had to have an additional delivery date added due to the amount of food we are selling and are also having extra storage room built behind the scenes so we can keep more food onsite, its the first time we have run out of an important item and currently due to storage restrictions I cant guarantee it wont happen again, theres only so much food we can keep on site and once its all gone I can't help but apologise until our next delivery/when our new storage is built. The girls seemed a little lost? Could you expand on this please? Would help greatly with our training needs and to help coach them aswell. I fully take on board the garnish on the burgers, but I can't change this as it is brand standard unfortunatley, the burgers do come with lettuce and tomato but indeed you are correct, just served with chips. Once again thank you for the comment, Stefan.
  14. Hi Bob, thank you for your comments. The veggie range is small at the moment due to us launching on what is called a LITE menu. This is a smaller version of our regular menu and around 5-10 of our 90 Flaming Grills are running on them currently. After a new refurbishment places are generally launched on the LITE menu as it requires less equipment than a full menu does. The full menu has an extensive menu and with the equipment we have currently we don't have the storage space to run the full menu, even with the smaller menu we are on now we are struggling for storage space. In the pipeline at the moment there are plans to build a big freezer on site due to the success we have had since opening, we are getting busier each day and the current storage space isn't sufficient to store that amount of food on site. I expect in the next 6 months for us to be running on the full menu, which is without a doubt better than our menu currently. Also I wish I could offer more options for vegetarians at the moment but with us being a brand it isn't down to me to choose or I would in an instant, I do agree the options aren't the best and it sounds as though your burger wasn't prepared correctly so I offer my apologies, and will throw you a portion of onions rings next time your in, but think they are there just to give a vegetarian option in a grill restaurant. Once again hope this clears things up for you and thanks for the comments Bob. Stefan.
  15. Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate you taking the time to post about your visit, it doesn't sound the best to be honest and I'm happy to hear you will comeback and try again. Please private message me on here and next you come in I will compensate with a couple of free puddings for you having to wait so long for your ice-creams. Hope to see you again soon! Stefan. ---------- Post added 04-03-2014 at 13:13 ---------- Thanks for the feedback I'm glad you had a good visit. In regards to the interview its a technique I prefer to do that makes the candidate more at ease than stuck in a tiny office feeling pressured, I apologise if you found it unprofessional I take your comments on board. Say hello next time you call in! Thanks, Stefan.
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