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  1. You don't need to go to one of those boothes anymore . If you apply online you just take a photo against a plain wall with your phone / i pad upload it and it almost instantly tells you whether its ok . i renewed mine on line in February, its a dead easy website to follow . Mine took 4 weeks to arrive
  2. Apple pay on your phone is the easiest way by a mile . No need to carry cash or a card. For many years i resisted, and used to curse students paying for rounds in crowded bars in town . Nowdays its the people with cash that slow things down at the bar.
  3. There is a guide , and its great for learning of new bars and events in the area . https://www.thisissheffield.com/kelham-island/
  4. I've always used Powertech down near the Rother Valley for all our tool repairs at work . They'll tell you whether its worth repairing if you're unsure . https://www.powertech-industrial.co.uk/
  5. We went at the weekend and had a few drinks sat outside in the sun . It was lovely . The service was faultless , and although i only briefly saw the inside it looked really nice . Certainly a great addition to the city center.
  6. And this my slant . I’ve got a car . Even if buses were free I would not use them . I don’t see why I should subsidise buses when I don’t use them .
  7. I’ve been a few times , it’s always been busy , so it’s proving to be a great addition to Sheffield social scene . Admittedly, it a little bit out on a limb in the location it’s in , but I keep seeing plans to redevelop that area so hopefully in a few years it might be complementing some nice new trendy bars .
  8. I stand by my statement . Taxpayers should not be paying for a prosecution. It should be the company itself . Pretty much like most fraudlant insurance claims are brought to court . Its not the police pressing the charges but a private investigation company .
  9. Not read all the pages on this , but this is my take . It’s clearly a con , yet this guy is getting plenty of media attention out of it , at the expense of a lot of bad publicity for Camelot . Yes it’s fraud , but I don’t think it’s the police or CPS should be wasting tax payers money on this taking him to court . For me , it’s Camelot that should be bringing a private prosecution to put an end to this saga and deter similar minded fraudsters in the future.
  10. I buy a lot online at metals 4u https://www.metals4u.co.uk/quick-shop/c1755/sheet/c1765?promo_name=quick_shop
  11. If you’re not a real ale person and just want to go round some decent busy bars . Try starting in All Bar about 6.30ish . Cross the road try any of the Leopold square bars imidiatley to the left . Cross the square and go in Cuckoo . From there Maida Vale . Bit of a walk then onto Division St . Go in Frog and Parrot , Old House (although I think it might have changed it’s name again ) Forum bar , and Green Room If you manage that lot , trust me you’ll have had a blummin good night
  12. Let’s hope it can attract shops to pull shoppers away from Meadowhall , Leeds and Manchester . In my opinion it’s vital we do, we don’t need any more Home Bargains, Poundland’s, and Pound Stretchers . We need to attract shoppers that will spend , stop in our hotels , use the restaurants and bars . Tell their friends and come back again.
  13. My reply is too late for today’s match . However for future reference try the new Sports bar in the Genting club. It’s got a massive main screen with incredible picture quality , plus numerous other screens .
  14. I’ve always used Select Scales . https://selectscales.co.uk/
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