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  1. I'm not laughing my socks off. I met Nick and had quite a lot of reservations about him on several issues. However, if he'd got another 2,500 votes out of the 57,000 cast Hallam would at least have had an active MP. What's more the leave side might have been more effectively challenged by Nick than Vince Cable. Although that's a totally untested thought, and we'd probably be in the same mess! The swing away from Conservative to LibDem, and then to Labour, must make Hallam one of the most volatile seats in the country; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheffield_Hallam_(UK_Parliament_constituency)#/media/File:HallamGraph.svg
  2. Item on BBC News website may tell the story; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-49281645
  3. East Midlands will be running an hourly service up the Hope Valley to Hope only from tomorrow. Intended to offer local service only with no onward connections. Implication is this should continue until full service can be restored. East Midlands crews sign this route and would normally continue from Sheffield to Liverpool.
  4. At present it seems likely that the first trains between Sheffield and Manchester won't be before Tuesday; https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/service_disruptions/227802.aspx?fbclid=IwAR0l8PDTHM7jX9qacVuXASCd7QGyM16feq3Ex3BK5xn2zHeIqv-aFKYtP9k In 2007 the M1 was blocked for a week or more due to a weakness at the base of the UIley Reservoir earth wall. I'm no engineer but this breach is higher up and once the water level is lowered and pressure relieved from that top section it may be considered safe sooner.
  5. But currently that's not grounds for a recall petition. Nor should it be as a general rule. However, it's a great shame (to put it very mildly) that his nearest and dearest haven't got him to see that for the good of his long term health he should step down now. His constituents needs are clearly not a rational concern of his. Unfortunately the nature of the type of illness he seems to have means he won't let go. Prising him out will be incredibly difficult if not impossible before a general election. I hope he sees the sense in resigning for his own sake, and very soon. He's still young enough to recover from this, but the longer it goes on the harder it will get.
  6. Actually he gets £77,379 a year, not quite £80k, but very close. I'm sure it's not in any way a consideration (?), but if he loses the seat in a general election he's entitled to the equivalent of severance pay, and for his staff. Like most things to do with expenses at Westminster it's a bit opaque. It doesn't look likely to be a fortune. From Wikipedia; Resettlement Grant The Resettlement Grant motherhood is the name given to the MPs' severance pay package. It may be claimed to help former MPs with the costs of adjusting to life outside parliament. It is payable to any Member who ceases to be an MP at a general election. The amount is based on age and length of service, and varies between 50% and 100% of the annual salary payable to a Member of Parliament at the time of the dissolution.[2] In the UK the first £30,000 of severance pay is tax-free. As stated above, the amount retiring MPs, or those who lose their seats receive, depends on how old they are and how long they have served in the House. For example, an MP who stays in office for one term (say 5 years) and then leaves office will currently receive tax-free severance pay of 50% of their current salary, or £32,383 at current rates – equivalent to an annual salary increment of over £12,000 at current tax rates and pay scales.[25] For the 2010–2015 Parliament, only MPs defeated in their attempt to be re-elected will get one month’s salary for each year served, up to a maximum of six months or over £33,000. From the start of the 2015 Parliament, it will be replaced by a "Loss of Office Payment", at double the statutory redundancy payment. "For the 'average' MP, who leaves office with 11 years' service, this may lead to a payment of around £14,850."[26] Winding-up Allowance There is also up to £42,000 on offer to pay for winding up staff contracts and office rent.[27] An allowance of up to one third of the annual Office Costs Allowance was paid for the reimbursement of the cost of any work on parliamentary business undertaken on behalf of a deceased, defeated or retiring member after the date of cessation of membership. On 5 July 2001 the House agreed to change the allowance to one third of the sum of the staffing provision and Incidental Expenses Allowance in force at the time of cessation of membership.[28]
  7. To us it maybe, but to someone with his mental condition it's not. He really needs help, but he still hasn't twigged that removing the principal cause of his pressure should come first, even before his rest. All these apologies and time off only make that worse. Apply for the Chiltern Hundreds now. Please can someone, Gareth, whoever cares for him, prepare the paperwork and get him to sign. Better late than never. We in Sheffield Hallam desperately need an active MP right now - of any party!
  8. He's just issued a statement. Accepts he needs help and taking more time off but no hint of resignation. Thanks his friend for bringing it all into the open! "Statement regarding my mental health and recent events In a few weeks, I will be making a follow-up statement regarding my position, until then I will be taking time out to receive professional help to deal with my mental health and personal issues regarding self-medication. During this time I would appreciate you could give myself and family privacy. This is what I would like to say in the meantime: I would like to start by apologising to my family, my friends and my constituents. I have not been honest with you about the depths of my depression and self-loathing. When I started this job in 2017 I was a different man: a confident and passionate man that wanted to help others. Sadly, I was unable to do that because very quickly I was bullied and mistreated in a harsh and unforgiving environment and that led me to be weak. I wasn't even meant to win the election. I stood because I wanted to give my time to support the democratic process and because I was inspired by Jeremy Corbyn and everything he had to say. Particularly about "Equality and Fairness". I voted for him twice, was a member of his group 'Momentum' and practically idolised him. But I got no support from him or the National Labour Party during the campaign. The previous Labour candidate Oliver Coppard (who I think should be the MP for Sheffield Hallam and I think is a top bloke) got funding and support nationally but I did not. The efforts of a small group of dedicated grassroots activists working to help me with the campaign I lead won that election for us. I will always be grateful to those amazing volunteers and all who voted for me. I don't get many people backing me, helping me and supporting me in my life so it means so much when you do. One person who constantly snubbed me and treated me less favourably than other people was Jeremy. He was the biggest shock of that election; not my victory. He has not been the man I thought he was nor that he appears to be. To the point that he and his team lied to you all last year. I was never let back in the Labour Party as they said. Nor was I ever ordered to go on training or "warned". They wanted me to act like I was when I was not provided with any details in writing about anything and they wanted me to act like I was guilty of those allegations from the two women from the pub when I had submitted hard evidence and witness details that showed I was not. So I had no choice but to leave the party I loved. Within months of my appointment as MP for Sheffield Hallam the smears happened and I fell into a self-destructive nosedive. During my suspension Sam Matthews his team were consummate professionals but then Jeremy's office took over the case and I had to get a solicitor involved because of disability discrimination in order to get it back on track. The discrimination made things even worse. My mental health deteriorated further and I isolated myself from family, friends and constituents. My actions became erratic and my thoughts became incoherent to the point where most recently I suffered a delusional episode. In May this year, I sent an email to Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn asking them for help with getting Equality in parliament. Some MPs were parents who were not getting support and Maternity/Paternity cover and I wasn't entitled to my rights under the Equality Act for adequate support for my disabilities and as such was not provided with the safe and necessary environment for me to speak in the chamber. This was to serve as my olive branch to Jeremy for the bullying he and his staff had put me through which caused me to leave the party in July last year. Jeremy and his office then offered me a meeting by letter and by my parents' observations I was visibly excited. Jeremy’s office then promised to get in touch with me and offer a selection of dates on a certain day but did not fulfil their promise, so I emailed the next day and let my disgust at their disrespect be known. Jeremy's response was to make false reports about me being a mental health danger around parliament with a delegation of Labour safeguarding representatives and his staff. I know this because I have it in writing from the parliamentary doctor. I was not then a mental health risk at that point but such gaslighting ultimately made me one. About two weeks ago I told a staff member I was in love with her during the aforementioned delusional episode. I'd been paranoid for weeks that if I was mad like Jeremy and his team said I was then I'd do something like that. The messages I said that were not of a sober or rational mind and felt like an out of body experience when I sent them but I know that does not excuse my actions because I should not have been self-medicating with a drink to get into that state. It was my lowest point and I will be apologising personally to her and her family. I want to become a better person again; like I was. I feel I’ve become unrecognisable and I want to make amends. I need treatment for my mental health and rest first though. I will make a further statement about my future in a few weeks. Lastly, to my dear, old friend - the Noel to my Liam - Gareth: Thank you for sticking with me like I am sticking with you. How anyone put up with for this long is a mystery! That's what mates should do. I wish you a good break, you have earned it. I am so sorry to everybody for everything. You have put up with so much; all of you all my staff, my family, friends and constituents. Thank you so much, Jared O’Mara MP"
  9. That should stir things up a bit - and about time too. On a human level the man needs help. Part of that help includes doing the decent thing by immediately applying for the Chiltern Hundreds and getting himself into some form of therapy. Sadly, the nature of his situation is that he cannot act rationally, so we're almost certainly stuck with him until an election. The grounds for a recall petition have not been triggered, and probably couldn't be triggered for many months, even if he has committed a legal offence. Causing general offence isn't sufficient grounds!
  10. Barnsley is already in the Leeds City Region, as well as Sheffield, and has had benefits from that relationship. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leeds_City_Region See also; https://www.barnsley.gov.uk/news/barnsley-to-benefit-from-leeds-city-region-s-better-homes-programme/ It's a bit of a dogs dinner!
  11. I've met him and agree. He' s between a rock and a hard place. Barnsley want to be in the Leeds City Region and Doncaster are leaning that way. Areas of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire that were expected to join the SCR region aren't at all keen either. Dan originally favoured a greater devolution for all of Yorkshire. The government want the Sheffield CR to work. The government is falling apart. He's doing the best he can to steer a course through all that and bring funds to the region. That will take months and years to show through to ordinary folks on the street.
  12. With 8 choices and all that uproar the poor lad clearly decided it was all too much. Down in Peterborough the local populace seems to have decided it's all too much with their MP and are about to vote to recall her. If 10% of the electorate were to do that in Hallam an election could be held to elect someone better. It seems none of the main parties want to be seen to start that ball rolling, probably dreading the precedent it may create - although Peterborough are now setting out to do that. Here's how it's done; https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/184324/Recall-Act-Factsheet.pdf
  13. The Sheffield Draft Plan is long overdue. An earlier draft of the draft shows a blob on the sports ground for a park and ride facilty.
  14. Wasn't there supposed to be a Park and Ride facility on or about there?
  15. January is always the worst month for restaurants. Even those doing badly will hang in to capture the Christmas trade. It's the same for many other shops too. Rentals are often paid on quarter days and meeting that December payment is often the crunch point. The prospect of staggering on to March can be a step too far, and that will be another critical time.
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