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  1. 1978

    Jared Omara MP ..

    With 8 choices and all that uproar the poor lad clearly decided it was all too much. Down in Peterborough the local populace seems to have decided it's all too much with their MP and are about to vote to recall her. If 10% of the electorate were to do that in Hallam an election could be held to elect someone better. It seems none of the main parties want to be seen to start that ball rolling, probably dreading the precedent it may create - although Peterborough are now setting out to do that. Here's how it's done; https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/184324/Recall-Act-Factsheet.pdf
  2. The Sheffield Draft Plan is long overdue. An earlier draft of the draft shows a blob on the sports ground for a park and ride facilty.
  3. Wasn't there supposed to be a Park and Ride facility on or about there?
  4. 1978

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    January is always the worst month for restaurants. Even those doing badly will hang in to capture the Christmas trade. It's the same for many other shops too. Rentals are often paid on quarter days and meeting that December payment is often the crunch point. The prospect of staggering on to March can be a step too far, and that will be another critical time.
  5. 1978

    Bochum Parkway speed limit

    Statistically, the roundabouts at each end of the Bochum Parkway are far more likely to see accidents than the distance in between. Given the volume of traffic on that section the number of accidents per number of journeys is very low. Check the facts by searching here for last 19 years; https://www.crashmap.co.uk/Search That may explain the lack of speed cameras, but the views expressed here may also explain why the limit isn't increased. Some treat it as motorway anyway (70mph +10!) so any further encouragement is unwise.
  6. 1978

    Northern Rail strikes

    That must need some qualification. I could read it to mean trains are scrapped after only 5 years. I very much doubt that happens (or someone really needs to worry about quality and cost if they are), so where do 5, 10, and 15 year old trains go? No matter, that's a problem or delight for the Dutch to enjoy. New trains are starting to arrive in this country for Northern and are being tested now, Class 195 on trial There are many new trains being introduced across Britain, infuriatingly slowly, that's true. We haven't had a good enough rolling programme of replacements, but at least things are getting better on that score. Which brings us back to the strike and the impact it's having on training crews to operate the new trains. We seem to have resigned ourselves to an indefinite 6 day Northern network and quite possibly to the delayed introduction of the new trains.
  7. 1978

    Lack of justice again!!

    Too right, the speed of the judicial system is illustrated here and delays of this order are endemic. That needs sorting out if we are to have faith in our courts. Far too many cases that should be dealt with in a couple of weeks, certainly no more than a couple of months, are taking for ever. 17 months for a fairly simple case like this suggests it got lost in umpteen in trays and mailboxes. And he pleaded guilty after all that!
  8. 1978

    Chatsworth christmas market

    From Chatsworth website; "We've partnered with TM Travel so anyone coming to Chatsworth on a TM Travel bus can get £2 off the House & garden ticket, the House, garden & farmyard ticket or the Christmas ticket. Vouchers available on the relevant services. Learn more on the TM Travel website. " Parking on grass in this weather can be challenging whatever the price!
  9. The world has changed dramatically and the paper boys of 60 years ago wouldn't believe it. Then most houses in the suburb where I lived had a morning paper delivered and an evening paper. Quite a few houses would get 2 papers in the morning, a local and national and they'd have them as soon after 7 as possible. We're one of a small number of houses on our road still having a paper delivered. The Star's quality seems lower than either the morning Journal or evening Chronicle in Newcastle
  10. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/content/forms/af/roads-pavements/report-potholes.html
  11. 1978

    Tram Trains thread

    And that's the sort of issue an experiment is designed to identify and deal with before extending further. Quite a big consideration I'd imagine if we want a reliable service on both tram and train routes.
  12. SYPTE provide free park and ride at both BUT you may find they are full unless you get there very early; https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/parkandridesheffield/ If I were returning to Sheffield from Leeds I'd use Meadowhall - the service out to Dore is poor in the evenings.
  13. 1978

    Jared Omara MP ..

    More it was the local party who campaigned brilliantly for Oliver Coppard at the previous election then selected a man they barely knew, yet carried on campaigning. That was aided and abetted by Nick Clegg's campaign team who deluged households with literature, often 2 or 3 leaflets a day, warning the natural Tory element in the community (many of whom had become disenchanted by the last Tory MP) that a vote for the Conservative candidate would let Labour in. It did! The figures suggest a lot found the possibilty of turning Hallam back to blue, even if it risked red, was a risk worth taking. With hindsight many must regret voting the way they did. Many who voted red must now regret not having voted blue or yellow - but if the party selectors didn't know their candidate, how were voters supposed to know?
  14. 1978

    Tram Trains thread

    Very unfortunate that the accident should occur on the first day of Tramtrain operation, but as many have said it could have been any day since the system first opened. Curious that no reports I've heard refer to the tram slamming on the brakes, or have I missed that? Unfortunate too for the company who own the truck. It seem to be locally based. Having the tram hitting it immediately behind the passenger door marked "BLIND SPOT" rather underlines that one, maybe both, drivers were distracted. The sun would have been quite bright in both their eyes at that time.
  15. They were the ones I was writing about, hadn't seen the ones outside at that time.

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