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  1. Not just Meadowhall. Also worth noting all the out of town retail parks around Sheffield, and how many parking spaces they have. Crystal Peaks / Drakehouse, the new St James development at Meadowhead, Heeley Retail Park, Parkway Central Retail Park, Catcliffe Retail Park, Kilner Way, Fox Valley and so on. All of those compete with the town center as well, taking business away from the center. And easy parking is a big part of that.
  2. I can come up with all the fancy arguments I want to about why town center shopping is better than a trip to Murderhell. And to be honest I really do prefer town center shopping to out of town shopping centers and retail parks. But all those fancy arguments I could deploy on this subject can be easily rebutted with two words. Free Parking.
  3. Part of this is that the North of the city is already well served by out of town retail parks and Meadowhall, so the town center is being tailored more towards the areas of Sheffield in the South where they don't have out of town retain parks. But I'm still unconvinced that having a town center only catering for a fraction of Sheffield residents is a good thing.
  4. Thanks to Northern Rail and their incessant strikes, L**ds isn't really an option for me at present. On the other hand, there are a number of retail parks not far from me which are more convenient than Sheffield, Rotherham and Barnsley town centers. Not to mention Elsecar Heritage Centre for nice small shops. And when I lived in Dronfield I came to much prefer shopping in Chesterfield. For me, these days Cole Brothers is about the only thing worth visiting Sheffield town center for. This is a very bad thing. When you visit a town it's the town center that you judge the place on.
  5. Sheffield makes the Grauniad, for all the wrong reasons. 🙁 https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2019/feb/01/everythings-leaving-can-sheffields-high-street-survive
  6. Exactly. She is doing the right thing by opposing the disastrous project to leave the EU. As to the "will of the people" nonsense, if a majority of people voted for the flat earth society in a referendum, would that make the world flat? An often forgotten rule of politics is that whoever who turns up on the day wins. One of the biggest turn offs (among many) with the Labour party is all the backbiting and infighting. And this is a clear example. It would appear that the motivation for this is not disagreements with Angela Smith on the EU, fracking or water nationalization but the desire of one faction to stick one over on the other internal faction in the Labour party. All of which is very off putting to outsiders.
  7. Labour MP hits out at 'hard-left cabal' after losing vote of confidence https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/political-parties/labour-party/news/99939/labour-mp-hits-out-hard-left-cabal-after-losing
  8. Don't agree with everything in that list of course, but I do agree about Shakespeare's being a top, top pub. And it's not the first time Shakespeare's as featured prominently in such as list, as can be seen in the last "Peel Ale"!
  9. Stoatwobbler

    Chapeltown Tap House & Gin Bar

    That's the general opinion you keep hearing. And it's hard to dispute it when you go in and find one golden ale, 3 brown ales and a stout, and none of which is from the local breweries whose beer I want to drink most. If they start to push the boat out a bit when buying in beer, maybe I would visit more often.
  10. Stoatwobbler

    Sheffield's Mansions?

    Head out of Sheffield to the small village of Wentworth. It's near Rotherham but feels more like the sort of village you come across in the Peak District. It's also home to Wentworth House, ancestral pile of the Earls of Fitzwilliam and the largest privately owned house in Britain.
  11. Stoatwobbler

    Steel City beer & cider festival 2018

    Keg bar is always busy and liable to get drunk dry. ---------- Post added 13-10-2018 at 16:25 ---------- The beer I liked most at the festival was Good Chemistry Kokomo Weekday. Just a really nice unfined pale ale. Also liked Almasty Brut IPA a lot.
  12. Some things are better out Devonshire Green way. Other things are better out Kelham Island way. Horses for courses really.
  13. Stoatwobbler

    Chapeltown market

    I think it's fairly similar to Sainsburys in Dronfield and Sainsburys on Archer Road. They serve different catchment areas so can coexist quite well.
  14. Stoatwobbler

    Chapeltown Tap House & Gin Bar

    Been in a couple of times. It's OK, although I have to say that The Commercial is better for beer and gin ranges! If you like Tap & Brew in Hoyland you'll like the Chap Tap. Wish them well going forward.
  15. Stoatwobbler

    Chapeltown market

    Having recently moved into the area I have quickly developed a love/hate relationship with the supermarket that dominates Chapeltown. Hugely convenient, but I don't like spending all my money in the one place and I do like small local shops.

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