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  1. Given that Olivia Blake is Labour's candidate in said upcoming by-election, almost certainly yes!
  2. Central government may have ordered Sheffield City Council to build x many new houses. That's certainly the situation North East Derbyshire council found themselves in. Complete with local conservatives leading the charge against what Conservatives in Westminster had ordered North East Derbyshire council to do!
  3. Having moved into Sheffield from Dronfield (where the North East Derbyshire local plan has generated a great deal of controversy) last year I fully expect this to become a major issue in Sheffield local politics. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/we-need-city-blueprint-planning-councillor-criticises-leaders-for-delay-on-local-plan-488896?fbclid=IwAR2E_N2Wn-ip4GP1DTcI5dVsiq7gePlRvyLCL9TsDU-BoY7P7hjkl5FniVU
  4. Sheffield is not without those issues. Seen it a few times in the area around the old Castle Market. 🙁
  5. Can't talk about Sheffield and Barnsley town centres without comparison with others nearby. And quite honestly there area fair few towns out there whose town centres put both Sheffield and Barnsley to shame.
  6. For all Leeds faults, it's got a superb indoor market that puts both Sheffield and Barnsley to shame.
  7. I'm afraid I don't always trust what they tell you on the news these days. Also worth noting that Streatham went very heavily for Remain in the 2016 referendum so if you don't like a Streatham MP standing up for what his constituents want then tough.
  8. Also completely wrong. John Hemming was much worse before he was voted out. And many Liberal Democrats would quite like Jess Phillips, the Labour MP who replaced him to join them as well. Also, if you want worse sitting MP's then then Chuka Umunna there are many, many worse examples from Jared O'Mara to Priti Patel to Caroline Flint to Mark Francois to Chris Williamson to Dominic Raab.
  9. Wrong. Results from the last general election https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streatham_(UK_Parliament_constituency) Labour Chuka Umunna 38,212 68.5 +15.5 Conservative Kim Caddy 11,927 21.4 -3.7 Liberal Democrat Alex Davies 3,611 6.5 -2.5 Green Nicole Griffiths 1,696 3.0 -5.8 UKIP Robert Stephenson 349 0.6 -2.6 Majority 26,285
  10. To be honest, I think most Liberal Democrats would still go for somebody like Layla Moran over Chuka Umunna if there were to be another leadership contest further down the road.
  11. Not a statement to give you confidence in the talent available in the Conservative party!
  12. Good on Chuka for doing this. A number of us have been on the same journey since the 2016 referendum. Fed up with the sheer unadulterated tribalism, spitefulness and failure to face up to reality from the main two parties.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-48631116
  14. Yep. Rory Stewart is the best of an abysmal, delusional and dishonest bunch. He doesn't stand a chance as the Tory grassroots are entirely removed from reality and want ideological purity over all other considerations.
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