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  1. Wasn't he found under the parking bay with the letter "R" on it? It was a very interesting programme.
  2. Everybody is something for a reason. Its obvious SG has a hatred for the male populous, and to hold a belief dear, is to have had or read about a bad experience. A woman can cry rape for whatever reason she wants, whether it be that she has been genuinely attacked, or the cheque has bounced. Its never black or white.
  3. Hey mysteryone, me and the missus wish we could help you old lad, but we gave our last old laptop to the kids across the road. No help to you I know, but good luck with your life, and take no notice of the heartless toss-pots who give you grief on here.
  4. I dont know. But what I do know is this, a gobble-wibble cranoplant painting seventeen onions and singing "The Theme From Titanic" will hold every single thing that dosent fit in the bowl of soup. Hard to ignore really, but that said, all the cat litter trays will rule the opposing party without notification.
  5. Yep, missed that one Adam. Maybe a quote about leaving the window open or having an air freshener handy:hihi:
  6. A friend of mine does a lot of off-road cycling:gag:, on a mountain bike type, and to be fair, he is really good at it, jumping off edges and riding over logs etc, and ive had a go, and its really good fun. Much safer than on the roads, and although its still dangerous, there is no chance of colliding with a vehicle or a pram. I dont oppose bikes completely, I just think there will never be a compromise when it comes to using them on the roads, especially as these days the roads are so busy. That said, this guy could have easily got into a scrape with a motorist, which leads to all kinds of problems for both him and the motorist. ---------- Post added 07-05-2013 at 23:50 ---------- MEG, please tell me you dont wear lycra????????????????????
  7. I was a bus driver too, for the old sypte, and back in the day it was a great job. But then people got nasty, singled out the driver to be an ogre, then bombarded him with threats and knives and verbal abuse. Not a great job, and would never do it again. Trucker now, and you dont get NO hassle from 26 tonnes of baked beans. Some folk just really make a fuss, when they should take responsibility for themselves, plan their journey and above all HAVE THE RIGHT FARE. Trouble is, in this crazy world, its always somebody elses fault.
  8. Halibutt, its clear you are a supporter of this man, but you are seriously out of touch with the way other people think. Do you think that supporting him will bring you more friends? Nope, it wont, and if you read my post you would have seen that my wanten acts of ball removal would come into play should he maim one of MY loved ones. Terrrorists maim and kill the innocent, for no other reason than for pleasure. For you to not comprehend this only shows that unlike me, you can only see one side of the arguement. Alternatively, it could just be the fact that you assumed the "spineless fart" jibe was aimed directly at you....well if the cap fits......
  9. What a load of absolute rubbish. "We cant send him back because he might be tortured" is the common thought amongst some of the loonies who have posted on this thread. "And we cant be seen to condone this" another spineless fart said. Put it like this. If a certain fanatical individual came along, and blew your family to bits because his training camp taught him this skill, would you say "Hey, his human rights are more important than my desire to rip his balls off"?? I know I wouldnt say that, as I was hacking at his nuts with a blunt rusty penknife, and if any of the loony die hard human rights brigade were put in the same situation, they would feel the same, and to deny that would be more hypocritical than standing up for this piece of dog crap in the first place. Just because I want to see this vermin sent to Jordan, and any of his followers too, whether they are tortured or not, dosent make me ANYTHING like this animal, but it does say that I have a resentment far greater than what I care about his rights, based on the fact that he is a terrorist supporter who gains pleasure by inciting hatred and terrorism against innocent men, women and children who live their lives peacefully and lawfully. But to say that his deportation should be done "nicely and within the law" is proof of the spineless society we live in today. Theresa May is bending over backwards to bring this man to justice, and if the supreme court refuse her application to have him deported, which look like they will, she is ready to have the law changed to kick this crap out. Now THAT isnt a spineless or anti-human rights.....that is how it SHOULD be done.
  10. Because talking and debating terrorism does not work. Yes, I advocate an eye for an eye with these fanatics, they are truly worse than dog crap.
  11. Preaching death to the west is pretty much in the public domain, which means I do know what this man has done. And if we all have standards, how come his are preaching death and condoning terrorism? Three more lads killed today by the people who believe in closet maiming. If you dont understand how evil this man is, I suggest you google him.
  12. Oh, well that alright then. Let him stay here. He seems a decent bloke. Is that the reaction you wanted? Because I dont mean it.
  13. A very, very silly post Halibutt. P999 has never stood on an tea-crate and condemned the west. He has never had links to terrorist training camps. This man is an absolute menace, and he should be shipped out, along with all his other fundamentalist cronies, and if he is tortured, then boo hoo for him. He makes a mockery of our country and yet it seems the courts wont allow him to go because he might be tortured or even worse. Even the Government want him out, knowing about the torture risk. Normal, sane human beings dont do what this animal did, and I for one couldnt give a toss what happens to him, as long as he is not here, brainwashing young men into hating the west as much as he does. You should hang your head in shame for even thinking of defending him, just like the courts should.
  14. I dont think its fair of you to bring Katie Price into this. Yes, her books and TV shows are a living nightmare, but its hardly torture. We dont have to watch or read them.
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