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  1. The sandwich shop on Wincobank Avenue have a big notice in their window saying that they deliver. It’s Wincobank Deli and numbs is 2560022.
  2. It’s either out on to the parkway towards Handsworth or you can turn right out of the exit and follow the road on to Bernard Road. Hope that helps
  3. I drove past this earlier and don’t think it’s a police van. It looks like a decommissioned ambulance that says security on it.
  4. Been to Battleaxe tonight and I would highly recommend it. It’s a fun time suitable for most and you can get dressed in Viking clothes if you want.
  5. I recommend the Car People too. Bought my last 2 cars there and also used them for MOT and Servicing.
  6. Hi Thank you for all the suggestions, can anyone recommend anyone that can fit these. We do not have ladders that would allow us to get to the pipe so would need to someone to install either the lagging or the trace heating
  7. Thanks for the suggestions so far. Can anyone recommend anyone to do either the lagging?
  8. Hi We have a condensate pipe coming from our boiler that goes all along the outside, just above a 1 storey extension and then drops into the guttering of the said extension. The boiler is situated in a bedroom. Last year it froze all the way along and affected the central heating as it couldn't drain. Has anyone got any ideas of how we can prevent this? We were told previously that we could lag the pipe then someone from localheros.com told us we couldn't. Any sensible ideas welcome, I can also provide a picture. Thanks in advance
  9. The circle isn't too steep. We saw rocky horror there and didn't feel scared standing up to dance. Certainly didn't feel like I would fall down up there
  10. Monroe on wincobank avenue. Contact bezsydan on here as they're the owners. Very reliable and won't do anything until you approve it. Great prices too
  11. Sorry can't help with when it opens but it's owned by sainsburys now. It's really improved and e quality of food at the kilner way branch is excellent
  12. That's another Saturday steelers won't be playing at home
  13. I've always found Asda opticians good. A good eye test, no pressure to buy and reasonably priced glasses
  14. My husband has that condition and had a cornea transplant approx 6 years ago
  15. One of the shops in the safari village at Yorkshire wildlife park sell them. You don't have to go in the park as it's just before the entrance
  16. We're paying for our solar panels so get the FIT too. You get paid an amount for every unit of electricity generated. As they can't measure 100% how much you use and how much is fed in, you automatically get paid again for 50% of what's generated as the feed in bit.
  17. I've been referred to physio world following an accident. They seem quite good and have clinics all over Sheffield
  18. I know it's not in Sheffield but imotion gym in Rotherham do les mills classes
  19. I know. It was only in 1997 so not that long ago and considering I lived in Swansea at the time quite a rare occasion. Really grateful for the rare opportunity to gain the skills early on in my driving
  20. They're on groupon at the moment so guess that there is
  21. It's always this time of year that I'm grateful that my birthday is just before Christmas and my parents insisted I had driving lessons from my 17th birthday onwards. Most of the first month or two of lessons were on snow and ice. It's really given me great skills that not everyone would have had when learning to drive.
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