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Loxley pond any1 fished there recently?


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Thinking about going for a fishing if the suns out tommorow anybody know how loxleys doing at the moment? I like to use a bomb and meat tight up to the lillys and to try and target the barbell or go deep on a big float :D

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a very underrated water imo, fishing upto the lilly's in summer is nerve wracking, the carp are strong the barbel are immense, fished it last year a few times and its a pleasure to sit there, had a barbel at 7 1/2 pound out, fought like crazy and too be honest i was lucky in manaing to turn it away from the lilly's so quickly, if it had gone 6 inch further i would have lost it !

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I havnt fished there in ages, Great little pond though and it fishes quiet decent in the winter (well it used to)


I either fished it with a bom and Meat or corn, and used to catapult bait over the top.


Or i used to fish the Bubble float... Fantastic mach winning method


Most of the peg's are good there nut my favorite was peg 19, i used to ''bag up'' on that peg.

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