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  1. you don't have to have done prison time to know that they are like holiday camps you can see it on tv and hear about it from former ex cons people who go to prison should punished not given tv s and internet service plus many more things if it was left up to me it would be 23hr lock up & bread and water don't do the crime if you cant do the time
  2. does anyone know what has gone off on Norwood Rd s5 yesterday the road was closed off with about 6 police cars present I am asking on here because the MSM don't think it is important enough to report on it
  3. does anyone know when the new Ikea in Sheffield will be open
  4. yes they would be the same student games that the Sheffield people are still paying for after all these years because of a useless labour council
  5. has anyone received there stay in eu leaflet in Sheffield yet they said that every house in the country would get one I live in s5 and no one around me has got one yet . if you have received yours will you reply leaving your post code ( s5 ect ect )
  6. I don't know what the problem is if you cant get fuel at one petrol station then go to another near by there are enough to go at
  7. hi pbroughton I also attended the convent school burngreave road in 1954/55ish I was only there for 1 term when my father got the bill he pulled me out found out he could not afford the fees I was only 4or5 years old later on I went to st caths I remember I had to go for chips & fish every Friday for the sisters and take them in a basket to the convent for there lunch cant see this happening these days I was only 9 years old happy days
  8. I also remember the ABC went there in early 60s on a school trip we saw ben her could not get over how big the screen was and sound coming from all directions great day out
  9. hi steven85 you should send this in an email to the house of commons I read the other day that they are getting rid of there silver plated knives & forks and buying new from Vietnam they should buy in the UK and there is only one city to get them from STEEL CITY SHEFFIELD home of cutlery
  10. hi russ I worked for barbers about 1983 give or take a year or so my name is mi ck griffin just been reading these posts and a few names spring to mind I was there the same time as Karl cape terry cant remember surname mick shaw I remember when you took me out when I first started in a Volvo f10 to see what my driving was like you asked me why I did not use high range I had not driven any thing with 16 gears befor but you still gave me the job good days but not much sleep ha ha cheers mick
  11. hi sprocky I worked for Richmond rd around 1978 and remember the greason bros allways got the good runs you must remember twelley big fat guy with a handlebar tash I used to drive a big guy j4 4 wheeler when I first started they gave me an albion to take 4 drops to Liverpool I was only young and cocky then I remember going over the m62 got to the top of windy hill and knocked it out of gear when I looked at spedo I was doing 75 and it was shaking me out of the seat I put my foot on the break and no chance at that speed to slow down I pulled into 3rd lane put lights on and rode it out ****ing my self all the way took me about 5 miles to get it back in top gear I pulled onto hard shoulder and smoked 4 fags one after the other from that day to this I never did that same trick again a leason learnt as for Richmond rd great times but crap money
  12. hi zakes I would think for the areas you mention it would have been by the hour they only did fixed rate for long distance jobs office jobs end what we called posh jobs by the way I worked at hogs during those years so I might have moved them small world (mick griffin) ---------- Post added 27-08-2014 at 13:10 ---------- hi middy20 sorry for late reply cant remember roger but can remember stewart & norman well mind is not what it used to be (old age maybe) ha ha
  13. hi digidy once you have been married a few years the last thing you will want is the wife going fishing with you make sure she gets bored after the first trip cheers mick
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