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  1. have you ever heard the saying you make your bed you lay in it i for one hope she ROTS in what ever hole she is in now
  2. Sorry for the late reply Chipfork i forgot to say that i am a blue badge holder maybe that is why i find it quite easy to find a parking spot
  3. I have to go to both NGH and Hallamshire from time to time and have found NGH 100% better parking you will allways find a spot to park in at NGH if i get an appointment for Hallamshire i try to swap it for NGH not allways lucky
  4. Can anyone tell me if Shirecliffe tip is open to the public yet got some items that wont go in the bin many thanks MICK
  5. Hi surfinjim I also worked for Richmond Road in the late 70s I used to drive an old Guy 4. 4 wheeler what was your dads name maybe I can remember him there was a guy their called Tweely ask your dad he must remember him MICK
  6. Hi Charliewag has Loxley Fishery opened up again as you said its a great little pond
  7. hi jonnythefox I have been a member at Tin mill for about 7 years its a great fishery with plenty of fish just look at their web site the carp pond has a good stock of slivers plus plenty of carp upto about 20lbs so buy your permit ( address on web site ) and have plenty of good fishing days Mick
  8. you don't have to have done prison time to know that they are like holiday camps you can see it on tv and hear about it from former ex cons people who go to prison should punished not given tv s and internet service plus many more things if it was left up to me it would be 23hr lock up & bread and water don't do the crime if you cant do the time
  9. does anyone know what has gone off on Norwood Rd s5 yesterday the road was closed off with about 6 police cars present I am asking on here because the MSM don't think it is important enough to report on it
  10. does anyone know when the new Ikea in Sheffield will be open
  11. yes they would be the same student games that the Sheffield people are still paying for after all these years because of a useless labour council
  12. has anyone received there stay in eu leaflet in Sheffield yet they said that every house in the country would get one I live in s5 and no one around me has got one yet . if you have received yours will you reply leaving your post code ( s5 ect ect )
  13. I don't know what the problem is if you cant get fuel at one petrol station then go to another near by there are enough to go at
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