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  1. After much harrassing by people it seems the time has come for another match, however before I book somewhere I need to know how many people fancy it ? Will try and get us the best Venue available , perhaps Lindholme or woodhouse Grange etc depending on anglers and availability And bigsexydoug is now gone...littlesexydoug is now here
  2. Thank you, yeah you guessed right, just never got on with cod but do like first and third person shoot em ups, plenty for me now to get bought and get playing
  3. Been to Silverstone a few times so not really excited by going there and by the time you add on a hotel seems a bit much for a weekend, would rather pay roughly the same and see a totally different racetrack
  4. Due to pick my Xbox up Thursday, I'm after some games Would love a 2 player racing game ....but fun like Mario kart used to be I'm getting gow4 with console which I love but would love some more shoot em ups (not cod) too Does anyone know which/if any Tom Clancy 360 games will work on the one ? Thank you
  5. I'm determined to see an f1 race live this year, can anyone recommend which circuit in Europe is best for getting a decent view and cost effective and if anyone knows any good f1 specialist travel companies ? I really like Germany as a country but having never been to an actual race im a bit wary. Wish I had gone sooner ....when McLaren used to be good :-(
  6. If you use eurochange (you can collect or have it delivered) ,use the code VIP2015TM and it will give you a better rate , they are normally the best or around the best rates every time we order
  7. Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111727451556 You can buy them on that ebay link I should imagine, not sure about fitting them
  8. Lol I might be, but I would obviously need an update as I'm searching for the wrong Connor !
  9. Just found her bus pass on the floor , If not I will post it to the lost address sypte say on the card .
  10. Ha ha Ha, got to admit I didnt, it's been that long since I used it I only checked the av channels...3rd time lucky I hope
  11. Oh right, will try the old tv, and thank you ! Tried it on the old tv (10 years + approx )using just the rf cable , still nothing, might have to order an av cable just to try that
  12. Super Nintendo entertainment system - snes Retro Console from the 90's ---------- Post added 10-04-2016 at 07:12 ---------- At the moment, nothing loading , red power light is on, does it need the red/yellow/white av cable or can it just use the standard rf cable on its own ? Can't remember it's been that long ?
  13. Has anyone got a working snes ? I've just decided to sell mine on eBay and was going to make sure the games work but it looks like my snes has given up on life so I can't test them ? Just wanted to try them out beforehand if anyone can spare the time ?
  14. Does anyone know if the snake pass is open fully ?
  15. You might be able to save a small amount of cash and get hd added and cancel sports as f1 comes as part of the hd pack....but just check with sky first that it's still the case !
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