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  1. I know only 2 I know of at attercliffe. Other is the boxing club. Def one tonight but struggling to find out where its at
  2. Anyone know which club at attercliffe/Darnell has the mod night tonite?
  3. Hope you get there Ozzie, sounds a similar scenario to me. Got over 1st hurdle, next one tonight and then see how it goes. Life can be tuff I suppose.
  4. I'm glad I put this thread on now. Felt a bit stupid at first but you do feel there's only yourself feeling this way. Right now though feeling Rock Bottom. Be glad to get out the other side.
  5. Yeah I'm sure it will get easier. Sorted myself for the day, going fishing of all things. That will keep me yo myself, without any other cares or worries. And thank you again to everyone for all your comments and feedback. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas.
  6. So, I've never been in this situation before. Been on my own on Christmas day. Don't know yet how it will effect me. Just going through splitting up, she will go to her mums with stepson I assume. My kids already staying with my 1st ex for day. Anyone else ever been there, done that and got a tee shirt.
  7. So much for my early night, helicopter for nearly an hour, let's hope they get whoever they are after.
  8. Yeah, bream early morning n roach in day. I got hooked on it 3 years ago. Got a smaller boat this time which water levels permitting will go under potter heigham, would like a go on hinckling broads this time.
  9. Was you on a boat on the broads? I'm off agin in august, love it, but you'll not get ant fishing like that. Dam flask is always worth a go if you can find them.
  10. Depends what your after, Don Valley Hotel at Attercliffe
  11. Anyone used or know anyone that has used one of these company's for claiming medical neglect ???
  12. Does anyone about access and fishing at laneham. I've never fished it there but heard its good. Don't want to have walk far and don't want to be driving around looking early in morning. I know from experience some of lanes on trent look like peoples drives if you don't know where your going.
  13. Tight lines now re-opened. Let's hope the guy Duane can make it work.
  14. Fishing the trent once n old fellow above me did the same, coughed n his false teeth flew out. Comic below waited 5 mins then put his own false teeth on line and shouted up to other guy "look what I've just caught". Looking surprised the lad upstream wandered down past me to him and said let's have a look. Sticks them in his mouth, took em out "nah not mine mate, they're too big" then slung them in the river.
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