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  1. been in today for some maggots, Dwaynes a top bloke and I wish him all the luck in the world!!! good look Dwayne!!!!
  2. It is called Mill hill mate, fished it when i was younger!! Its an awesome Lake, used to put your money in the letterbox at side of house!! Sorry havent got any info but if you can find any could you please share as would luv to go again for old times sake!!
  3. i had a decent start to my targets reaching the first couple in quick succsession(pb tench and bream), due to a few different factors(mainly weather and family commitments), my fishing took a back foot and didnt have as many sessions as i would have liked, and with the arrival of my lil boy in the next 5 weeks i wont be doing many in the forseeable future. but when i do get chance i will mainly be targetting bream/tench in the spring and carp/barbel in the summer!!!
  4. i would start on the fox house stretch behind don valley mate and work your way upto the marinas at tinsley, stay mobile dont say in same place for too long, there is plenty of jacks all way up the canal, if its easier for you to get to the stretch near the incinerator on bernard road has got plenty of pike aswell as the stretch near woodburn/staniforth road!! dont want to teach you to suck eggs but stay mobile and work like a clock, start in your left margin (9 o clock) rhen cast 10 o clock, 11 o clock, 12 o clock and so on until you finish with your right margin, and cover as much water as possible if you get what i mean mate,
  5. plenty of jacks to be had spinning on the canal mate!!! ive found wobbled sprat the deadliest method on the canal though!!!
  6. I havent had much chance to go with work and poor weather etc, had an enjoyable few hours on my private pond last sunday, just went with a pint of maggots and alternated between maggot feeder and waggler for a lovely mixed bag including an unexpected 7lb wild common carp, had roach perch chub and rudd aswell nothing big apart from the carp but not bad for about 2 and half hours fishing!!
  7. climax at dronfield mate, they deffo got the 901 in and i think i saw the air or it may have just been the airity, they got the majority of the top end poles in mate.
  8. Another good point by doug!!!! Keeping on the fisho line!! What do your think of hallcroft getting a qualifier?? I think its one of the hardest, most peggiest commercials around here and personally think its a bad choice!!!
  9. Yeh it was dale sheppard who had an all silvers net off the split!!! To be fair he fished an awesome match!!! I was stood about 10 yards away from steve when the old bloke drove over his pole!! I heard the horrible expensive crunch!!!! As you can imagine steve was spitting feathers, i felt for the old bloke as steve was giving him a mouthful but the bloke shouldnt have been driving up there or alex should have closed the gate or st least put a sign up!! I used my common sense and parked at the bottom gate and walked up to the new ponds where my mate had drawn!!
  10. this is a good topic that will always spark debate, and agree with some points from both sides of the argument, my personal views are that the be all and end all of these commercial fisheries is to make money and the matches they run are the main source of this income. i read a good article in one of the mags with Neil Grantham about how he felt bad for neglecting pleasure anglers over the past few years, he knows that he has to keep his local open match regulars happy as these high profile matches will draw in far more people than one or two pleasure anglers or even small club matches, and bums on seats is what pays the bills!!. but what i do like about Neil that he has realised this and one of the new lakes he is building is pleasure only which should keep the local pleasure anglers happy. to me Lindholme is the best commercial fishery we have got locally and nothing comes close and personally i dont think aston can ever compete with this. Alex is a top bloke and i do like aston but the timing of the fisho was all wrong. them newly built lakes should have had a good couple of year to mature and let the stock settle and then should have had a couple more stockings before they even thought about applying to be a fisho qualifier venue. like doug has said the potential is there, i really hope that it hasnt messed up Astons chances as i feel with time, Aston could become a decent big match venue!!!!
  11. totally agree mate, through the summer i have been fishing up at harthill reservoir and have been using various tactics and catching carp tench and bream, although i do like targetting certain species its sometimes nice to not know what you are going to hook next.
  12. any specialist anglers on here?? by that i mean people who go out and target specific species?? would be nice to hear what fish people like to target and when and hear other peoples approaches!!! i am going to be spending the majority of my winter fishing for pike but am going to try a couple of sessions targetting specimen roach which i have never done before. then spring will be tench and bream then summer will be mainly carp.
  13. i have been using mfs for the majority of my pole fishing for the last couple of seasons and they are spot on, as good quality as any home made floats out their!! would highly reccomend them!!
  14. Its a lovely looking place mate and from talking to the locals its good sport through the winter months!!
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