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Is Tesco tanking?

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we need more co ops


No we don't.


In my area they petitioned against Tesco building a store that would have created much needed jobs and even if the Co-op shut down the number of jobs that Tesco would have created would have out-weighed the number 'lost' (Tesco stated that any co-op employee would have a job if co-op closed)


Co-op's main argument was that Tesco's would cause the three supermarkets we had at the time (Spar, Somerfields & Co-op) to go out of business and create a localised monopoly.


Local government agreed and Tesco's withdrew.


Since that decision Co-op have taken over Somerfields and the Spar in the area, leading to the very monopoly that was the basis of their argument against Tescos.


What's even funnier is that 2 of the Co-ops are less than 300 yrds apart and all three are within 1.2 miles of each other. Despite this, each store seems to have a completely different pricing structure


They may be "Good with food" but pricing and general management aren't their forte.

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I think if you are prepared to eat anything bought at Iceland you have a very strange conception of what quality means.


Not sure where i said "i'm prepared to eat anything bought at Iceland".


I really wish I was such a fabulous person that I never ate frozen food. But those frozen peas are so convenient, healthy, cheap and delicious you see. And I like ice cream.


Uptowngirl - how could you draw any conclusions about someone's concept of 'quality' based on a statement that they would eat something from Iceland? (if indeed they made such a statement - I can't see it.)


I eat kebabs every now and again, fully aware that the 'quality' in terms of the expense of the ingredients, the healthiness and so in, is low. Really low sometimes. But sometimes I fancy one almost *because* of that, What conclusions can you draw from that?


Re: Tesco - I would say the demographic of "the typical Tesco customer" has been hit harder financially in recent years than for any of the other big 4, so it's no surprise if they are performing less well.

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