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  1. I don't know any of them, but I'd like to congratulate them all nonetheless. Can't wait to see the blanket coverage on the news tonight, and tomorrow when the same will happen, and the day after, and the day after ... ---------- Post added 04-12-2012 at 16:50 ---------- Help - I've got me maths wrong - should be 1900 but I can't change the title!
  2. I guess. I was more making the point that, presumably, before it was put there, someone decided it was safe to do so, and I wonder what that process was. Who do you imagine would pick up the bill for changing it? The same mugs that paid for it to be put up in the first place do you think?
  3. Where? It's a bus stop. The bus stops to let people get off and get on. Like I said, it's a bus stop. As I have also said - twice - it's the actual stop - the metal and glass thing that people stand under - that restricts the view of Ecclesall Road if you are coming out of the side street, not the buses.
  4. You don't have to imagine - you can read. Some of it is bonkers. A surprising amount seems to require further investigation.
  5. The bus stop I mentioned makes it very difficult to see what is coming down Ecclesall Road regardless of whether or not a bus is there. Do you suggest I wait until it rusts away?
  6. I used to drink in 'my local' when I was young (too young to be served legally as it happens) The thing with a local is that it's near your house. I don't think anyone ever got a taxi there or back. There were also no takeaways or chip shops between it and my house (there was the other way to be fair) so I never went there either.
  7. The one outside One Stop on Ecclesall Road is bad. It's right next to the junction of the side road, and the frame of the bus stop obscures exactly the bit of road you need to be able to see to see if you can emerge. I used to park a bit back from the junction and look behind the bus stop - something you wouldn't know to do if you didn't use the road regualrly - but you can't do that often anymore because the council in their wisdom let One Stop open there even though there is nowhere nearby that it is safe to park their delivery lorries.
  8. I emailed the Scouts about this, and have an email from the: "P & D Adviser (Diversity and Inclusion), The Scout Association" dated only 40 or so days ago, in which I was told that the organisation has no plans to change the promise.
  9. Thanks for using some of your precious down time to tell us that. I look in the garden while I have my breakfast - it's a very efficient method.
  10. What are these talks between Starbucks and HMRC about? The amount a company must pay is set out. Starbucks can either play 'straight' and pay the same rate as everyone else, or not. What are they discussing it with HMRC for?
  11. I could have sworn Nagel's post had appeared earlier in the thread? It's a fair point. I'd expect a thread with an opening post such as would be unlikely to receive universal approval, and nor would the mods insist it did.
  12. A Staffordshire pottery firm has begun producing a commemorative mug for the royal baby. The Emma Bridgewater firm, in Stoke-on-Trent, started work on the blue, red and white mugs, which say, "A royal baby in 2013", on Tuesday morning. It said it would produce another one with the baby's name to mark the birth. The Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancy was announced on Monday evening after she was admitted to hospital with acute morning sickness. The duchess, who is thought to be less than 12 weeks pregnant, is expected to remain at King Edward VII hospital in central London for several days. A spokesman for the Stoke-on-Trent pottery said the mugs were being produced because the firm's founders - Emma Bridgewater and Matthew Rice - were "such keen royalists". He said the design was able to be produced so quickly because it incorporated many of the sponges and colours used in the company's other products. - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-stoke-staffordshire-20591605 Started work? It's a mug with some writing and some hearts on it. 2 minutes work? Words fail me.
  13. Hmm - a warning in year 1 from Kwik Fit (car had 26k miles and was 10 years old and kept in a garage) Year 2 - car is 11 years old and has 41k miles on it and has been kept outdoors - no mention Year 3 - car is 12 years old, has 60k on it and is still kept outdoors - no mention. It could be one tester being too keen, but it would appear he was being much too keen. My current car was last serviced by Kwik Fit as it happens - the bill was more than I paid for the whole car 3 months after the service. Looking at what was done, I'd be surprised if it came to much more than half the cost at my local garage.
  14. I bought a car that had it's previous MOT at Kwik Fit. It had an advisory on rust near the seat belt mount points. I had it for two more MOT cycles and took it elsewhere - there was never any mention of rust anywhere.
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