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  1. stay well away from the Sinai would be my tip. a bad hotel could be the least of your problems.
  2. another example of Israel being held to a higher standard than its enemies - and so it should, because it is a far more civilised, modern society - however, when its enemies heed UN resolutions and Geneva conventions, then there is a level playing field. Until then, i've not a single care. The UN was once of use, now its just yet another once decent thing ruined by the Islamists .
  3. i was going to post this.. "erected" You guys can argue for weeks. I've done the right thing for my boy, i certainly haven't done the wrong thing. My parents did the right thing by me, my dads parents did the right thing by him etc etc...
  4. i believe some peoples attitudes here have less to do with childcare and more to do with sticking it to religion, be it Judaism, Islam, or both. And of course bash the Americans at the same time.
  5. Nice. A charming fantasy (thats all it is) though i think the haredi will give them a run for their money. But i agree, one state is the way. Once the land becomes ours officially, you'll see the aliyah rate go through the roof.. me and my family included.
  6. In other words, you can't find a case. Which makes your crusade all the more odd. In other other words; nobody who has had this practice "imposed" on them, actually agree with you.
  7. You sound angry. Masturbation can be cured by circumcision?! How many babies masturbate? Off out now, carry on the crusade for our babies folks! Or, better still, worry about your own better
  8. you can't have a memory of something happening at 8 days old. how about your experience of the alternative? Tell us about it. Also, still awaiting to hear about Jewish kids who want their foreskin back. Oh and you can now add to that ones who remember their bris..
  9. Fact. The new arena looks decent, i must say. Its coming on quite quickly, and i look forward to some great gigs - at last - sick of going to Manchester to see bands, and not being able to have a few drinks.
  10. Does anyone have any advice as to what lawnmover i should get for a small-medium size garden, don't want to pay any more than £200! Like, is this one any good? http://www.homebase.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?langId=110&storeId=10151&partNumber=323526 I can't stand electric ones and trailing leads anymore
  11. Drama. Its not mutilation. Are you telling me my willy is mutilated? Many would disagree
  12. Now whos the drama-imputer? Firstly, a foreskin is not an organ its a teeny piece of skin, and removing does not = mutilation. I think you need to look that word up. Try google images. And yes, hygeine, disease control, in my opinion as a parent, is something that we take 1000% seriously in our children, so it does help that there are benefits on top of the tradition itself. If you have a boy, you should look at doing it, if he's too old now to not forget, he won't thank you for not removing his foreskin, i can promise you! Especially if he (G-d forbid) gets urinary tract infections, has inferior genital hygiene, smegma, sexually transmitted HIV, oncogenic types of human papillomavirus, genital herpes, syphilis and chancroid, penile cancer, and possibly prostate cancer, phimosis, paraphimosis, thrush, and inflammatory skin conditions such as balanitis and balanoposthitis. If its not worth protecting your boy from the above, thats your call. I would do it again and again and again.
  13. You're not a better mother for not doing it. You're not a worse mother if you do it... as i say, nobdy grows up to resent their parents decision. You seem to be insinuating that Jewish mothers are evil somehow, and lesser people when that could not be further from the truth. Jewish family life for us is most sacred, and lasting. A decision we made 2 years ago with our boy. I mentioned a few pages back, the only people to be 'scarred' by it are, naturally, the mum (who usually remains upstairs crying), and the person holding the baby.
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