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Sheffields roads & PFI repair funding coming soon! where gets done first?


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I don't know if SCC will have much influence, it is after all going to be a private contractor that does the work not Street Force

It should be interesting digging all the roads up and erecting new colunms and sign poles, it will make the supertram build look like a minor inconvenience




What will probably happen as with Digital Region is that the contractor will have to pay the council to employ "co-ordinators" who will say when and where the works can be carried out. Undoubtedly the council will have a plan from the useless John Bann of which areas need the most attention. The plan will have been approved by councillors on the transport committee.

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I would propose some 'road rationalisation' first. There's surely many miles of road that could be closed and therefore no repair will be required.

Then I suggest a bit of work to define 'pot-holes'. It's quite likely that many so-called 'pot-holes' are actually 'minor surface damage' and outside the contractual obligations.

Then it's time to check the margins - has enough profit been made from this venture? If not then pursue the above to a greater extent. Plus introduce a system of 'opt-in' top-up payments that help a road get prioritised (this would help achieve the desires of the OP).

All in all, make sure that funds (that aren't profit) go to the most important place - lawyers, financiers, assessors, managers. Spending it on manual workers and equipment leaves you susceptible to injury-at-work claims and asset depreciation.

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Big announcement 2morrow pm about whos got it

Amy or Carrillion

Who do you think?????

Jungle drums say announcement to staff at 3pm Wednesday, with a news blackout until 5pm. Yeah, that'll work, telling hundreds of folks the biggest bit of news to hit Sheffield since, errm, a long time and expecting NONE of them to blab for 2 hours :hihi:. Wonder whether it'll be the top story on Look Leeds, seeing as Sheffield isn't in West Yorkshire (TF!)?


Amey or Carillion/Mouchel? For ease of operation, it has to be Amey, a joint venture always has it's awkward moments, plus to expect both firms to still exist 25 years from now is unrealistic. At worst Amey would be bought out by an even bigger firm but they are pretty huge now, so more likely to still be around unaltered - but even bigger, due to buying out smaller firms like, say, Mouchel for example ;).


So it'll be Carillion/Mouchel then?!

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Areas with lots of benefits claimants bring in lots of council tax benefit for the council. They are more more densely populated and so there are more homes bringing in precious benefits. And people who live there are round and about those areas all day as they don't work and use their roads more often. The nobby areas you list are full of people at work or on the golf course all day and so they hardly ever see their own roads. Plus they all drive 4x4s that easily navigate potholes and similar rough terrain. Start at Lowedges and work anti-clockwise.


My Porsche is 4x4 but the ground clearance is terrible. Not to mention the turbo alloys cost a fortune. Start with the pleasant areas for once, in my opinion.

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Programming the works is going to be a mammoth task in itself. "No parking" on YOUR road whilst it's being worked on, so doing several roads in close proximity won't work as on-street parking in the vicinity is going to be in high demand. So "every other road", or "every third road" as a simplistic first stab at it? Do you do the busiest roads first, or the quietest, or a mix? Bus routes done up front to minimise the amount of disruption to public transport but if you do all the bus routes in, say, the first year, bus services are going to be royally screwed for most of that year - but would anyone notice though?! And that's before the councillors start sticking their noses in - methinks they'll have to be told to keep well away?


Someone has got a job and a half heading their way, sorting that lot out.


Edit: presumably any "No parking" is going to have to be backed up by a tow-away regime for the pig-ignorant who refuse to realise that the bit of road outside their house can't be resurfaced whilst their car is parked over it, now there's a job I'd like - Bwahahahaha!!!

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