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  1. I could get into troll hunting. Now run along before you have to think up another username.
  2. Fish dont have feelings. Who were you before you got banned?
  3. No, Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester (greater Manchester) all have bigger populations but less traffic wardens.
  4. Thats what I gathered. How strange. I suppose it allows them to issue fines if they class it as fly tipping.
  5. Picture this. The dust has settled and you have nothing apart from a little bar of gold and a tiny rag covering your modesty. I have a herd of goats because I invested all my money in goats. You are cold and hungry and desperately want a goat so you offer me your gold. I dont want your gold as I cant eat it, wear it to keep warm or build with it for shelter. Nobody else wants it either for the same reasons.
  6. Is putting household rubbish in a public bin considered fly tipping??
  7. Unless you have compared with other forums this suggests nothing, and even if you did its pretty wishy washy 'evidence' for your assertion!
  8. Like folk say, on the face of it they seem like good ideas to me. but in reality things are much more complicated. All apart from the foreign aid idea. I see no reason why we shouldnt scrap that. We cant afford it anymore. If we have to borrow money to run the country we cant afford to give any away. It's no different to me giving to charity whilst ending up increasing my overdraft month on month. Effectively we borrow money to give away in aid. I imagine most of the aid is squandered / stolen / filtering into the wrong hands / spent on 'administration' anyway.
  9. The fact they employ so many suggests they have a lot of restrictive measures to police. I doubt Sheffield drivers are any less courteous/observant than those in other towns.
  10. In todays Metro there is a list of the top 10 locations in terms of the number of parking wardens employed. 6 of the top ten were in London / Greater London, only Edinburgh, Bristol & Brighton had more than Sheffield (58 parking wardens employed), and lets face it, they have town centres that you wouldnt mind paying to visit.
  11. An enterprising copper could leave out a few bikes fitted with tracking devices and see which scrap yards deal with the scrap men.
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