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  1. And the extra traffic heading for the Ikea would add, overall, only a small amount to the queue. Which, given the extra capacity the Highways Agency are adding via their Smart Motorway scheme, will have no real impact on the local roads off the motorway. Traffic queues on the HA's M1 are not SCC's responsibility and thus no reason for them to worry about.
  2. All Brits abroad can speak Italian. Example (spoken at high volume): "OI LUIGI, TWO-O BEERS-O, OVER HERE-O PRONTO-O, OKEY-DOKEY-O AMIGO?!"
  3. Ah well, if you will choose to be the spawn of Satan, (AKA a car driver), SCC will gladly tell you how evil you are - but your soul can be saved by setting fire to your Devil's Chariot and getting on a nice bus. Probably.
  4. I blame the immigrants. It's ALWAYS their fault...
  5. So any way, this firm that henned-up and didn't supply the water - would it be too much to hope they were from Leeds? Speaking of which, Look Leeds are going to be wetting themselves over this. Did you see what I did there?
  6. I think you'll find that some pillock has done a risk assessment. You can't argue with one of those. You could try to insert into the sunshineless place of the person that wrote it though. Surely the runners have all signed some sort of waiver, absolving the organisers of blame if they kark it half way round? Don't see what the problem is in that case. Meh, charidee runs, waste of time.
  7. Down Attercliffe? Don't you mean the nearest knocking shop? :hihi:
  8. Why are the police trying to stop people running. There is no law that says it's illegal to run or walk in/on the public highway in the UK. And DON'T play the public safety card - they are adults and responsible for their own lives. If they get run over, it's their fault - and the fault of the driver who was driving without due care and attention. Tour de France - you gotta love SCC, (useless ****s) bring on the shambles!
  9. Errm, cough, sorry, the gassy smell? That would be me. One too many currys I'm afraid. Apologies all round...
  10. Because, oh arrogant council employee who is never (ha ha) wrong, just for one day, SCC has an opportunity to impress people who have never visited the place before. People who might decide to return and spend more money. Perhaps even (and I'm wandering into the realms of fantasy here), people who might want to - make sure you're sitting down before reading further - move their business to Sheffield city centre. You know, develop the dump that is the current city centre. The thing that SCC is so very, very desperate to do? Do you remember that planner1? Maybe SCC secretly realise that their dream to develop the city centre will never happen and they'll thus make more money by fining one-time visitors to the city, thus ensuring these visitors go away with a very negative view of the place to never return or move their business to Sheffield. Or can't SCC see beyond the end of their nose?
  11. Seeing as how SCC have been told to do one by the Planning Inspector in their objections to the new Next Home store, will they persist in wasting public money and object to IKEA? Time for them to wake up and smell the coffee. Or meatballs and cranberry sauce...
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