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  1. Hi All Just seen this and would like to say a big thank you for the recommendations Best wishes to all Lyn x
  2. Rushills is usually ok, but not far from there is Ritas, now they are amazing
  3. Thank you everyone for your suggestions @ smithy266 I like the idea or keeping it personal as that is what we are about @ SupremeCC - just checking PM now - will reply direct
  4. @ Smithy266 we have 5000 leaflets to be hand delivered to start with, and do not want them delivered on free paper day, as you said they will only end up in the bin. @ Steveroberts, we do have a website, and get referrals from happy customers, but wanted to see if this would open up a new avenue. Thank you both for your comments. Angie - I have saved your details, but at this stage we are looking for a company to do this as delivering leaflets separately usually works out too expensive. Many Thanks Lyn
  5. Can anyone please recommend a leaflet distributor, Many Thanks for reading Lyn
  6. If you would like to give us a call we can discuss your requirements SafeNet Alarms 0114 2213507 If you search SafeNet Alarms on the Sheffield Forum, you will see we have been used and recommended before.
  7. I recommend Grapevine on Queen's Road / London Road corner, but again it depends on where you are looking, and what you want out of it
  8. All of the groups will be good if you put your postcode into http://www.slimmingworld.com/ it will show your closest, but if you are anywhere near Heeley Retail Park, I can highly recommend Wednesday's group at the Red Lion Pub with Jayne Taylor, she has groups starting at 5pm or 7pm
  9. IF you go again, and come down Chesterfield road way, the garage near retail park do Costa or Starbucks, cant remember which though
  10. Not so much broken into, as nothing was taken, but some kind person(s) smashed a few windows on Albert Road a few weeks ago
  11. Shame its not S8 I know of several people who would love to offer this service
  12. I bought a voucher from deal of the day for an Aromatherapy facial and Reflexology and had this done today. Many Thanks to Aaron I now feel very pampered, If anyone is wanting Sweedish Holistic Massage Aromatherapy treatments or best of all Reflexology give him a call 07910027731
  13. As truman says id cards are available, they cost around £15.00 But If you are ever thinking of learning to drive have you thought about getting a provisional licence, they do cost more £50.00, but if your are going to learn, it will work out cheaper, and most places do take these as id
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