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  1. We moved to Sheffield in the early 80s. My parents bought a 5 bedroom detached house in half an acre of grounds in Ecclesall for £74k. Nobody was paying £70k for houses in Page Hall then. Which, along with the posts about your claims of police no go areas, pretty much shows how much rubbish you’re talking.
  2. It sounds to me that there’s a mismatch between your colleagues’ expectations of your role and your actual role. I would recommend getting a vision for what you believe your role to be communicated to the stakeholders you’re concerned about. There’s many ways of doing this - blogs, email updates, reports, over coffee - and done well it should also provide you with feedback on their expectations. If you’re likely to have an extended period with few tangible deliverables then make sure this is clear upfront. Without knowing exactly what you’re creating it’s difficult to give firm advice. However, if you’re in a position where you can manage your project plan and deliverables try categorising the deliverables as functional or non-functional, or beneficial to the stakeholders today or a building block for the future. With this view you can then ensure you’re alternating in what you delive to ensure they keep receiving tangible and useful increments from your work, without long delays in between (I work in security, and interspace security enhancements with enhancements which improve the user experience to achieve this). External mentors are great and will have pro forma non disclosure agreements. As Jon suggested, 360 degree feedback is great. The people providing development points are usually those best placed to advise on how to address it too, so don’t be afraid to use it as the start of a conversation with them.
  3. And why was my post removed? It was explaining why water in the bath is advisable.
  4. You’re conflating two issues here. There’s the aesthetics of cladding as well as the performance of it. Cladding can make buildings look far superior to traditional building materials. However, poorly designed cladding systems can introduce an element of risk (which is compounded when testing processes are inadequate). Cladding doesn’t automatically increase the fire risk to a building.
  5. Really? Personally I’m amazed that mass produced, low quality houses like those produced by Barrett, Redrow etc get planning permission. Those houses blight the peripheries of towns and cities whilst contributing absolutely nothing to the interest or aesthetic of an area. Furthermore, their contribution to the local economy is minimal. Now compare that to the houses in Oughtibridge. Architects (local) commissioned by locals who then used local builders, steel works, kitchen manufacturers etc. I’d rather far more properties like those in Oughtibridge (with the supporting local contribution) and far fewer bland “executive” boxes.
  6. Le Chambre is probably the best place in Sheffield for that sort of thing.
  7. Thatcher called it correctly (see quote in my signature).
  8. Morrisons look like a candidate for sale or takeover. They're laying off staff to cut costs, while subtly hiking prices to make their sales look better. They're in a terrible market position - squeezed from all sides by better, more efficient retailers.
  9. Not really veiled when the positions of the respective political parties are outlined in the opening post. Plus, Corbyn doesn't represent Labour as a whole - he represents a petulant minority smarting at getting destroyed in May. Regarding the OP, trial would be preferable but Corbyn makes the mistake of assuming both these options were open. It isn't possible to simply go and arrest idiots like JJ, resulting in the need for military action. Or would Corbyn prefer that we waited until an arrest was possible, allowing him to murder others in the meantime? Actually, scrap that last part - we all know what he'd prefer...
  10. I suppose the more pressing - and more easily addressed - question is why wasn't your grandson being supervised? There's signs everywhere telling people to supervise their children yet few parents actually do.
  11. Definitely worth doing - financially and for the knowledge. If you self fund it, I'd be sure to make this clear to any interviewer too as it sends a very strong message about your commitment.
  12. Sounding a little sour this morning. I voted to ensure we as a country returned a Conservative government, which was a resounding success.
  13. Very proud of myself. I got exactly the outcome I wanted, locally and nationally.
  14. Nope. Feel free to do it though - just make sure it's factual and not based on the usual leftwing paranoid crap. ---------- Post added 07-05-2015 at 10:16 ---------- It would be prudent to lay most blame at the door of the instigator.
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