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  1. Does anyone know who owns the allotments that run parallel to Prince of Wales Road on the edge of Bowden Houstead Woods? I've been in touch with Sheffield City Council about them and they've said they're privately owned and that's all they know. Is there a way for me to find out? Thanks
  2. I dont think its brick, think its wood. Other side is flat as normal
  3. Can anyone help with some advice about a wall. My sons bedroom is next to our spare room. It's a partition wall between them. One side has developed a big bulge and you can see its cracked as if the plaster has just popped out. Is this something that can happen with old houses? We do have a bedroom above (loft conversion) and was worried it was structural but the ceiling is fine, it's just the middle of the wall and if you press it you can hear the plasterboard moving.
  4. Thanks Annie. Hopefully when its dried out it may go away!
  5. No I think there would be other signs if it were rats Plus it's the loft ceiling, not walls or anything
  6. Is it normal for a leak to smell like cat pee?? We have a dorma window which is leaking, waiting for roofer to come round. The room absolutely stinks though. Any idea why??
  7. We recently had a new bathroom fitted. The plumber was a bit of a shirker and cut corners on certain things. Anyway, all of the seal around the bath has started to split because he didn't fill the bath when he did it(I questioned him on this and he said it didn't need to be). Anyway it now needs resealing and he isn't responding to texts. He finished the work about 2 wks ago. Can he ignore me and refuse to fix it or is he legally obliged to rectify it? Thanks
  8. It's the joist nearest to the wall so I think taking it out would be a big job. It's the plumber sorting the floor and he hasn't offered any advice
  9. Thats the problem, got to put the new floorboards down now or i won't have a toilet
  10. Not really sure what to do. I've smelt wee in our bathroom for a while and i knew there must be a leak. Decided i wanted a new bathroom anyway and today the plumber has taken the toilet out and found that yes it has been leaking for a while. He has taken the floor up around the toilet but the joist is very wet about a foot long. What do i do about the joist? I can't really leave it to dry out as i only have that bathroom so he is having to fit new floorboards so he can put the new toilet in. I'm worried it's just going to smell still and not dry out and the new floorboards will soak up the moisture from the joist? Stressed is an understatement!
  11. Thanks everyone! Will check out the links. I am speaking to my GP this week so will ask about the NHS, I can however get private therapy paid for so may be quicker. I'm not really a tooth grinder, have been to my dentist recently . Thanks
  12. Looking for an Acupuncturist who may be able to help with migraines. Any recommendations. Thanks
  13. Anyone know whats happening? Police stopping cars in both directions around where Davy Markham is and making cars turn back.
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