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  1. Then we'll need to ask how the hell the council got themselves into that position in the first place and hold them to account. Mr Dillner can stand up for himself.
  2. Turn the question around. The campaigners have already convinced a judge that the council are on shakey ground. Who's paying for that? Who's going to pay if the council lose again?
  3. Just about every animal uses physical chastisement of their young so is there no context or culture at all where it is permissable, or is it always child abuse? Were you ever smacked or did your parents use mental punishments on you?
  4. Why all the shilly shallying around? Is the burqa a sign of cultural oppression? As a feminist and a decent modern human being, I say that it is. Recognise that and the discussion can move on to what that means.
  5. Not in the slightest. Morals might come into how a government decides to implement tax laws according to what citizens want. I'd agree that is a simple perspective but you'll forgive me for this purpose. The bottom line is that corporations don't and can't care. They just do what it is legally asked to do. No more and no less. Morals don't come into it. Only the law matters. If tax were a moral issue there would be lines of Sheffield Forumers handing cash over to HMRC to. I don't see that line. I do smell a lot of hypocrisy.
  6. Tackling injustice and inequality on our society has nothing to do with tax. I'm beginning to think that conflation should be taxed.
  7. They are wrong though Fonzy. If there is something that needs changing because society deems it, the change needs to be codified into the tax legislation, not pressure from newspaper headlines and advertising clickbait for people who don't understand what they are reading. Then it will be law and is still won't be a moral issue. Get it?
  8. I know and I agree, and I worded my question as carefully as usual to allow a follow on, but first let's just find out if you think that the burqa a sign of cultural oppression? A straightforward yes or no will do. Is the burqa a sign of cultural oppression, yes or no?
  9. Flanker7 stop using facts. Everyone knows that it's evil Jews Zionists that are to blame.
  10. The article wouldn't win a Pulitzer but I admire the journalist's chutzpah with their reporting of this miserable topic.
  11. Is the burqa a sign of cultural oppression? A straightforward yes or no will do.
  12. Crime in Sheffield. Read more: http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/sheffield-s-worst-robbery-hotspots-revealed-1-7794395#ixzz42xLKcERR
  13. Antisemitism remains antisemitism. It's disgraceful that people like you and petemcewan peddle antisemetic propoganda however much you try to deny it. You no more care for Palestinians than you do for East Timoreans.
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