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  1. Any more locations? Joseph was in another pub this week. Was it Sheffield?
  2. Somers Town, One Day In The Midlands and Real Time are also worth a watch.
  3. Its 100% percent Hen and Chickens. I think the Tram Stop is Granville Road. He goes in a 2nd pub. Could be The Museum?
  4. Did anybody watch the start of this brilliant Shane Meadows drama last night? Shot on location in Sheffield.
  5. It will be a success regardless. I don't think dishing out a few hundred tickets to locals will tie them down too much. Especially when they are making £££££ in profit. You obviously don't live near Hillsborough park.
  6. The people who run Tramlines (whoever they are) promised to give local residents free tickets. Somebody decided on a catchment area and if your house was in this area you had the right to apply. They put aside a certain amount of free tickets (nobody seems to know how many) and held a draw (behind closed doors I imagine) and then residents were informed by email. Last year I knew dozens of people who were successful and got free tickets. This year I know just one person who got free tickets. It just seems very odd. I think the attitude from the organisers is "Stuff the residents, the festival was a success last time and we will do what we want"
  7. That is not the point. Residents who live on the boundary of the Hillsborough Park should receive free tickets at the very least. The disruption and disturbance is not just during the festival, but for several days either side of it. There are traffic problems, noise problems, litter problems .... the very least these organisers can do is look after local residents. I would like to know how many 'Free Residents' tickets were made available for 2019. Have the organisers reduced the amount of residents tickets? I live and work in this part of Hillsborough and hardly anybody I know were successful in the ballot for residents tickets. Last year it was the other way round. Everybody I knew who applied got free tickets.
  8. Did anybody who lives near Hillsborough Park actually get any free tickets for Tramlines 2019. Everybody I know have been rejected. One person's house even borders the park.
  9. The time is now 12.45 and I can't sleep because of the tram maintainence works that are currently been carried out on Middlewood Road near Hillsborough Park. It is very loud and I can clearly make out the sound of a power generator and constant drilling. Isn't there a law against this anti social noise? I was always under the impression that people in the building trade were not allowed to start until after 7am in residential areas?
  10. It's going to be another estate agents .... Shame ... it would have been a good location for a pub.
  11. People go to The Wicker now. Eccy Road is finished.
  12. It's all about the quality of graffiti in my opinion. I would prefer to see a colourful wildstyle piece or an interesting mural on a boring old building or block of flats. It brightens up the place. The problem in Sheffield is that there are bunch of talentless muppets who are scrawling their tags everywhere. I'm not even gonna name these people, but they have no respect for anything, often painting on people's homes abd businesses. Railway sidings, council flats, old buildings, railways arches are all far game - as long as the quality is fantastic.
  13. The Nags Head has been knocked down.
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