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  1. Thanks for your response Jon, I've asked my manager and he can't think of anyone suitable, he also had concerns over confidentiality. I'll have a look at doing a 360 degree feedback exercise and see what comes back. Thanks for the referral to NewHabits, I'll have a chat to my manager about them and see if that would be an option. Thanks again for your response, Alex
  2. Hi all, As the topic of the thread suggests, I'm looking for some help with regards to working with stakeholders inside of the business that I currently work at. Backstory: I'm hired as an MI Analyst (the only person within the data team) within a financial services company, however that's just my job title. What we're actually aiming for with my role is data science/ creating IP from data. Internally that isn't very well understood (I've worked here going on 2 years) and stake holders are more concerned that I've not given them any reporting etc. So I'm looking to manage that scenario, the CIO is the one who set out the strategy to adhere to, so I can't change the strategy, but it would be nice to get the wider business bought into the situation and helping to guide projects etc in the right direction. Secondly: I'm a very passionate person, (I mean that in all the negative and positive ways of the word) so when things are good they're amazing, and when things are bad they're awful. That paired with a low level of confidence ends up with me sounding aggressive rather than assertive (This is me guessing what my perception of me is based on tid bits of feedback over the years). So I'm looking to change my behaviour and conduct around the office to maintain the positives of my passionate nature and develop my negatives to be more constructive. Tall order I know but I thought I'd ask the questions:) Sorry for all the waffle! Cheers Alex
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