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  1. i have been off work since the begining of april in that time ive been in hospital 4 times with 2 bouts of pneumonia a chest infection and a bout of plurasy.In all this time i have supplied my employer with doctors sick notes i also lost sensation on my left hand side which im having physio for.I have recieved a letter from work asking me to sign a letter so they can view my medical records is this legal
  2. im sprucing the garden up and i want to paint my plastic planters can i use any paint or what paint should i buy that wont run off...............all suggestions please
  3. ive reported everything to the council and health and safety,ive even written to the manager telling her this i will keep u all updated and thanks for your comments x
  4. they didnt even have a first aid kit i got a plastic bag with a slush puppy poured in and asked not to make a scene and ruin the party the party had allready been ruined the moment we walked in to rude arrogant staff and management
  5. yes it is that one im disgusted with it and her
  6. After visiting this play arena i feel like i have to have a rant im fuming and need advice.We booked my grandaughters 5th birthday party there we paid the deposit when asked for it.Everyone started turning up and as i approached the reception desk i was asked in not a nice manner to settle the bill we was paying for 21 children so i asked if i could do it when all the children had turned up...............i was taken aback when refused entry till payment was made and we was made to wait in the reception with a few tearfull 4 and 5 yr olds...while waiting other people were going in the play arena and when they go through the gate it automatically locks in doing so trapping my 3 yr old grandaughters hand we had to shout at the receptionist to open the gate i asked for any1 that was 1st aid trained not 1 member of staff was trained............asked for some ice for the swelling we got a small plastic bag with a slush puppy inside it and asked again to settle the bill...we eventually went in the manager was there it took her 1 full hour to come and c us and she turned up with a slush puppy in a bag and a lollipop no 1st aid kit and asked rather rudely and menancingly to settle the bill 5 of the children didnt turn up due to sickness and we was still charged 4 them but didnt get their party food brought out....my grandaughters hand is a right mess and on showing the manager her reaction was lets not spoil the party....no discount no we r sorry and a £250 party bill its disgusting
  7. how do i upload a pic to a post ive allready put on
  8. they are whippet x my mum says they wont grow big and she should know she lives on a farm she has 2 boys left 1 black and 1 brown and white she wants £100 each give her a ring on 07580303068 her name is margaret x
  9. my mums got a litter of puppies i will ring her and find out if u r still interested
  10. do i have to take him to the vets for that or can i buy it myself
  11. there have been ads on the tv about lung worm my dog never goes of the garden so would it be worth having it and how much does it cost:help:
  12. just wondering if its worth claiming dla im on metphormine gliclazide and insulin 3 x daily
  13. the tablets are just not working they make her worse if anything and ive been told adhd symptons mask those of bi polar
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