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  1. SYorksDeano

    'winning scratchcard' dispute

    Hmmm why has he scratched off E5 & F5? 16 places should have been scratched off yet I count 18, which would have made the card null and void anyway
  2. SYorksDeano

    Band on Fargate

    Has anyone told South Yorkshire Police for them to be immediately arrested for having a trumpet?
  3. SYorksDeano

    Jared Omara MP ..

    Don't mention cake to Abbott
  4. I think the noise was my ex finally realising the world doesn't revolve around her. Actually I think it was to do with a police raid in Meersbrook that's been reported somewhere
  5. SYorksDeano

    Supertram problems

    Plus all the new trams are apparently out of action as they cant cope with ice/frost/snow
  6. Thought they had stopped Crime watch :D:D
  7. So they are meant to resurface ALL roads and pavements.... So how come when I go around Sheffield you can see certain paths resurfaced, miss a bit then resurface further along. Same with some roads. I take it no one at the council checks on the quality of work done?
  8. Firth Park? The runners would come back with their trainers missing
  9. SYorksDeano

    Pret a Manger coming to Fargate

    So basically Sheffield is getting an overpriced version of Subway
  10. 18th isn't to bad..... If they had met my ex we would be at the bottom:hihi::hihi:
  11. SYorksDeano

    Lights visible from S7

    I thought the circus were away to Cardiff City today?
  12. Interesting article in The Star (Yeah I know I'm shocked as well), which confirms that NO public consultation took place http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/exclusive-controversial-south-yorkshire-bus-service-changes-introduced-without-public-consultation-1-8749555 I love the bit from First that says ""97 per cent of passengers" will see that the level of service is the same or has improved.". How does he know if no one was asked?
  13. SYorksDeano

    Law courts, West Bar

    It was the windows of the family court next door
  14. SYorksDeano

    Man Threatens To Burn Down Howden House

    I am sure we have all felt like doing something in that place before now
  15. SYorksDeano

    Problem at Crookes tonight

    So who got chased?

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