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Best cure for a hangover

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What is the best cure for a hangover?


Basically the reason i ask is because i hear alot of people that say bacon and egg or bacon and tomatoes etc.


Now im not so sure of this i had a fair few beverages last night and woke up feeling it in terms of an headache and stomach etc now to me im not one for eating bacon on a hangover i find it helps me if i just drink alot of water lay on the sofa and give myself shed loads of self pity

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For me the drink is milk...I can't get enough of the green top when I have a hangover. I currently have one now, and I've had a chicken, red stuffing and onion, and chicken salad packet sandwich from the co-op... I feel much better surprisingly lol.

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lots of water


*Edited - just want to add to that, I've found a very interesting link:




Apparently (according to the above) water is a prevention & cure

Fry up is a prevention not a cure, but eggs are a cure as they break down the toxins

Bananas & fruit juice are cures


Everything else is just fiction.

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