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  1. Well the main accusation being thrown out is that it was a racist attack, can you show me anything to suggest that's the case? That's a genuine request by the way I mean I haven't spent much time really looking in to it. I've said it previously all I've seen so far is Floyd being arrested and then it cuts to him on the floor. I see police brutality. Whilst I don't agree with it' attacking the police HQs at least has something to do with what they're rioting for. Looting and burning the city down has nothing to do with it.
  2. I don't want to turn this in to another Trump thread, I'm tired of hearing about the guy every day. These issues are rooted very deep in Americw and always have been. Some may claim Floyd's death was racially motivated, I'm still yet to see any evidence of this - not that I'm ruling it out. More to the point rioting is also not the answer.
  3. Are you talking about this current riot?
  4. "Probably" the issue with cases like these is we hear alot of words that aren't very helpful. Taking away personal opinion on this - I've seen footage of Floyd on the floor and I've just now see CCTV footage of Floyd being led out of the store by the police, he doesn't look to be resisting in any shape or form. What I am yet to see is what happened between being led out the store and ending up on the floor, that to me is the crucial part because if it's nothing then the case goes deeper.
  5. I'd be very interested to hear about what happened - allegedly using counterfeit money so someone called the police. Someone calling the police for counterfeit money seems a bit unusual to me, I know this is not the USA but when I worked in retail customers with fake money were told it was fake and it would he confiscated, difficult to prove they tried to do it on purpose so they either paid properly or left. Unless this fella did it often. I'm yet to hear anyone condone the acts of the police all agree at the very least the officers should be trialled and jailed. I'm yet to see any evidence of racism however. I'm also surprised no one stepped in to help out when he was protesting he couldn't breath, perhaps in fear of the police but they still all had time to take out their phones and film him.
  6. Exactly. If you cancel all of those Bill's and put the furloughed on UC, survival is possible. It's an awkward situation and whilst I'm on 80% of my wage I still need to pay 100% of my bills, leaving what's left down considerably. Now since there's very little to spend money on right now other than food and perhaps a takeaway if you feel flush most people can manage. Whilst it's not about personal circumstance to put me on UC would see me eventually homeless, car repossessed, savings depleted to nothing and finally a credit score so smashed to pieces getting back to my current circumstances would be very difficult and that would feel like quite a kick in the balls. I consider myself relatively debt free besides the car I pay for and there are folks out there in much worse positions than I. I'm unsure if we should 'let' any business fail right now as we will need every possible business and some new ones to bring the economy back to life. Personally I think we've been rather lucky to have a government willing to give us 80% and more importantly some companies have used their own capital to bump their employees back to 100% which is a nice gesture.
  7. I heard on a podcast the other night that the CDC have revised their guidelines to show that risk of getting the virus at 1m outdoors is massively low, as is contracting it from surfaces. Allegedly some European countries like Denmark have followed these guidelines. I'm yet to really look in to it all actually but I can see how learning more about the spread of this thing could lead to reducing the distancing - it would make sense initially they would over compensate so to speak. How true it is I'm not sure my point is I could see a reason for them reducing the distancing if the science shows it's low enough risk
  8. Cancel the payment of everyones Bill's and that's enough for people to survive on.
  9. I have literally not looked at anything but the Pentagon confirming it's a UFO is them simply just saying "Nah we don't know what that is... nowt of ours anyway" willing to be corrected on that though.
  10. She over reacted. Acknowledged, apologised and will deal with whatever repercussions come her way, shouldn't even be a story. It's been absolutely everywhere.
  11. Seems to be quite a lot of newer stuff coming out each day, public seem to he having mixed opinions. He's certainly done wrong but the public's reaction is outstandingly embarrassing. The second he steps out of his house the neighbours are there, phones in his face and publically shaming the guy, hoards of press and everyone berating him. Wrong or not that's a very poor way to behave. We see it a lot these days. Shame shame shame I'd concentrate more on the governments reaction and defence of him more than anything.
  12. Since they haven't basically sat dormant I would imagine they aren't short a few quid but an Oasis reunion tour (again) wouldn't half boost their accounts a bit more if they fancied, plus none of their fans would object but I agree it ain't like either of them need it. I would wager Liam might need it more than Noel but not only to appease is ego. The documentary was quite good, Liam seemed hell bent on having that rock and roll lifestyle of drugs women and being reckless so you can see where his attitude comes from them, throw in his cocky Manc persona and people seemed to gravitate towards it. He is a **** but I have to be honest he does sometimes make me laugh
  13. To think furloughed people are out sunning it up without a care in the world is a bit daft. I wasn't furloughed straight away but my job relies on jobs coming in to the business. Obviously that has dried up and there's no need for me to be there till work picks up again- if work picks up again. It's concerning knowing that the second the scheme ends the furloughed staff will be in the firing line for redundancy, that kind of takes the icing off the sunbathing cake. Lastly. Consider turning Facebook off and take note of the real world.
  14. Yeah it's certainly going to rise again however I do feel that these past couple have months have almost forced people to get out use their legs by way of either walking running or cycling and as a result we may see people using cars for less shorter journeys. I live about a 15 minute walk to the shops I've always found it a bit too close to drive so usually walk but a friend of mine has leant me his old bike since I've been off work and I've been using it for probably 90% of my journeys. I have dropped things off over at my mother's house and will be cycling there when I'm allowed to continue my weekly visits so for me it's helped.
  15. Did you honestly think he or in fact any of the other millionaires are doing much different? We all know they're living without worry or care. Most of which have access to personal gyms or swimming pools, enough room to feel better about not being cooped up. I find it more insulting when they pop up online moaning and acting like they sympathise with those in need, I don't buy it. That being said they're in that position and good for them, but don't try and make out they have it bad. I mean my biggest question about that is who on Earth cares less about what Sugar thinks about the government's handling of the situation and how we should steer out of it. Once a week I'm hearing about Amanda Holdens new choice of attire while mowing or going to the shops. Such an inspiration to us. Furthermore the BBC are reporting deaths declining steadily and were recording lower and lower figures. Nice to hear some better news
  16. What would you define as local? I know this was a grey area with the previous lockdown excersice advice. I think if you was to restrict it to your local area you're risking people coming tighter together. I imagine by allowing people to use the countryside etc the idea behind it was to spread them out almost literally over the country so there is enough room. It does take a bit of common sense for the public however. I've been rather tempted to take the bike out for a ride round the peaks but I've avoided it because I imagine it's going to be pretty hectic out there. Maybe the government's slogan should be "just because you can doesn't mean you should"
  17. Yeah the aim was to come across a little sarcastic but your point stands. Unfortunately such is the way of modern media, I can find any amount of information to support my narrative. Whether I'm pro lockdown, pro ease restrictions or pro conspiracy I will be able to find the information to support what I believe. The mind boggling amount of stats and figures followed by contradictory stats and figures from hundreds of news sources and thousands if not millions of people is astounding.
  18. Twitter to the rescue!
  19. A rise in cases as you say was inevitable all of which should certainly have been factored in. I would be surprised if they went back on any of the tiny tweaks they've made but I would also be interested to see the reaction of the public. It's quite odd how I've never really considered the distance between myself and another human till now but despite the moaning and complaining people must have understood that in a shop or on public transport it's very very difficult to remain distant, it isn't difficult however to use ones noodle and act within the rules the best you see fit.
  20. The only sickening and disgusting thing here is peoples attitudes towards those in favour of easing restrictions. Accusing these people of having no regard for human life is outstandingly ridiculous, it's getting exhausting. I can accept people being in favour of the easing of restrictions and I can also see why people may think it could be too soon, but considering this will be around at the very least till next year and possibly even forever, with that in mind at what point do we begin to ease? In your opinion.
  21. I think mat substitute would be the better name for it. A lot of none vegetarian people I've spoken to seem to expect vegetarian meat to taste pretty much the same - which let's be honest, it really doesn't. That being said I do like them, besides the Quorn 'pieces' I just can't get on with them.
  22. Most certainly. I honestly couldn't see anyone standing for it personally. Eventually the public will snap it seems like a fair amount are on the verge already
  23. So far I've not seen many offers of a solution. Do we not lockdown for 5 years, how long, in your opinion would be the right length?
  24. On hold in what way?
  25. Pretty unreal to see what the fellas done. I bet he and most people probably thought it would struggle to reach his initial goal since there are many other fundraisers going on. Outstanding stuff.
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