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  1. hi my wheels was stolen off my discovery on saturday around 4.20pm in wath. Black steel modulars with insa turbo special tracks 265/75/r16s thanks for looking.
  2. i had my wheels stolen off mine in wath 24hour security site on saturday around 4.20pm.
  3. bacon,chocolate,or more of what gave you the hangover in the first place.
  4. dont know doubt any one on this forum has used ashphalt shingles or would be able to advise you about a roof in florida? seek local advice?...
  5. hi please contact me on the number below.
  6. hi i can please contact me on the number below thanks
  7. hi we do a EPDM rubber system no joints 20 - 30 year guarantee.
  8. hi all im looking for a series 1 landy for a project if any one can help please get in touch thanks.
  9. how big is it roughly going to be? what slates or tiles are on the roof? is it going to be a flat roof or pitch? what do you want on the cheeks? lead? slates or tiles? or plastic? you will have to provide a bit more info..
  10. yes i could here them aswell whats the rumuors tasty treats in box me please lol
  11. craig lived in the woods up norwood next to the hospital even tho he had a flat up shirecliffe.he is a nice bloke once gave him some money at crimbo so he could get a drink lol!!!when me and my friends was at the devenshire pub and he was in the bus stop across the road we used to shout him other to join us!!!
  12. i can help with the work you need doing both the pointing and plumbing.
  13. hi i will be able to provide a quote for you.
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