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  1. If I don't know about it then clearly it's not an issue to me.
  2. I personally don't think so much about it. From my personal opinion and it is just an opinion its based on no facts.....there's no major harm that will be caused it's just like using a PC you just need to be vigilant and use an element of common sense and that will usually be enough. I have had a smartphone now for many years and it hasn't caused my any issues.
  3. So I am looking to purchase the mother a tablet for Christmas but really don't want to spend alot as she doesn't do a great deal on it just maybe candy crush and abit of facebook so wondered if anyone is aware of any really cheap tablets.
  4. I am writing this post to ask for some help. I am looking for somewhere that I can purchase custom boxing gloves when I say custom I mean some that you can personalize because I am looking at getting some for a friend and having her name embrodied on them. Alternatively if anyone knows somewhere you can just buy plain pink or black gloves that would also be helpful.
  5. A bad choice for a joke.....but I don't think there is any major harm in it.
  6. So the purpose of my thread is just to discuss the selling side of eBay. I have been a member of Ebay now for around 7 years and from a buying perspective I still love it. From a selling perspective I hate it the reason is its just constant issues in the past couple of months I have sold about 6 items with values of £50-100 each and I have had none paying bidders, people taking weeks to reply, and most recently a return request where I am backed into a corner by eBay terms. I sold an HTC 8X which was fully tested and worked fine, the buyer received the item and then said the phone wont play through headphones so i replied to the buyer advising to send it to HTC as it is still in warranty.....buyer replied saying he isn't sending it to HTC and wants a refund only.....the buyer then messaged me saying if I pay him £30 he will keep as is......which annoys me because I know it is working fine eBay have sent me my options which are 1) provide full refund and he keeps the item 2) provide full refund and he returns the item 3) offer part refund.... but absolutely no option to refuse on the grounds I know it is working fine.
  7. I average about 31mbps so connection shouldnt be too much of an issue. The OS system is getting upgraded to windows 7 this coming saturday and the ram is 4gb so that should be adequate I would have thought. I have disabled Hardware Acceleration and this appears to have solved it so thanks alot for your suggestion.
  8. Hi Guys I am wondering if someone can help me? Basically I have recently bought an old acer aspire laptop that runs on vista everything is fine with this except youtube videos. Basically when i play a video the audio is fine no problems there but the image pixelates goes back to normal for a little while and pixelates again? Any suggestions?
  9. Hi there Yes you can please see the below link. http://www.pcworldbusiness.co.uk/information-centre/smartplan/?from=homepage
  10. Hi Just wondered if any of you had ever made a complaint to barclays and what you thought of the resolution? Kind Regards Rob
  11. Hi guys just wondering if someone could kindly help me I recently bought an old laptop for a temporary basis..... I am looking at installing an SSD i have done abit of research and just wanted some kind soul to confirm if the product I have found would be compatible. I have this: http://www.crucial.com/store/listparts.aspx?model=Roma%202000&Cat=RAM And the product I want to confirm is compatible is: http://www.cclonline.com/product/135878/SS200S3/30G/Solid-State-Drives-SSDs-/Kingston-SSDNow-SS200S3/30G-30GB-2-5-inch-SATA-Solid-State-Drive/HDD2327/ Any help would be massively appreciated
  12. Yes that's the one thank you very much for your assistance.
  13. Hi there has anyone read a crime/horror fiction about a magician's son, who kidnaps runaways and kills them in his acts? I think his magician name was Cygne something, or a name relating to the French translation of it? I'm dying to read it again but I can't remember what it's called. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Yes that seems to be the general idea about westfield. I am not specifically looking into these areas these were just potential options. Thanks for your opinion. Thanks Jace again. Stocksbridge was a place of interest and based on the below it does sound a nice enough place but upon reflection its just too far out for me. Yeah a lot of people seem to agree with you here on that one.
  15. So I'm looking to move into the Sheffield area and I have seen a number of properties i'm potentially interested in two of the main ones are in Westfield, And Stocksbridge just wondered could anyone tell me what these areas are like? Also could anyone advise of where I should avoid when looking for a property in Sheffield.
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