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Would you risk your life for your dog?

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Yes, I would. It'd be like leaving a family member to me. I know people will say ''he's just a dog'', and tbh, I couldn't care less what they think. I'd still do it. I'd probably wind them up by saying ''it's just your kid''


I was thinking about this the other night actually, I was thinking that if there was a fire in the house, I'd have to go and fetch the dog no matter what.

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I'd have no hesitation in risking my own life to save my dogs. They're my responsibility; they're living beings not commodities we can pick up and put down when it suits us!


I've got to add, while I'd be extremely wary about letting my dog near thin ice, I think if it were me in that story I'd have gone in after my dog. You can never be sure of what an animal will do and while I keep mine on leads near ice - accidents do happen.


I most certainly couldn't stand there and watch while my dog drowns.

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