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  1. I wasn't attacking the industry as a whole. Just ... same answers. It's a circular process. PS. Even Legal Aid is paid better than minimum wage.
  2. The thing about the law is that lawyers always win. Lawyers set up will. Judge overturns it. What can other people do to avoid this? Get lawyers to set up a will.
  3. It's Channel 5's new Saturday prime-time show - Benefits Britain : Oxygen Thieves. Gary has just been laid off from work after 30 years. He has two weeks until his savings runs out. Will he find a new job in time or will the DWP claim he's drain on society and put him in a forced labour camp? Watch this week's exciting episode.
  4. Let us not leave out yesterday's masterpiece of 'Dogs On The Dole' - a step up in the rhetoric. Unemployed people don't deserve any sympathy, help, money, shelter, warmth, food - and now they don't deserve to have pets either. The next steps will be taking away their children, and then their right to breathe.
  5. Can you expland on that? In what way are banks purely and solidly "bad"?
  6. You keep leaving bits of your narrative out. April I corrected you, and July I do it again. ---- Even more to the above, the financial crash was a market breakdown - both parties failed, creditor and consumer. Why banks ever started lending mortgages above 100% seems like madness, but then you factor in risk and the fact that sometimes the value of houses grow - the banks took on that risk also. Come 2008 and people are unable to pay it back and things start collapsing. Not as simple as banks = bad, homeowner = good - or vica versa. I also do not believe that a Tory government would or could have managed the situation any better. Nobody has yet to convince me of that. Wait for interest rates to rise and we'll have a whole new set of problems, and you won't be able to pin that on Gordon Brown.
  7. Yep, but The Bible doesn't make the claim of being the final and perfect word of God. The claim for the Qur'an is not that Mohammed wrote it - but that he was the vehicle for Allah's perfect and final message to the human race. It makes grander claims than The Bible. However, you do find daft Christians who claim that the Holy Spirit influenced the men who wrote the Bible. God was in their ink, so to speak.
  8. Hard to Swallow The Facts about Food Poverty Key Findings This report, conducted on behalf of Kellogg’s by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) 1 attempts to measure food poverty, and considers the implications for shoppers, businesses and government. Our findings show food poverty in the UK is increasing, with a significant impact on families already struggling to meet basic nutritional needs. How as the CEBR got things so completely incorrect if food is so cheap and it's just a simple case that all the drunks and smokers can't feed their kids properly? --------- They address that question. Helping people is at the heart of Kellogg’s. Around 20% of our company is owned by a charitable trust started in the 1930s by our founder, WK Kellogg, to help children in poverty across the globe. Here in the UK, we’ve spent the last decade setting up more than 1,000 breakfast clubs which serve more than two million breakfasts each year to the children who need them most. This is about getting kids into the breakfast habit and nothing more. That’s why our donations come in the form of a grant for the club’s organiser to invest as they see fit and vouchers for much needed food.
  9. They wouldn't claim Contribution-based JSA. That would be Income-based, or means tested. If these people are young and want to work, and just haven't had the opportunity then there is no shame on them. I signed on briefly when I was 19, for about 4 months. It wasn't fun but I managed to find some work for 6 months. When that ended I signed on for a month before I went back into education. Life on the dole taught me value of working hard. For some people - long term malingerer-unemployed, for they do exist, they will never have worked. How to get these people into work - carrot or stick? That is the question. However benefit sanctions catch all people, not just this group of people. The benefits system should not exist to punish people, and DWP should not set out with the aim of searching for people to punish for the most minor indescretions.
  10. Will they reduce my NI contributions if I do? No. Thus if someone has contributed for a benefit, then they should be entitled to claim it. You're correct - Cb-JSA is awarded for 6 months and the benefit can still be sanctioned.
  11. Meaningless - they'll take possession and it'll be the real owner's job to prove they belong to them. Why would someone keep a tele in another person's house? The courts aren't that daft. In your context it'd be fraudulent anyway - and even more fruitless. Proper professional advice is needed. There's a lot of mindless flapping on this thread. Citizens Advice or National Debtline. https://www.nationaldebtline.org http://www.advicesheffield.org.uk
  12. If you both work then make an offer of repayment. Job done. It doesn't have to be paid in one single payment if you don't have the money. Don't let them enter your property. Further information here. They're playing that game. The court would accept offer of repayment, so they should also. They're just being arseholes.
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