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  1. May I take this opportunity to KILL NORRIS .... KILL NORRIS KILL NORRIS KILL NORRIS Is he dead yet ?
  2. My starter for ten would be 'Gordon Ramsay' ... He wouldn't be able to utter his expletives anymore then, would he ?
  3. splat sorry ! missed Pattys Splat on the chin
  4. Essence of Clooney and trouser sniff flavour Yorkshire pud right in the Gob for Patty :hihi:
  5. Double cream and Strawberry Yorkshire pud @ cressida splat
  6. Well that rules out a lot then ....
  7. With 4 posts ? do you actually qualify for an opinion unless you read lots ??
  8. Everyone fears the 'Mighty power' of the 'Banning Stick' it seems.... If your opinion is different then its intolerant and abusive and not in the interest of a discussion forum !
  9. Meat and potato and raspberry jelly Yorkshire pud at Rich for being so observant :hihi:
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by medusa It looks like you've been caught in one of the anti-spam traps Rob, so your account is still showing as awaiting moderation. I can see but not change this, so you will have to use the 'Contact Us' link to ask for someone to change you over to 'Registered' status. RobfromLeeds replies: Already did that a couple of months ago and got no reply, so haven't bothered with it since. I only wanted to post on the 'best curry house in Leeds' thread (it's Hansas). But the thread is probably well down the list now so I can't really be bothered. Muldoon says: (at risk of getting another unexplained holiday) Now where have I heard that before... ???
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