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Violence steps up in Syria

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Just seen on the news, the terrible situation in Syria is becoming even more violent. The government are now launching rockets for the first time since dawn today.




Danny Abdul Dayem speaking Homs (see the video link on the page), believes the UN Veto by Russian and Chian have given the Syrian government the green light to step up the violence.

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And all the while, the vile Syrian regime denies all this.


How sick and cowardly can you get ?


So you understand why the Iranian regime (who is behind the Syrian regime) must go? They're one and the same (plus Hezbollah of course)


Israel will save us all including your brothers - but will you thank them?




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Id love to know what Russia and China are playing at.

If ever there was a need for intervention then this is it.


The only intervention that they need is dragging out of the dark ages of fundamental Islam. If the troops do go in they want to hit them hard and take over, relinquishing Islam and replacing it with common sense.

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