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  1. By that definition everything but food is a luxury. It is luxUry by the way.
  2. Simply a bit of harmless banter. Nothing sinister, nothing cruel, nothing derogatory, simply a funny casual remark. NOT to be taken seriously.
  3. I believe that it does. You are incorrect.
  4. Who killed my thread? I said the Mod, I killed your thread , To make it dead, Take that as read.
  5. "A woman's work is never done" is truly a very sexist statement. I retorted to a very sexist statement with a quip. The girl lost her rag. I am still awaiting her apology.
  6. You enjoyed it and found it highly entertaining because you have a sense of humour. You do not take yourself, or life too seriously. Unfortunately there are a minority of people who are humourless and always look for fault in everything. They could never tell the difference between true sexism and banter because they are actively seeking out sexism. They are rather sad human beings. I am pleased that you enjoyed it.
  7. Maybe she is not suited to bar work. Maybe you could get her a job making huge balls of cotton wool for you to lay in.
  8. I cannot understand why people slate Cameron. He is one of the most intelligent men who live at 10 Downing Street!
  9. Did you think all that up all by yourself, or did you engage the assistance of a fellow moron?
  10. I remember some lyrics from a song written some years ago: Far away across the fields the tolling of the iron bell brings the faithful to their knees to hear the softly spoken magic spell. I must say that those were some of the best song lyrics that I have ever heard until this thread! "never had a strawberry as sweet as you, can't compare it to the curves on you"................shear poetry. Women built like strawberries are my favourite!
  11. The lyrics that you quoted are obviously the work of a musical and poetic genius. I gasped in disbelief when I read them.
  12. Maybe you run that slowly in a girlie like way that they think that you are walking?
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