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  1. No, but it will free up many billions of £s for a good cause instead of wasting it on a lost one.
  2. Yeah but he was morbidly obese. Thats why the Luftwaffe lost the Battle of Britain.
  3. No more obscene than giving billions away to other countries when the UK is in such a bad financial state. Stop all the aid then trident wont be such a drain on the coffers.
  4. Its my fault. I let the missus drive. Never again i can tell you!!
  5. So you have gone from.............................. To...................... :hihi:
  6. :hihi: No it isnt. It happens a lot more than people think. Or in your case care to admit.
  7. Simple then, lets ban religion. All religion is vile, some more vile than others but its all rotten to the core and wants banning.
  8. Youll get no argument from me there. Shes scum and her kids have little or no chance of a normal life.
  9. Would it have hurt you to call me by my name? Its MrMoran. Thanks in anticipation of you editing your post.
  10. Ive heard of John wayne but ive no idea who this Iwo Jima fella is. Is he famous?
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